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Found 10 results

  1. I suck at photography. Took probably twenty pictures, trying to find an angle, distance, light combo that accurately reflected how good these look, but finally gave up. They're good enough for the Black Plague table-top anyway.
  2. I'd done a Bones bugbear back just after I started painting again. At the time I tried to match him to a bugbear I'd painted years before for Chainmail. When I did him I used a lot of Partha paints. Those paints have since been passed to a friend since I'm using mostly Reaper now, with some Army Painter, P3 and Vallejo thrown in. So I decided to figure out some current colours that came close. They aren't the best pics, but I've been sick, so I'm happy I just got them finished by the end of the month. Over all they came out close enough to the originals as to look like normal variations to me. These guys are a little less orangy yellow, and there hair isn't quite as red. But I think they will do nicely. I did them all with the same colour kilt thingy as I've got two (or is it 3) more of each, so will do two more "squads" with different colours.
  3. Well I got back from my second week of vacation in August, and realized I only had week and a day to get my quota done for the Resolutionary Painting Challenge for this month! A quick Sunday night dig through my drawers of Bones and I found some Kobolds to speed paint. These 9 were painted in maybe 4 hours over 5 lunch hours last week. Just base coats and a few details. Then brought home and Quickshaded. I then sprayed the first 3 with anti-shine, which frosted (due to the humidity I assume). So they were coated with a gloss brush on to try to save them. It brought them back some but they are still a little frosty in a few places...oh well, these are for table top ... They were then all coated with a brush on matt sealer. I may give them a bit more attention with the matt sealer tomorrow evening, but its almost 1 am here, so good enough for tonight...
  4. Here are 4 Bones Pathfinder Goblins (3 pyros and a warrior) that I whipped up in 3 lunch hours so that I could complete my Resolutionary Painting Challenge goals for June. I'll probably add a couple of pictures with them off the bottle caps, but right now the dull coat is still drying....(not that I left anything to the last minute or anything....)
  5. This is a little bit of a two year flashback for me. When I started painting again, some of the first things I painted were a bunch of Megaminis skeletons I'd got in a big combo pack. I'd just picked up some Quickshade that I wanted to try out, and I'd read a how-to on using it for skeletons. So I blasted through almost the whole set of skeletons until something (I'm thinking my first Reaper order, with my first Bones in it) distracted me. Just a few weeks ago I was cleaning up down in my basement painting area (trying to get it usable, so I can get back to learning to use my airbrush) when I found the five skeletons I hadn't painted. So I decided I'd try painting them the same as I did back them. I immediately ran into one problem...I'd originally painted them with Partha paints, and I'd just given away all my Parthas to an old friend who was getting back into painting. I figured out some colours that seemed close went with them. It was weird painting this way again. The whole paint job was less than my normal base coat now. No wonder it takes me so much longer to paint stuff now. So here are the 5 I painted up over the last week or so (I was sick for a few day, which slowed me down). And here they are mixed in with the horde I painted two years ago. At some point I'll go back and put them all on bases (perhaps the ones coming with Bones 2). BTW, I'd like thank Xherman1964 for letting me know that these used to be made by Metal Magic back before Megaminis had them. And does anyone know where they are now? Megaminis closed for a while and sold off most of their molds. The owner is back up and casting again, but so far doesn't have the skeletons available...
  6. Back when I started painting again, one of the first things I decided to paint was a bunch of skeletons I'd gotten from megaminis (who are now johnny borg castings and don't currently have these skelies....). They were to be my first tries at using Quickshade, and were done very simply. While base coat, basecoat straps, cloth, armor and weapons, then Quickshade them and dull coat. I did a whole mess of them, but 5 unique ones didn't get done for some reason. Fast forward to 2 years later, and I'm cleaning up my desk in the basement and find these guys. So I decided to paint them up to (hopefully) match the rest. This lead to a problem. When I painted the rest it was right when I started painting again. IE before I ordered any paint from Reaper. These were done with old Partha paints. Funny story...a few weeks ago an old friend of mine was telling me (via email, he lives 2 hours away) that he'd started painting again. I knew he used Partha, so I asked him how his paints were and if he needed any. I was going down that weekend, so I just took them ALL down and gave them to him (Well, all minus Plum, since I need to match that with a colour from one of my current lines I use first). So I don't have any of the original colours. So I've guess at close approximations and today I threw a bit of colour on the first two. And that's apparently about all I did to them back then. Now I need to go slap some dark tone quickshade on them and see how close the colours are afterwards....
  7. This is the first time I've ever posted stuff that I've painted. I am a novice--only been painting a short time, but I love it. I have a really hard time with getting a good picture, in fact I wish these were better. I welcome all feedback as I do want to try and get better. And if you have tips on taking better photos please share. I think one reason it's so hard to is because they are so shiny because I use The Army Painter, Quickshade. Mistress of the Grove: Malice: Nexid Slave: Gauntswept Scavenger: Thopas, Lesser Gnome: Giant Cave Toad: Thanks. I gathered that it was okay to post non-Reaper stuff when I read through the rules. If I am mistaken please let me know.
  8. So I've decided I'm going to paint my Kaladrax using Quickshade. I'm sure there are a number of people out there that think this is some form of sacrilege, and part of me certainly agrees. However, I've recently been experimenting with Quickshade on bones, using my Bones minis as guinea pigs, and have decided that I really like the way it looks (see my Colossal Skeleton in the Show Off forum). Cleaned and Prepared Part of the decision was based on my very limited painting time, and I hope this will allow me to get it done quicker. I'm not aiming for a Buglips level of quick here, but hopefully it's not too much longer. To start, I decided to try out the theory on one of the tail sections. I figured this would be one of the easier ones to strip back if I changed my mind (I've already glued the legs on). Base coat - Vallejo Game Color Bonewhite Quickshade Strong Tone Well, I think it's going to work, so I'll keep going with this. The coloring looks better in the flesh as it were. One thing I'm really not looking forward to is going over the whole thing with matte varnish. I believe I'm going to have to buy more. Just to outline my full plan - I'm not going to be Quickshading the base, only the dragon itself. For the base, I intend to use the same scheme as Buglips (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), as I really liked the way the stone/foliage colors worked together. Edit: Was this a wise choice for my first WIP? Well why not.
  9. One of the figures I was most looking forward to getting from the Kickstarter. I painted this guy up using Quickshade Strong Tone, as I've decided that I really like the look it gives skeleton bones - nicely weathered. I expect my DM will find a reason to throw this one at us soon. :-) I'm not convinced the base is done yet, and I would like to add some rust effect to the blade, but getting to that really depends on what else I start working on. (iPhone photos - in keeping with tradition on these forums, I don't currently have my lightbox set up. I hope to get a permanent place for it when we move house early November).
  10. I couldn't think of a better start for adding my posts to these forums. As my 5 year old daughter has recently started showing an interest in my miniature painting, I decided to get a couple of unicorns to paint with and for her. This is the result of about 1 hours worth of painting, followed by 5 minutes of Quickshade on my effort, then a quick matte coat the next day to get rid of the gloss. I'm really proud of her effort. It was originally all pink, which in her words was "so we don't have to use all the paints", but when I got out the rest of the colors for my rainbow bits, she decided she wanted to do more, and did. The grass was added because "unicorns love grass". For my effort, I actually really like the patchy shading that resulted from the Quickshade, it makes it look more gritty. And she really likes both of them, so I couldn't ask for more.
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