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Found 25 results

  1. I got a skeleton as part of a job lot of Tomb Kings soldiers. It was neatly painted but missing an arm. I used the chain and cutlass from the Reaper Razig weapons sprue, and made a hat out of green stuff. The missing left arm is from the Frostgrave cultists sprue. I'm no sculptor but the hat was really easy. I just followed a YouTube video. The base was again just modelling paste for sand, then mod podge for the water.
  2. Have finished off these skeleton pirates. They are all Reaper minis from the Razig faction in the Warlord line. Really enjoyed painting these. I worked up from a cream paint spray and a sepia wash. Lots of brighter but desaturated colours for the cloth and lots of rust and brass tones for the metal. The bases are resin, from a company called MVP. I used a sepia wash again at the end of the process and then an all over drybrush with beige. The plan is to pit these against the orc pirates I have been working on. I also have some Freebooter Fate minis and some dwarf and halfling pirates from elsewhere. Plus a load of Reaper pirates. Aaaargh.
  3. Am cracking on with some opposition to my orc pirates. These are the Razig warlord pirate minis. The bases are resin (they are meant to depict trenches but think they will work here). Have sprayed them all with Army Painter skeleton bone. Then a sepia ink wash all over for definition and a process of going through and colouring in. Am going to add a cannon as well. Am going for quite a colourful scheme, that will be muted by the pre shading and then dusted up with an all over drybrush of off white.
  4. So, after a long 45 pictures WIP, here is the newest addition to my Razig Army. Scuttlebones the Undead Crab, sculpt by Jason Wiebe. Comments and critics are always welcome.
  5. Hey all, I thought I'd share a little guide on how I converted two Weapons and Warriors pirate ships for gaming. These guys are usually for sale at a reasonable price ($25-30) on ebay as part of the W&W Pirate Battle game. They have the added bonus of coming with two smaller boats and lots of good extras like cannons and palm trees. Here is the unmodified ship. First I clipped the little extra bits that are for the W&W game, and then I puttied over any gaps. Then I gave the whole ship a couple of coats of brown primer. For terrain and other projects like this, I usually use Krylon primer. It does just fine when there is not a lot of small details to obscure. I primed the sails white. The main mast, mizzen mast, and bowsprit all detach. I picked out some detail colors and painted the decks a lighter color. The ships turned out like this: The two small ships and the two boats in the foreground are from W&W. The big ship in the back is a resin model. If you are looking for some ships for your games, this might be the way to go!
  6. Hi, After finishing my Darkreach warband I'm moving to Razig. I have almost all minis I need to build my army. I would need your help on this project on both look and army lists. I have never used Razig in battle and I'm not going to use it untill I have fully painted playable army. The good thing is that we play at low ponts. So army of 500 is fully playable. but I hope to start with about 800pts. So before I'll post pictures of minis I need to warn you. This would be 100% unofficial models. The most of this army would be made using minis and bits I bought some time ago and put them away at attic. Yes this would be a way to recycle them. But I would stick as close as possible to Reaper minis look and try to keep same atmosphere around the army. This army has one of my favorites play styles, and I'm not talking about shooting models. The dead fish doctrine. This is my thing. Pass DIS or you wont attack! I'll write some more on this soon, stay tuned.
  7. Waazup! Long hearing from me, but here I am with new army idea. I'd like to make and Razig army this month. Here I'll be sharing all army ideas and build and paint progress. Note: this is gonna be all 100% proxy army, I doubt I would buy any reaper mini for this army. This is supposed to be budget army made from bitz left from other minis (sorry reaper you don't provide that), but with high hobby factor. So lots of good painting here and 100% WYSYWIG. Also I'll be trying to keep my minis close to original in that pirate theme. I'm not anti-reaper I have some beautifull darkreach models and some tottaly random reaper ones still in painting progress, but I have some undead models left so thats why I picked Razig. So here we go. I'm still gone need to order some minis or at least parts for them. Mainly for Salty Sabres, Scurvy Dogs, and Weresharks. I'm also going to make special set of bases for them. I already have zombies, skeletons, ghouls and some dwarven cannons. I'll start this project next week.
  8. Hi, Here is a recent work, part of my still enrolling army. It was really nice painting this model form Jason Wiebe. I wanted my Wereshark to look like Razig’s mercenary Karkarius. So the octopus had to be removed from the hand of the original model. And, be replaced by a more convincing weapon… The anchor and a chain were taken from a Razig Weapons Pack. A tiger shark picture inspired me for the skin pattern. The idea for the base was borrow from my previous attempt at sculpting waves. Different tomes of blue, greens and yellow were used to color the water. I hope you’ll like it.
  9. It’s been some time now that I’ve started working on that diorama. With the coming ReaperCon I was inspired to remove the dust from it to complete it. The boat was made out of a toy and all miniatures will be Reapers. For now the crew counts 12 painted miniatures; Sergeant Blackknife, Sergeant Grim Pete, Jackie, four Bone Marines, two Zombie Recruits, a Chain Gang, a Cannoneer and a Skeletal Crewman. The miniatures I’m actually painting are; Razig and Crow, the Dark Maiden attached at the ship bow, Baron LeBone, Mister Blood and Clarissa the Banshee. The models I still need to prepare and paint are; an Harpooner, Salty Saber, Scurvy Dog, Scuttlebones the Undead Crab and some Canons. I also have four Skeletal Swordsman and Razig Weapons Pack which I could use to create some original character.
  10. I love Razig's army, but was never fond of Razig himself as a sculpt (either version) until last year when Bobby Jackson did his take on him... (I hope to get all the army together and get a shot of them tonight)
  11. Classy Barron Lebone on the bridge. Find out how he got his left hand cut by reading his story on the Online Store. Even being a pirate, there are things and people you just can't touch. As always comments are very welcome.
  12. Here's another one I completed in december. Mister Blood will soon join my Razig army. After taking the pictures I notice some details that could benefit some more attention. What do you think?
  13. Hi everyone, I just completed another model for my Razig Army. Here's my 14402, Razig Skeletal Harpooner. It was sculpted by Kevin Williams. I added a flintlock pistol from 14472, Razig weapon pack at his belt. I wanted to try something different for clothes, so I chose a black and blue striped sailor pattern for the shirt. I also painted flames in the eyes sockets and some ols around the brow bones.
  14. Here’s my Scurvy Dog the Undead Werewolf from Razig’s Army. It was sculpted by Tim Prow. I customised the base by adding chains from Razig Weapons Pack on it, along with barnacles and wood debris.
  15. Ok, here is my newest work in Progress, Scuttlebones the Undead Crad. Yes, yet another one for my Razig army. This mini was sculpted by Jason Wiebe. It's amazing but needs a lot of care before painting. I had to pin the front legs as the glue was not strong enough to solidly hold them in place. Then a pale green base coat over a grey primer coat. Some brown wash. Some more brown wash. Then I started some green highlight / blending. At that point I started working on the base as I needed to mark the location of the legs on the putty and I didn't want to ruin the paint. I used some Milliput to shape a reef on which the crab will be standing. Then i'll use green stuff to create textures. I also intend to carve some waves like the ones I did on the bases of my Water Elemental and Wereshark.
  16. Here is my Razig's crew Gunner. This sulpt is by Kevin Williams. I've retouch this one before posting it because I realised it have a reptile head instead of is right hand. I still need to paint his Soul Cannon but finding inspiration shouldn't be too hard, thank to Mike's work on is Robot. Here is the image of the concept art I've found in the background of Razig's Revenge.pdf file.
  17. This is Salty Saber the barnacles covered lobster claw mutant from Razig’s crew. I’ve choose a pale green skin tome so it will look more like a zombie. I really enjoyed painting this Gene Van Horne model. It is full of nice details like the sea star on it’s back shoulder. I hope you will like it! All comments and critics are always very welcome.
  18. Here is my Clarissa Mage Banshee. I also carved green stuff waves on this base. This model was sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
  19. Here is the Skeletal Crewman that I presented at the Spring 2012 contest. Like for all my Razig crew I did a wooden deck base. This sculpt is by Behrle Hubbuch.
  20. Here is my Chain Ganger. This sculpt is by Jason Wiebe.
  21. Here is another one for my Razig army, Jackie Bones. It was sculpt by Kevin Williams.
  22. Here are some pictures of my four Bone Marines. I tried to paint them as similar as possible. They were sculpted by Kevin Williams.
  23. Here is Sergeant Grim Pete sculpted by Kevin Williams.
  24. Here is Sergeant Blackknife sculpted by Jason Wiebe.
  25. Zombie Recruits, keep on rotting... Sculpts by Kevin Williams.
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