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Found 13 results

  1. It's time for another Getting To Know You Month! OCTOBER 2023 is brought to you by WOOF! Rules? MMWWWWUUUHHHAAAAAHHHHHAAARRROOOOO!!!! We all know by now you lot won't abide by the rules I will post a question/challenge every day in October ( sometimes a Weekend Question) before NOON EUROPEAN TIME!!! ( WOOF's HQ is in the Netherlands) If I miss that mark PM me or feel free to post a back up question. You can always PM me with suggestions as well. Now the most important thing: HAVE FUN! If you don't like a question, just don't answer ( you can also buy that off by sending me BACON!)
  2. So, my big thing is the lore of the setting for Dungeon Dwellers RPG. In all the other titles like Landlubber's Guide to Brinewind, Dreadmere, Green Griffin, etc., they all use the same world of Adon. And that's been the Reaper world for decades. ... I recently pulled out an old copy of the Dark Heaven Apocalypse ... and I'd forgotten there was info there about not just the nations and geography, but, also about other planes, the moons and zodiac, and ... the calendar!! What year is it in Adon? So, there's the Old Age, and the New Age ... I'm given to understand that Dark Heaven Legends are legends from the Apocalypse era? And Warlord also takes place in Taltos in Adon, though I don't know when. The last date I can find is 986NA (in Apocalypse). So, what year is the "current" year in like, The Green Griffin or in the "Hillsedge Province and Westbarrow Hills Sourcebook" from DDRPG?
  3. Does anyone know when these will hit retail? We've seen quite a bit of bones 4, but not the weapon sprues from 3, and as someone who has party members with unique characters, the conversion potential there is great. Secondary question, do you think we will get stuff like the deadlands weapon sprue in bones soon/ever?
  4. Right, so this is probably a stupid question, but I'm gonna ask it anyways, because, well, I'm uncertain. So a week ago, I purchased the D&D/Army Painter Monster Paint Set. Fantastic set, contains more paints than I'll need ever for a decade for a year for an undetermined period of time. Anyways, this set came with three washes - Shadow Wash, Flesh Wash, and Brown Wash. As recommended by several other painters on a different post, I decided I'd use these premade washes rather than the thinned-down paint I had been using in the past. However... I doubted, and now I'm uncertain. After a quick google search, I'm even more confused as I saw contradictory answers, and answers that weren't really answers. I know I'm being irrational, but do you use these the same way as thinned-down paint (applying to the miniature after it's been basecoated?), or do you use it some other way? Again, stupid question, but as they say, it's better to be safe than sorry. Thanks!
  5. Good morning guys! Q: if buying one of the reaper core sets (108 bottle set), what's the main difference in them? I'm looking into buying a complete paint set. I've been doing a ton of research and have settled on a reaper core set (i already own several reaper paints and love them). I know that everyone suggests a blend of several companies based on which has the best, e.g. yellow, or metallics. I just want to make it simple, buy a set and build from there. I'll mostly be painting 40k and privateer press models with some terrain and 3d prints mixed in (i have a cheapo set of acrylics from Michael's for large terrain and 3d prints). I've also considered the Vallejo Model set, and Army Painter Mega Set. Thanks in advance!
  6. Ordered a reasonable amount of paints from an online store that carries Reaper here in Canada.... All of the other paints come across as normal, but this one.... Well, uhm... I'm going to venture a guess it's a goner, or can it be saved? There isn't even a liquid sound when shaking the bottle, just the sound of the agitator stuck in the bottom moving around somewhat.
  7. Howdy, Do I just show up at the Premier Event Center at 5pm on Wednesday, and flash the bar-code from my itinerary, or what? I would hate to miss out on something due to not being at the right place at the right time or lack of correct documentation, etc.. Please advise, Kev!
  8. There's been some water droplets forming on the inside of the cap of my bottle of liquid greenstuff. I've noticed this a while ago, but never really bothered about it. Should I be concerned about it?
  9. So the husbandish and I are trying to make plans to come to RC '14 and I can't find any of the informational threads about RC '13. I assume they were deleted or archived which means I need some help from you guys. What hotel(s) are used by most people attending? What hotel was used by Reaper for some of the events of RC? When does check in start? What is the start time/day of activities? When do most people get there? What is the end time of activities? It's looking like we'll be able to make a 2 week vacation (road trip) out of the con so I want to make sure we are looking at reserving rooms at the right hotel. (anyone out there that might want to share a room with a guy that snores??) TIA for the help!!
  10. Hi guys I am new to reaper minis and to the forum! Just received my first shipment today(had to wait for a 1 god damned month). I got some bone stuff and some metal dark heaven legends minis. So I have few questions for you guys. 1. When painting metal miniatures do I need to use a primer? 2. Is a black primer just higher density acrylic paint? 2. If I haven't bought the reaper primer but I have Pure Black paint can I use it instead? 3. If not, what can I get in paint shops? (because we don't even have games workshop where I live) If I understand correctly the primer is needed because with simple black paint the remaining coats of colors will not stick well and will rub off on the edges. Is all that correct? Thanks in advance guys
  11. I'm currently painting "Boudicea" from Stormtrooper Miniatures. Love the piece thus far, and am trying to paint her as accurately as possible. In most of the artwork I have seen of her, she's got on an orange-red dress, which I mimic in the miniature itself. I've shaded it already before I start the next part of her dress, which is plaid-ish. Right now, though, it's in desperate need of a wash. My question is, what color should I use? I don't want to do red because I don't want the dress to appear red. Right now I'm leaning on brown.... but am definitely open to other thoughts and ideas. Please note that this is a WIP, so please feel free to share any pointers you could give in bettering her. The skin is NOT done, nor is her face, so please don't fear about that. Thanks!! Original artwork I'm basing her on: What I have so far: P.S. the images appear more reddish, but I assure you that her dress is closer to the orange-red in the picture. My photo-fu just stinks :)
  12. I don't know if this is the correct place for this topic; if not, please excuse me for the wrong placement.........Who decides and how do they decide where Reaper Con is held? Is there any chance of it ever being held or coming to Las Vegas, NV? The city has a lot to offer the convention goers and is by no means a stranger to such conventions/gatherings......The (west coast regional) for IPMS International was held in Las Vegas (1970-77) at the Convention Center (drawing about 3800 to 5200 persons) each year...... Stroke & Dagger magazine held (Vegas Con 88 & 89) at the Sahara Hotel (drawing about 1800 to 2300 persons)......Las Vegas hosted a (Dragon Con in 1992)...I can not remember the sponsor publication for this event. I would love to hear feedback from all of you out there as to how you would feel about a fantasy convention in Las Vegas.
  13. How big are these flat to flat? Preferably in mm, please. Outside edge to edge: Inside edge to edge: Thanks
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