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  1. The one's I just recently finished over the week. Orange is my favorite color and don't paint with it much and couldn't pass this one up.
  2. The one's I just recently finished over the week.
  3. A few just recently finished. She is the one I just finished. I can see now I made a mistake trying to get cute on the blade instead of just making it plain. Oh well.
  4. While being stumped for a color scheme on Fergus decided to paint this one instead just so I could get back into a daily painting groove if only for an hour or two a day. For her I also didn't have a paint scheme in mind but told myself since you own so many different paint bottles (hoarder) start using ones you haven't used before or don't use regularly just to experiment with, in this case it was 09653 Deadrose Red.
  5. A few just recently finished. She is the one I like most of the three just finished .... probably because she has an animal.
  6. With him I was stumped for colors, I had originally wanted to do him in browns and a muted blue but it just didn't seem to fit while staring at him. Finally I just settle for something bright and warm.
  7. Here's a couple I was able to finish over the weekend trying to get back into my painting groove and be more productive. I haven't painted many Sophie's as I have stated before (only two others) and thought she'd be a good one to do. I was about three-quarters done with her and decided I had liked her look as a normal pirate without the succubus wings since was painting the wings separately to attach later. He-he though I'm still gonna count her another Sophie done.
  8. Well been trying to force myself to paint more trying to get out of this non-paint funk so I'm now at least 50% of my regular production. So here are a few I forced myself to do, mainly 3d prints. Of course, I had to do at least one Reaper figure.
  9. I've been working on these guys throughout the week...just finished them up last night. I really like how the blue and red guys turned out. I'm not as impressed by the green guy. But...I had hit that point where I just wanted to be done with him and move onto something else. I may get another crack at him at some point...I can definitely see myself eventually painting up a second set of these guys. They're a fun little group. Moe: Larry: Curly:
  10. I've always loved the sculpt of this model. It captures a real sense of movement, which is something I'm always impressed by. I painted it up using color shift paint. Basically, it looks green from one angle and takes a goodish tint from other angles (it's hard to capture the effect in still images, obviously). Overall, I think it came out looking okay. Thoughts and criticism welcomed.
  11. So, I just started the hobby, picked up the, 'Reaper Miniatures 08906 Learn to Paint Kit Core Skills' package. Got my little painting area setup, and took about 90 minutes to complete, so here is my first mini. Sadly the images really don't do it justice, you can't quite make out the subtle drybrush highlights, or the crevices where the wash really did a good job. I went a little rogue, and decided to dot in two red eyes... although that was not part of the instructions, I wanted to give this guy a little something unique.
  12. Finally finished a side project I started after the New Year. I've always wanted to paint a vampire sitting on his throne. I have bought Dragoth the defiler in metal and a couple bones version incase I wanted to modify slightly. I was looking thru reaper's vampire's for a suitable Dragoth character standing up when it occured to me that 02093 Van Storme and 07073 Kaspar Von Mondstein looked really close to each other and I just had to do a mini diorama of him. I look a little sexist here but to me a vampire isn't complete without his thrall's, in this case female thralls. Oh well, it's just probably me showing my age.
  13. Haven't been painting much because of the cold as my hands shake bad enough but without being cold (Floridian) but did manage to get a few in. I own most of the reapercon Sophie's but have yet to paint any of them until now, so now that I broke the trend you can expect to see more of them from me. The only Sophie I have painted before was Troll-slayer Sophie.
  14. I've done so much painting in the last couple of years and I'm always too lazy to take pictures. Finally got around to it.... All Reaper Paints, all the time. For some reason I just love miniatures wearing packs. Awesome Snail from Monkstone Miniatures Copied this paint scheme from Kangaroorex (brilliant idea, sandy looking from the top, sky looking from the bottom). This is the Western Desert Dragon (03670) from Reaper. It looks like this is an old model and there were some problems with the mold. I had to cut the base apart to get it to lie flattish and the wings didn't fit quite right. Still a very cool model. Three demon toads from Rotten Factory. I'm really happy with how the shell turned out on this super creepy snail rider from Whilhelm Miniatures. Very cool miniature from Red Bard Games. I was really happy with the wheel tracks I made with green stuff, but I'm a little disappointed with the grass. I was aiming for patches of dead grass in the road, but I think I ended up with too much contrast between the grass colors. Next time I plan to mix the static grass to get more realistic variations. Three virus themed Beholders from Westfalia Miniatures Is that a halfling riding a giant goose? I don't know why, but it is awesome. Miniforge Miniatures Dwarf riding a Yak from Stonehaven Miniatures
  15. Was bored and didn't feel like painting so decided to take a couple of pics of the two I just finished. For some reason I keep on grabbing swashbucklers.
  16. Was bored and didn't feel like painting so decided to take a couple of pics of the two I just finished.
  17. Been mainly working on props for a side project/diorama I wanna try but not in a hurry to finish, but did manage to get a few others in after my x-mas break.
  18. Been mainly working on props for a side project/diorama I wanna try but not in a hurry to finish, but did manage to get a few others in after my x-mas break.
  19. Presenting Zeus, the Storm Giant from the Bones 5 Kickstarter (I don't think he's had an official release yet). Really pleased to get this big guy finally in the finished pile! In places he's painted a little simply for something on this scale, but overall I'm happy with him. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  20. Finally finished him, had primed him way back when with the rest of the reapercon minis, but I just kept on stumbling on him and couldn't figure out how I wanted him mainly his clothing and armor.
  21. She was the last of what I had primed, now I gotta figure out what I want to prep next for it will be a while before I get a recent order of some 3d prints I would like to try to do.
  22. Been mainly working on props for a side project/diorama I wanna try but not in a hurry to finish, but did manage to get a few others in after my x-mas break.
  23. For some reason I just luv doing swashbucklers. I did her up while waiting for my basing stuff on the succubi.
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