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  1. Hello Reaperinians and all lovers of miniatures classiques! So hard to believe I've been on this forum for around 20 years! One of the miniatures that I showed off a way long time ago was the female gnome rogue from TSR, here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/12656-another-petite-lady-with-issues/#comment-196948 and now I've finally gotten around to painting her again with a different color scheme and her accompanying male gnome as well: I've been kind of wondering what colors to paint gnomes. From painting a bunch if Stonehaven minis recently, I did them with vivid hair colors, so tried to do these two in the same and then the gal has pretty neutral colors but for whatever reason, Mr. Gnome got a dose of fireball orange as his little unitard. I've got at least one more copy of these that if I ever get around to it I might paint another version according to the wood brown skin and light hair mentioned in the Monster Manual for gnomes, but that's probably a ways away. Si here's the original gnome I painted, with grayish instead of brown skin: and here they are together: I'm hoping the newer one is a bit smoother, reading back my original post from 2005 I was still using craft paints and her closeups were very dry and sandy looking. My other little dilemma ended up being the jewels for the new gnome gal in the headband. The headband is orange and I wanted to do red jewels but I'm a bit worried it might be too similar. but as always, not going back to repaint. So anyhoos, enjoy another modern paint versus a blast from the past!
  2. Evening gents and gentettes! Another mini just finished a Ral Partha Legacy Sea Elf Swordsman, cloaked, sculpted by Tom Meier. This gentleman originally belonged to a blister pack of Ral Partha Half Elves in the Personalities and Creatures that Go Bump in the Night series, and was recently re-released as an elf. Here he is: Pretty small and skinny figure , not a lot of space to get in with his eyeballs and such. So this is the second of the half elves, the first one being in this link: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/104707-ral-partharal-partha-legacy-half-elf-or-elf-sorcerer-sculpted-by-tom-meier/ Two more to go that I'm painting little by little, enjoy for now!
  3. Howdy doody all! So here's one of the minis I just finished, an Iron Winds Metal/Ral Partha figure, Zora the Gypsy Swordswoman. Not sure who sculpted her, pretty sure it's not Dennis Mize. If I find out later I'll post the name. Anyhoos, fun figure, pretty simple. Tried to figure out "gypsy" colors, was a choice between blue and red or green and orange. Asked my mom while I visited her and she suggested green and orange so here she is (Zora, not my mom): Enjoy!
  4. Good evening again all you Reaperaticos! So this one was kind of fun, a figure I wanted to paint for a while, and when he showed up on Ral Partha Legacy, gave me the perfect excuse. I'd actually painted this figure in the eighties sometime, and still have this figure, which I'll show you below to compare. So here's the new version of an elf sorcerer, name given to him at Ral Partha Legacy: I wanted his robes, which to me seem to be be made out of features, to be different and very bright colors, so hopefully accomplished that. So back in the early eighties, when I was but a young whipper snapper painting in high school and junior high, this is the color scheme I gave him, browns and earthy tones, but I also wonder if a miniature painted probably forty years ago doesnt' have his Poly S colors fade a bit. At ths original time of his painting, he was part of a four-piece blister pack, called half elves and then now just for fun, here they are together: I'm painting also at the moment the other three of the four half elves that were in the original blister, and are also being released currently as elves by Ral Partha Legacy. Those will pop up I'm pretty sure pretty soon as I finish them. So anyhoos, enjoy the minis, the comparisons, the job down memory lane, at least my own memory lane.
  5. Hello All, I just don't seem to be painting as often as previously, mostly due to some crazy time and life limitations, but here's the last one I've completed one of Larry Elmore's Silver and Steel figures that Dennis Mize did back in the eighties-nineties for Ral Partha, Female Warrior with Raised Broadsword Dark colors with a little pop of red, pretty simple and fun figure. Had to put her on a pretty big base as her integrated base was one of those large ones. Anyhoos, enjoy!
  6. So I actually wanted to have this one done on the fourteenth, but I just got too busy with my everyday life. Here's my Valentine's Day contribution, a Winged Succubus Demon, Sculpted by Dennis Mize and definitely looking for love in all the wrong places. She was originally part of one of Larry Elmore's boxed sets, and honestly not sure if there was a painted color version of her or if it originated from a black and white drawing of Elmore's, but in any case, on the box art from 30+ years back, she was normal skinned, with browns and blacks, so I tried to do her a little bit differently, especially since we were right around Valentine's Day, and here is the result: and always nice to get a close-up in when possible: Happy Valentine's Day all, or Friendship Day if you're in Finland, or Happy Wednesday if you're Brazilian!
  7. I'm really in love with the old Ral Partha Sculpts, but there were some misses - behold the ugliest sculpt of a Bulette ever. Painted only in oils with a limited palette of Titanium White, Light Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cobalt Blue and Madder Red. I remember owning the original plastic chinasaurus as a kid. Maybe it's still somewhere n my basement...
  8. Hello all you fine Reaperkloskis! So this evening finally getting around two minis that I did a few weeks back. I painted up the two Ral Partha Djinn, sculpted way back when by Tom Meier. This is the second time I painted them, and this time I actually painted them with the specific desire to try to sell them on the all so nefarious eBay, A- to see if I could get something to sell for a decent price and B- because I need to see if I can buy myself some new paints and such with the proceeds. My miniature budget is not the largest, so on occasion I might do something like try to sell something to see if I can raise some funds for new paints and this time I'm running out of normal-sized bases as well. So anyhoos, here they are, anybody old enough will probably recognize these pretty easily: Here they are together as the set itself: and then here each individual one, first of all the one that I've always likened to Robin Williams, even though a lot skinnier and meaner looking, and sculpted years before the Aladdin movie ever came out The other one being at least the way I've always seen this one, as an Efreet, all warm reds, oranges and yellows: I actually painted these same miniatures quite a many years ago as well, if I recall with craft paints ( the new ones are all done with Reaper paints): and then of course, always fun to compare them side by side: Different brands of paints and probably 10-15 years between paint jobs, always fun to compare! You also might see small differences, for example, shape of sword and one of the blue djinn has a nose ring, while the other does not. Back then lots of Ral Partha figures might have gotten updated or modified to a number of reasons. Couldn't tell you which is the original version however. So anyhow, hope you all enjoy! Viva old school!
  9. and good evening folks! Recently finished this elf with war hammer, another classic Ral Partha piece sculpted by Tom Meier, re-released by Ral Partha Legacy: and more feathers, didn't know what colors to paint them, so just went for some prime colors. Reasonably happy how the armor came out, I see of course still room for improvement, but could have been worse. Anyhoos, enjoy another Tolkienesque little elf!
  10. Good evening all you Reaper addicts! So originally I hadn't planned it this way, but this gal did end up with some Red Sonja colored hair, even though she doesn't look soooo much like Red Sonja except for the little chain mail bikini. And then the other issue I had was I just ran out of ideas and inspiration for her shield, and now as I look at the coloring, who knows what I was thinking, but oh well, what's done is done and working on the next one already. So here she is for your enjoyment I'd have to confirm it, but I think she is one of the ones that Dennis Mize sculpted in response to the Fantasy Tribes, the original Citadel models that Partha resculpted and sold in the US. I also thought I had a bit more white at the tip of her nose, but it doesn't seem to be reflected in the photo. I usually try to always get a good highlight there and thought this was no exception. Alas.... Fun and pretty simple miniature, but yeah, I was totally out of ideas on what to do with the shield, so just did some shapes. Maybe a better shield next time for the next flat defensive surface I have to paint! Anyhoos,enjoy!
  11. Good evening all! So as my quest to keep painting Partha elves continues, here's my most recent one, another Elf Adventurer. This one however has an axe and shield, and this time I didn't do any foresty or pastel colors, rather some black and red. The eagle emblem on his shield made me think of much darker colors than usual. So anyhoos, here he is: This is another one of the figures that Ral Partha Legacy has recently re-released. Small minis, but simple and fun to paint! Thanks for having a gander!
  12. Hello all you Reaper beasties! So tonight showing off a mini I just finished yesterday, an old Tom Meier Ral Partha Elf Archer, now re-released by Ral Partha Legacy. Fun and reasonably quick mini to paint, pretty petite. The green shirt was easy to choose, but the purple pants took a while to figure out. Anyway hope you all enjoy!
  13. Happy New years all you fine and funky friends of Reaper! So I painted these ones up quite a while back, but they only just recently were released on the Ral Partha Legacy web site, so I can finally show them off. Two goblins and two orcs, most of them with empty hands so you can put whatever type of weapons you'd like to arm them wit. So after years of being ready, please enjoy! I'm really not even sure when I painted all these, but it was definitely a few years ago already. I might have already shown off the last two, but honestly don't remember. In either case, please enjoy!
  14. Recently I found the notes I took during the Virtual Expo, where I took an OSL-class taught by Geoff Davis. Turns out I have a lot to re-learn, but I'm happy with the result. In reality the colour is a very deep glowing teal but the camera refused to capture it. It looks way more greenish and light in the picture. Also there are some dark purple highlights in the shadow side which the camera also chose to ignore. šŸ¤¬ This mini has a special place in my heart. It's the first mini I remember seeing my then FLG-Store. And that was the first time I actually thought about starting to paint. It took quite a few years after that first encounter until I finally found the courage to begin painting minis (with an old Reaper L2PKšŸ˜). So when I found the wraith on a discount pile in my current Friendly-Not-So-Local-Game-Store I just had to get it. Enjoy, C&C very welcome!
  15. Hello all you Reaperaholics! So here's another Ral Partha Elf, sculpted by Tom Meier, and re-released by Ral Partha Legacy, what was originally a sea elf, originally called Esgalduin, Sea Elf Guardian, offered both on foot and mounted. Nowadays he's at Ral Partha Legacy called Elf Adventurer with Spear. Originally, before I figured out he was a sea elf, I was thinking of painting him in yellows, whites and pinks, but with the advent of this newly discovered knowledge, I decided to throw some blues in there as well, and his shield too was made a sea foam blue or something. So anyhoos, here he is: The shield, being kind of an odd shape, didn't really feel to lend itself to have me put some kind of something on it, so I just painted it a solid color. So anyhoos, enjoy!
  16. Here are some older figs I've painted. I thought the wizard was a Reaper, but I couldn't find him in the figure finder. The purple dragon head was a dragon door knocker file I printed. I'd done a couple bigger ones that looked like they were mounted on wood, then I cut off the ring for this one and decided to make it look like he was coming through a portal. Yoda was also 3D printed. The rest were all bought at least two decades ago. I'm especially proud of the water on this one.
  17. So a bit back I painted two other elf miniatures, which were Adriel, in the aspect of a thief and mage, as the original miniature set from Ral Partha way back was Adriel as thief, warrior mage, something like that. The thief and mage are available at Ral Partha Legacy, but this one, the warrior guise isn't available yet. It might be some day, apparently there were issues with the old mold tearing. In any case, here is Adriel as a warrior She is pretty small and dainty, as were most of Tom Meier's eighties figures. and then here she is with her entire blister pack painted up: I've got so many packs of Partha figures that I want to complete, such sets that came in themes and in groups of three or four. I've got a half elf set, half orc set, then lots of the 3 tiered or leveled adventurers. So many miniatures, so little time......
  18. Hello all you Reapertonians, tonight I've got a few Ral Partha figures, originally sculpted back in the eighties by Tom Meier and no re-released by Ral Partha Legacy. With these two by pure coincidence I've also painted these quite a many years ago, so I've got a new version as well as the old version that I painted probably almost a decade ago. So here are the new ones, the female thief I liked how her face came out, hence the close up, but that inside space between nose and hair was a pretty rough cast. And now the Mage: and because I painted these way back when, when I was first getting back into painting (I might even have some of these somewhere in the Reaper Forums archives if I looked hard enough) here are the older versions, which way back when I thought they were pretty decent, but now I at least feel like I've gotten better: and for even more fun and jubilation, some straight off comparison shots: There was a part of me that wanted to replicate the original colors in the new models as well, and maybe some day I'll go back and do that, but for now wanted a bit of variety between the older ones and the new ones. So anyway, hope you enjoy!
  19. Hello all, so here's another old Tom Meier Partha elf that I just finished, been on a elf rampage recently, with some more still in the wings. I'm actually enjoying these older Meier elf sculpts because even though they are kind of small, they are relatively straight forward, not overburdened with extra items on the figure, it's usually the character, clothes, some armor, weapons, and maybe a little bag or something, but that's pretty much it. Anyhoos, here is a Ral Partha Elf Thief, also from that Personalities and Things that Go Bump in the Nights Citadel crossover group of elves back from the eighties. Color scheme had me stuck for a while, so went pretty simple on the clothing, off-white and blue. Snazzy little elf with a bag of coin he just swiped off some fat, rich merchant in the street.
  20. I finally found some time to paint again! This is a classic sculpt by Ral Partha from their "American Line". Usually orcs don't interest me too much but I'm completely blown away by the posture of this sculpt. I imagined this to be the moment when the spirit of Gruumsh takes over this little orc. He needed some shiny new weapons for that, I couldn't bring myself to weather his stuff. šŸ˜‡
  21. Good afternoon, all your Reaperites! So just finished this one up and sun even cooperated for photos, a Cat Burglar, sculpted by Jim Johnson quite a while back, and now available at both Iron Wind Metals and Ral Partha Legacy. Been for whatever random reason working with some anthropomorphic minis, first a fox, then a wereboar, and now a Cat. Odd part on this one were the toenails hanging over the base, as sometimes happens, so made it rise a little bit above the base. So kind of wanted to give him a little bit of a Sylvester vibe, his sleeves might be a little long, but wanted his leg sleeves to be visible above his boots. So anyhoos, enjoy!
  22. Good evening again Keepers of Reaper! So this one, also just finished this morning and photographed this afternoon is a female archer sculpted by Dennis Mize back in the day for Ral Partha and part of their Silver and Steel collection, where Dennis Mize sculpted figures based on Larry Elmore drawings and paintings Only a little metal to worry about, she was a pretty quick paint job. The one thing I think should have been was her arm guard at the back probably should have just been flesh, but I totally blew it off so painted it as cloth to match her loincloth. So anyhoos, another mini for your viewing pleasure! An Edit: Also just added a close up because her eyebrow on the left side as the viewer sees it looked a little bit odd, but I think it's just shadow with the hairline against the side of her head: Close up I see where it begins and ends, but it was looking a little awkward further away.
  23. Hello all you Reapertronics! So have been starting to painted some of my Ral Partha Legacy Kickstarters, and here's an Elf Mage with Wand. Photos are okay I guess, and so hard to figure out colors, but here he is: and a close up of the face, itty bitty and small So enjoy! More to come!
  24. Good evening my Reaper brethren and sisters! So tonight I've got a mini I just finished, Reynard the Rogue, a figure sculpted I think back in the eighties by Tom Meir. He's an anthropomorphic fox before they were fashionable: and this figure looks coincidentally similar to another figure painted by Mr. Meier a few years earlier, which was a Highwayman, mounted and on foot. Way back in the early eighties I painted the original highwayman: In my adolescent style, with probably at that time Polly S paints and as a base I just used a piece of balsa wood that I painted earth color. It's interesting what almost forty years will do to the brightness of the paint. And then here is a side by side, just for fun: I think my newer version is much more flamboyant than the original one! I've got to see if I have the human version somewhere unpainted. Might have him somewhere, really not sure.
  25. Good afternoon Reapercochlians! So here's one I just finished, a female elf mage, with wand, sculpted by Tom Meier for the last Ral Partha Legacy Kickstarter As always no idea what colors I wanted but something light and pastel. As Mr. Meier is rather infamous for, it's so hard to hit his eyes properly, they are so small. So from the collective hive mind, when you have small eyes on a figure, do you try to keep within the actual confines of what has been sculpted or do you go outside of the boundaries? Anyhoos, here she is: and here's a close up of her face with the eyes: Besides eyes, I'm finding my new favorite hard and horrible thing to paint are the eyebrows. With this one, I almost didn't want to add eyebrows, thinking she's blonde, maybe you wouldn't even see them, but then of course I started looking for blonde elves on line and they are all presented with brows. As you can see, one is a bit different than the other. Sometimes just impossible to get them to look the same. Anyhoos, enjoy!
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