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Found 4 results

  1. Having been away from the painting desk for some time combined with that fact that I still haven't finished painting my hoard of board game miniatures I really don't need another project. That being said I could really use a simple breather project and luckily I recently came across the perfect one. For awhile now I've wanted to paint some Space Marine Scouts in the typical Cadian colors. Though Space Marines aren't my thing I really like the look of their old Scouts. I can't quite put my finger on what it is but I knew sooner or later I'd paint some. Having recently found a squad at my local shop now seems like the perfect time to complete a project I've been thinking about for a couple of years. Now in hindsight I really should have just bought a new box as the discount wasn't great, the poses were lacking, and being already assembled meant the cleanup would be a pain. Looking them over though I mistakenly thought they'd been assembled with superglue however so I figured a quick trip through my sonic cleaner would solve all of that. Unfortunately I was wrong and having been built using plastic glue meant extra work. In the end I did what I could cutting arms off, repositioning heads, and trying to clean the remaining mold lines. They're still a bit rough but I thought they were passable so I forged ahead adding grit to their bases and priming them. Which of course brings us to tonight when I "truly" started the project. Armed with my recipe card and a couple of reference models from my army I started painting. I only managed to basecoat their fatigues and armor but already they're looking pretty good. Looks like the Cadian color scheme really agrees with them too.
  2. During the last Box of Goodwill I came across an almost full set of the Mega Miniatures Kung-Fu blister. Initially I only grabbed a couple with the intention of painting up some generic ninja type mooks. Then an idea formed and I found myself taking the whole blister. These figures looked perfect to replicate the 80's TMNT Foot Clan. Knowing I wouldn't get to them anytime soon I spent a session prepping them so they would be ready the moment I finished my Robotech project. After some bases, a bit of greenstuff, and some primer (picture is obviously before priming) I set them aside. Starting the session I actually intended to paint the generic ninjas in batches of three. Thanks to a bit too much paint on the pallette however I went ahead and basecoated them all. The basecoat is very rough and will require some cleanup but I couldn't belive just how quickly they took their two main colors. Obviously I didn't get to them right after my Robotech project but I did start them immediately after my TMNT Tau so that should count for something. Right?
  3. Anyone have any proxy suggestions for the Musician and/or Standard Bearer for the Icingstead faction? I found 02271 - Bruce O'Hugh (highland bagpiper looking figure) to possibly use as a Barbarian Musician, but haven't found anything else to use as proxies for the desired pieces. Thanks!!
  4. So I've recently been getting involved in Heroscape which is a game which the company killed 5 years ago but has a thriving after market community ( heroscapers.com ). Since it was very popular and it's out of print the game minis are selling on Ebay. Many of them are reasonably priced but many are pretty outrageous. So proxies are generally widely accepted. But I began noticing some similarities between the Reaper Bones offerings and some of the Heroscape stuff. For example Zelrig is a Heroscape dragon that is now on ebay in the $80 range. Zelrig: Who looks remarkably similar to 77109: Fire Dragon: Here are the Heroscape DzuTeh (currently around $25 for the squad on ebay): And conveniently, in Reaper KS 3 here's the chill out set: In Heroscape there are the Knights of Weston (also around $25 for a squad on ebay): And here in KS3 again there are the crusaders: well, the crusaders are 12th century and the knights of west are closer to 15th or 16th century, but close enough.... And there are others..... Coincidence? IDK, but it's cool that reaper is making these available so cheaply and we can take advantage of them. Also, they are certainly much better quality molds than the original heroscape minis. Just thought I'd mention this in case anyone else might be interested.
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