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  1. I decided not to do the OSL on her, I didn't want to screw up the color fading I had already done. The base is terrible, obviously... Will get sand and kitty litter to do something better from now on.
  2. This guy was originally made for the Year of the Giants competition, but I didn't get him finished in time. I think he's Ral Partha, but I'm not certain. Picked him up a couple years ago; no blister or markings anymore. Any confirmation would be appreciated. Hope you like him.
  3. So this guy I painted about 20 years ago. I use to be under the idea that it was a 4d figure and that it would create its own shadows and highlights; naive I know. So I added highlights and shadows all over this guy and then a base a base. The before and after pics are of the basing only. Also rushed this; didnt paint the base before adding effects and also can see where I can touch up to add him into it more. Any way comments and criticisms are always welcome
  4. Hi everyone! After seeing Seer of the Pitt Bridge of Sorrows WIP I thought I should share pictures of the one I painted back in 1995. Fortunately, the owner took great care of it and kept it in a display behind windows so it is still very clean. He had the kindness to let me take these pictures last weekend. As you will see on the last pictures, I had to carve two blocks of stone out of green stuff to support the Wyvern because after some time it started to lean on the side. It amazes me to realize I did this diorama 18 years ago.
  5. So out of the six gnomes that I've been working on recently, I've got four of them finished. These are old Ral Partha Julie Guthrie gnomes and they are pretty small. I put in a penny in a photo so you could see a size comparison. I've still got two TSR gnomes I'm working on for the near future. I've got the skin and hair figured out, but I'm a bit stymied on the color for their clothing. These I think are from 1984 as per the bottoms of their bases. Anyway, enjoy!
  6. This is an old-school heavy-metal style Shadowrun gang member cyber troll, Lord Torgo, formerly of Ral Partha, now sold by Iron Wind Metals, both with the stock number 20-590. Which is to say, he's a cyberpunk miniature from a 1990s vision of the near future full of dystopian tech and magical mutations. He's a huge mutant with horns. Discussion of the figure to follow after the pictures (which now that I see them large are looking in need of some improvement). I did some playing around with texture and color and light effects here. The figure had some interesting details and surface types. Like all old Ral Partha figures, it has an integral base, in this case sculpted paving with some litter already on it. This figure was a pain and a half to assemble. The supplied chain was too short* and needed to be replaced (but I thought a real chain looked better anyway). The axe on his back is ridiculously top-heavy and attaches at two small points well below the center of balance; I added a wire "staple" to help hold it on. I was not able to find any other images of this figure painted online. It might be because It might be because he is so absurdly over the top heavy metal. Or it could be because he is rather fiddly, fragile, and difficult to assemble. The figure is front-heavy and on a narrow base, making it prone to tipping forward, and it hunches forward so it's hard to see the figure properly from a normal gamer's above the table perspective. A WIP thread, covering this figure, Reaper's "50287: Caine, Cyber-Troll," and several other old Ral Partha Shadowrun figures, can be found here. There are other Show Off threads for the companion piece Shadowrunners (mostly trolls): Reaper's own Caine, Cyber-Troll, a Troll woman from Wolfram's Gang, a Wolfram's gang troll with tattoos, an Oni bouncer, a cyber-troll in reflective armor, and an ork woman street samurai. *This was cached on Google but seems to have vanished in the meantime, which is why I copied it rather than linking. I'm not the only one who found the chain too short:
  7. I realized I hadn't posted all the old Shadowrun Ral Partha figures I painted last year. This is an ork woman street samurai. Like all old Parthas, her base is integral and pre-sculpted. I think I prefer the new Shadowrun aesthetic, where even orks can be kind of cute. This one is pretty grotesque. The rest of the Shadowrun pieces I painted at the same time are Reaper's own Caine, Cyber-Troll, a Troll woman from Wolfram's Gang, a Wolfram's gang troll with tattoos, an Oni bouncer, a cyber-troll in reflective armor, and the marvelously over-the-top Lord Torgo.
  8. This was one of several old Ral Partha Shadowrun figures I painted recently. I liked this one because he was just bizarre. He's sold as a troll bouncer. He's clearly based on classic Japanese oni, so I painted him up like one. The paint is all matte; the effects on the back of the hair are paint, not shine. Other Shadowrunners painted at the same time include: Reaper's own Caine, Cyber-Troll, a Troll woman from Wolfram's Gang, a Wolfram's gang troll with tattoos, an ork woman street samurai, a cyber troll with reflective armor, and the unbelievably over-the-top Lord Torgo.
  9. This is one of the old Ral Partha Shadowrun figures I painted up last fall, an actual cyber troll with cyber armor and implants. I was trying for an effect of shiny armor at night with multicolored reflections from different directions. Not sure how successful I was. The other Shadowrunners have other Show Off threads: Reaper's own Caine, Cyber-Troll, a Troll woman from Wolfram's Gang, a Wolfram's gang troll with tattoos, an ork woman street samurai, an Oni bouncer, and the unbelievably over-the-top Lord Torgo.
  10. I have three odd creatures that need paint. Clockwise from left: The Darksword Frog Prince sculpted by Dave Summers, which will be a gift for my mother (as was the Frog Jester last year, and the (Not So) Killer Frog in 2006...you'll note a theme in my gift-giving) The Ral Partha Couatl (11-402) sculpted by Dennis Mize, which will be necessary in my Eberron campaign. And...a...worm...thing...The base was stamped "Marauder," along with some rather unidentifiable squiggles that are now completely gone, since I clipped away the integral base. I did some cursory research to no avail. I'm probably going to paint this up as everyone's favorite "I've never heard of it" burrowing monster, the thoqqua. But if anyone can tell me what it was supposed to be, I'd be interested to know. The worm is pretty well ready for paint. Clipped off the integral base, used a Happy Seppuku stamp to make some floor and squished him down into the putty. Ready to go. The Frog Prince: I plan on building a little scene eventually for the frog folk I paint for my mom, and the Prince will be on a finished floor. This will be built with Hirst. But he also needs to be magnetic, so I shaved down a Hirst tile to sit on top of a GF9 mag base without towering over other bricks. Of course, that integral base doesn't look quite right on that tile, so he went into the bench vice: A few minutes with the jeweler's saw and I had this: Unfortunately, I also had this: That mangled foot will need some GS, and the forefoot will get a pin to hold it in place. I'm not Dave Summers, but I think I'm up to this task. Now, the Couatl: Dropped him on another magnetic base and gave him some scenery: That's this stuff, all built up and pulled into waves. The integral base had something that might have been leaf litter and might have been fire, so I decided to go with something fire-like. Probably will be painted like a rainbow wind. Next, I gave the wings a bit of a bend and glued them in place: That's all for now. Let me know what y'all think, and if anyone knows what the worm thing is I'd love to know!
  11. So I've got Christmas Eve off, so stayed up a bit later than normally to finish up this guy's base. This is Ivar the Barbarian Adventurer, another Chris Jackson figure that was sculpted I think after Ral Partha became Iron Wind Metals. So for me this figure is significant mostly because it's the thirtieth figure I've painted this year, which means I've been able to average slightly more than a figure every other week. This will probably be the last one I finish this year. I may get something started over the next few days, but I'm pretty sure my next figure will belong to 2015. I'm giving a front and back view of this one because he's got a shield to show off, plus he's just got the craziest shorts that an adventurer could hope for. Anyhoos, enjoy! I'm not even actually that disappointed in my metals this time, so who knows I'm either making some kind of progress or just becoming apathetic. Merry Christmas everybody! Mark
  12. So here's a dragon I just finished, an old Children of the Night Oriental Dragon, sculpted by the great Dennis Mize. It's a three-piece model, where I pinned his head and neck to his body and the wings I super glued a long time ago, and when I tried to pull them off, I couldn't so they just ended up with super duper glue. Not a problem, my figures don't get handled too much, so hopefully he won't fall apart. Anyhow, color was my biggest problem and I don't know if in the end of everything the purple was the best choice, but I kind of like how it sticks out. I took a few pictures as well because it's such a long odd-shaped creature and lighting might have been a bit off and focus, et cetera. So anyway, hope you enjoy. This makes dragon number three that I've painted until now. I actually start out thinking it's going to be pretty painful, but really, no metal of which to speak, so just natural or unnatural colors teeth, eyes, et cetera, could be painting something far more difficult. I'm going to I think just superglue him to a wooden base, basically just so he doesn't fall over, because he is pretty top heavy.
  13. This is an old ral partha that I decided to strip and give it a repaint.You can't see the old pic to good but I painted over the beard to look flesh tone and he jut looked like a glob. I think he looks much better now. Trying a new way of doing red hair to give a more realistic look.
  14. I painted this up as a wedding gift for a couple of friends who are getting married this weekend. They go into a glass dome keepsake tomorrow with a little plaque to commemorate the event. The model is an old Ral Partha creation that was recast by Iron Wind metals. I cant tell which version this is as it came to me in a plastic baggie. tried very hard to keep the Blue dragon from fading out. I have a tendency to over highlight leaving the final mini much lighter than I intended. The blue is Prussian Blue by Derivan MINIS paints. One of my favorite blues. The remaining paints are by reaper. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
  15. So here are finally my two elves after a long WIP, two old Ral Partha elves, Adrol - Elf Warrior King and Talaria - Elven Swordswoman.Just finished the bases this morning. Seemed to take forever, but I guess now they are finally over, and on to the next miniature! So I'd been worried that I wasn't going to meet my actual goal of 26 figures this calendar year, because I'd calculated all the figures I always stick on my little Lost Mini Wiki page, and I'd come up with 25, including these two figures, finished in 2014. What I didn't take into account were two small figures I'd painted in March for my brother in law who works at Mexican customs, a customs officer and a German Shephard. So with these two figures taken into account, I've actually hit 27 miniatures painted this year, and I still have a month left in 2014. And so my issues with these two figures: I'm not so fond of the jewels, and I'm not quite as happy with the gold helmet as I could be. I think this came from looking at Meg Maples' really nice post on her blog about NMM, but oh well, I'll just keep plugging away, trying to improve these all. Anyhows, enjoy!
  16. So usually a figure takes me around two weeks to paint, but this being a relatively simple figure, plus the fact that I had the day after Thanksgiving off and was home alone (my beautiful little wife was working), I got to spent the last couple days finishing this figure up, just getting the actual base done about half an hour ago. I like this figure as it's one of the few fantasy figures that Iron Wind has done after its Ral Partha days. One thing that I am concerned about and maybe somebody has an idea, is that this is the second miniature I put matte finish on (using Vallejo), where after putting it on, some of it actually dried white in the grooves of the figures (between the boots for example). I found (hopefully) all those spots and added either a black or walnut brown wash to those spots, but it's kind of a pain. Does anybody know what this might be caused by? I'm using probably a ratio of three parts water to one part finish. Anyways, hopefully you enjoy the figure. I did two front shots, as the one shows the eye a bit better.
  17. Here are some speed painted spiders for table top use. First, the Reaper Bones (77025) and P65 (65082) large spiders, you can guess which pair is which: Next, the small Bones Vermin Spiders (77126) And last, some Ral Partha spiders (11-514) from their excellent AD&D line:
  18. So finally finished this Satyr this evening, getting the simple base set up and glued all together. I'm kind of miffed at myself because I accidentally knocked an old brush full of super glue into my female elf chick's foot, so now she's got a bare spot on her. I've got the progress on this one over in the WIP section along with the other two elves I'm working on and will hopefully soon finish.
  19. So wasn't sure if I was going to do another WIP, but it turns out that by doing these WIP's it kind of makes me almost feel accountable for keeping painting. I've been hoping to be able to get 26 figures done this year, so basically one every other week. I'm at 22 completed so far this year if my count serves correctly, so with these three I'd be at 25, plus one more and I'll have met that goal. So I've got until the end of the year to get these plus one more done. For the satyr, he's got a base coat of tanned shadow, and the elves both have fair skin highlight as their bases. The eyes for the male elf are particularly obnoxious. Before I primed him I assumed he had a nice big eye under the eyelid, but he's kind of squinted, so not a lot of space to work in there, rather the "eye" was his bottom "bag". Anyway, must keep working... These are newer Ral Partha figures, from the nineties, so they are a bit larger scale, more in line with Reaper models, so that should be a nice little "rest" too for my little old eyes!
  20. I painted up an old Ral Partha troll, from their AD&D Monsters line. Love love love this sculpt of an old-school D&D foe I loved loved loved. I aimed for gross (and maybe a little radioactive) with him. Didn't do a whole lot, really--basecoated and applied a couple different washes (more SW; Algae and Green Black or whatnot) and sparely highlighted. Thanks for looking. Comments and criticism are very welcome!
  21. After spending quite a bit of time on my friends sons chaos terminator last week I switched back to the old ral partha goblins. Nice and quick to paint this is 3 of 5 ( no he is not a Borglin). C&c wanted and thanks in advance.
  22. So finally got this one finished, and I'm not sure how well the photos came out. I took them on my normal camera, but then reverted back to my cell phone for these shots. Anyhow enjoy!
  23. Third Party member is the second healer in the group. A druid dedicated to purging the evil from her forest, and her faithful companion, her leopard, {er sabertooth variety?) Kevin. one of the Bones KS1 original package. Can anyone Identify her? the mini was pretty nice but she has no face. What you see is painted on to a rather blank slate. The cat is a modified Ral Partha Sabertooth tiger. Modified for a long tail and given a mild hair trimming. The two make a pretty good pairing. Sorry about the photos. using an autofocus camera has its downside. Comments questions and Critiques welcome.
  24. Hi all, so today is my official first day of a two week long vacation. Where my wife works she has to take every year two weeks straight and I'm more than happy to accompany her in those two weeks of non-work, AKA vacation. My wife's sister and a friend have come to visit this year and we're going to spend five days in Estes Park but the rest of the time we'll be home, so I'm also going to try to get as much painting done as possible, mostly before everybody wakes up or when the ladies go shopping. One of the things that happened was our spare room is being used, where I normally paint, so I've been sent to the dungeon otherwise known as the basement, unfinished and with only one electrical outlet.
  25. Rushed to finish this guy before I go out of town for the weekend may strip and reprint.
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