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  1. Just to try and get some mojo going, I decided to start these guys too... Since I used to thrive on having multiple projects going at one time.... Derro Captain & Sorcerer and their troops, Derro Warriors (3) all Reaper minis Another group that has sat primed on the shelf of shame for a while... Reaper Linen White for eyes SC 75 Brown Grey for the skin... (I am stealing my old formula for skin that I used on my Reaper Duergar early days again, but stay tuned.... G
  2. First diorama I've done since I've been I was ill this winter. Although I have been doing a lot of reminiscing and wishing, which is what this piece is about. I have at least one of all the Burrows & Badgers range from Oathsworn and one of the parts I like is thst ao many or their miniatures can be used for non-dnd or domestic scenes. I also finally found a use for the stable piece from the Reaper nativity scene. I built an actual stable for that sp I had thst bit left over and it worked pretty well here. I could explain it but I'm hoping the piece speaks for itself. Hope you.all enjoy I find tje affect the best when staring through the portal...
  3. This was a nightmarish project that I shelved for years after I had first put her together. Being metal I didn't want to try and attach the wings after it was painted so assembled all the parts of the dragon together. I wanted a blue dragon and first went with Prussian Blue, huge mistake as it looked awful and trying to paint that heavy thing in hand was a... ...so it got shelved until now. It's my second dragon of any size (painted baby dragon as PC followers). but basically really my first as the other dragon I painted was the Asgard Dragon (twice the size of this weighting over 2 lbs. of lead) in the 80's done in metalic's where I hadn't any idea what I was doing, later striped and sold the model.
  4. She was in one of my WIP threads where I wanted to see how dark armor would look for 3000 Kyra and Lavarath. Since I finally finished that nightmarish project thgought I'd finish her up and use as Kyra on foot.
  5. He became a problem child for me, normally I do most of my basecoats, etc where the mini is at least halfway done before the face, but since he had a beard saved the face for later than normal so that he was nearly finished when started on the face. Then the nightmare began, his whole side right side of his face had a bubble in the metal obscuring/marring never having paid attention while prepping as its not where a normal mold line would be. Tried my best but trying to carve an eye-socket into metal is beyond me so tried to settle, make it look like he was blind...oh maybe an implanted eye of true seeing...hehe works for me.
  6. Always wanted to paint her ever since first seen this mini but she hid herself well since I own several copies, that is until now, caught you, you witch hehe.
  7. OMG, please don't tell me that 'bones plastic' is starting to rub off against me.
  8. And the last of my bones' dwarfs... Oh wait, it's a Bones USA..... ME LIKEY ! hehe
  9. Because what party doesn't like dwarven thief?
  10. He was in my loose mini bin so when I chose him thought he was just an evil cleric. So after a few basecoats decided to look him up for his name and SKU. Than "BAM it Hit Me", Prince of Shadows" ...VAMPIRE ! Ugh, the last thing I wanted to paint was a vampire so he sat lonely on my shelf of shame for five months until now. Finally finished.
  11. I think the warlord line has some of the best dragonborn or dragon-men. The funny thing, yes a loose mini bin story, when painting him couldn't figure out what that thing was on his weapon was and painted it like a magical flame. Well after finishing him went on the reaper site to look him up and discovered the weapon had twisted itself around and it was just fur/feathers/etc hanging from the weapon not shooting up. Now afraid I'd probably snap it trying to twist it around with my luck, Nah if I twist it around I'd have the weapon to paint all over again lol.
  12. Well for a troll slayer she sure was a skinny dainty figure to paint.
  13. Even thou I still have two more dwarves to do I needed a break from the wee folk and decided to do some more normal adventures for a while, well I guess if you're like me and call a Dragonmen normal (he's one of five just recently finished this past week which I need to still take pic's of). I have all three copies of Lysette and why I chose the bones usa one makes me wonder....is bones growing on me...Nah she was just the biggest of the group and thinking it'll be easier to paint, lol.
  14. So, with my shelf of shame finally cleared I thought I would introduce the remaining duelist to some of my friends. I don't have many unpainted dwarves left thus including the three Dwarven Bones (having primed six)...Ugh I know Bones right. (One reason I don't like bones is that I feel I have to try and paint them better because of the obscure crispness of the mold.) Anyways when I primed them told myself I don't want to see no "Orange Hair" and the next thing I know is I'm varnishing, no, what, wait, OMG orange hair!
  15. I copied this style from another poster and was very happy how it turned out
  16. Enjoyed this model, experimented with white hair for the horse.
  17. I've been working on this guy for the better part of a month and just finished him tonight. He was a blast to paint, and I'm pretty happy with the finished product. The green wrappings could have probably used some more intense highlighting, but I'm not gonna lose sleep over it. Initially, I wasn't a big fan of the vultures (I put them off until the very last phase of painting). But, one I got some paint in them, they grew on me.
  18. I had painted Kallaguk first and wanted a darker feel (skin color) to this one as I consider them both marsh trolls with the fins. Not sure I succeeded or not but oh well I tried. hopefully after I finished those Ral gnolls my monster fetish will be over with (lol) and I can get back to painting PCs. Oh yeah those are swamp vines on the base not him taking a dump, hehe.
  19. "Opps", the owner of the shop said, "didn't I mention you have to kill them first." The two marsh trolls I just recently finished; the cave troll was from one of the quarterly contests thou I never posted his pics afterwards. Was hard to get a good pic of their faces as both are looking down and they are so large thus wasn't able to crop my strip at the top from advice that DKS had given me when taking pics from my old camera.
  20. The upper crust of Brinewind, Oh what dark, nasty secerts they must hold ! What do they keep in thier POCKETS ?
  21. I luv the look of this troll but wish I wasn't so cheap and gotten the metal and resin version, he belongs in bones black. His legs are too skinny for regular bones which makes him to continuous droop as he is too top heavy. I had to pin and then glue his left foot flat with the base and raise the front of the base like 20 degrees to stop that effect. Well what color do u paint a troll king, well green of course?
  22. Presenting the Cleric of Maersuluth, now that Reapers latest painting competition is over I can show off my entry for it! He didn't do particularly well (I think I came last), but I like him and, more importantly, I had a lot of fun painting a mini I probably wouldn't have purchased otherwise. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  23. This one was a quickie. Not a groundbreaking paint job, but I like him and I had fun.
  24. I probably should of stripped her before painting her, she was primed way back in late 90's with a spray can when I was briefing into the hobby but had destroyed her arm when her staff broke off. Saw her in my bitz box and figured why, not so re-scuplted her whole arm for something to do and just started painting, but some of the detail on the jewelry got gunk and they were hard to paint.
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