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Found 5 results

  1. Hello every body, this will be here not to show off anything amazing or impressive. Just something that took me five and a half hours to do. Nothing to impressive or anything like that. Its a fairly simple paint job for this old miniature. It has been sitting on my portable painting desk for many years now, and I felt like it was time to finally paint it. So I could use it in Dungeons and Dragons if I ever played a Dwarf again or just to use in anything with Dwarves in it really. With the new system of being able to upload photos straight to here from a device, it may be a little weird. I have never used the new Reaper system for photos so lets see how it works. I will still be explaining everything to the best of my ability. All of the paints i used besides one were all Reaper Paints. So, lets get started. Okay, so these four photos are of the Dwarf miniature as a whole. I had to paint over the entire mini with black because it had taken some damage to the prime that covers it. After i had painted the entire thing I let it dry and took the pictures so I wouldn't forget to take them. Next I painted on the metallic colors that i knew i was going to do and I could see. This included the small amount of Chain mail showing under his massive beard, the large Warhammer and his shiled. These were done first in Shadowed Steel. Then I did the few detail pieces that I wanted in Antique Gold. After I painted those few things I realized that I hadn't painted the Rune Stone he is standing on. So I quickly mixed up a wash of the color... well Stone. I forget who the Stone wash is made by but I added some water and I think Glaze Medium. Chaoshead will yell at me in the comments to tell me i'm wrong since i was using most of his paints. Anyways, I did a couple of coats of the Stone wash and moved on to let that dry for a while. While I was letting the Stone wash dry I went on to other colors. I pulled the Rainy Grey out to do the fur that lines the inside of his cape, not realizing I had missed some it will show up later. This step was fairly easy when I was painting it on, but then again the entire thing to me seemed easy and I don't really know why. After the inside of the cape i moved on wards and started to paint Leather. I used Ruddy Leather for anything leather on the Miniature. I started with the gloves then moved on afterwards. Alright, in these few photos I painted more leather onto his sleeves, belt pouch, boots and the bottom of his Chain mail shirt. This step frustrated me because I accidentally painted over some of the metal, so I had to go back and paint the metallics again. I then moved on to some detail work that may have taken the most time to do... I think. On the Rune Stone, I used Breonne Blue to add some color to the... Stone. XD I wanted to paint the runes from the beginning of this small project. I think the Breonne was a good choice for the runes in the first place. Here I had finally painted his massive beard. I used Mahogany Brown for his beard since it was the only one within my small amount of paints that would work. I liked my choice of color for his beard though. In these three i painted the trim of the cape with the Ruddy Leather. I painted it very carefully to make sure I didn't get any on anything else. I already had to repaint Metallic colors earlier and i didn't want to do it again. Continuing with the cape i painted it Leaf Green and had to do it a couple of times to make sure it was one solid color. Painted the face with Tanned Skin and then used Grass Green to paint his eyes. Again this is all just a super simple paint job for this mini and is just meant to be a good, fun, little thing I like to do. As a final thing to finish this Miniature off was a nice little touch that I thought of last second. I painted the small heart on his cape with Blood Red. The Dwarf is done! He is done in all of the simplest ways to paint that I know how. XD If you all enjoyed and have some tips or anything to leave for myself. Please leave a comment and i guess stay tuned to here or another one I post in the future.
  2. Right then, I've put together a list of some paints from Reaper that I plan to order this month (so that I can get that sweet, sweet 25th Anniversary model on the down-low). This is my first serious plunge into their paint line as I've really only ordered some paints for red hair - both natural and unnatural - and for a failed project in the distant past. The question is as follows: does this list of paint below encompass a fairly large scope for creating pale skin tones? Master Series Paint - Tanned Skin Triad - 09043 - Tanned Shadow 09044 - Tanned Skin 09045 - Tanned Highlight - Fair Skin Triad - 09046 - Fair Shadow 09047 - Fair Skin 09048 - Fair Highlight - Vampiric Skin Triad - 09274 - Vampiric Shadow 09275 - Vampiric Skin 09276 - Vampiric Highlight - Miscellaneous - 09062 - Leather White 09432 - Desert Sand 09436 - Bleached Linen 09447 - Undead Flesh Master Series Paint HD 29822 - Suntan Flesh 29823 - Caucasian Flesh 29824 - Maiden Flesh 29850 - Elfin Flesh Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.
  3. I think "Corporeal Shadow" and I are going to be good friends. Washes to follow.
  4. So just because I had them all lined up last night, I just thought I'd throw it out there. I'm working on three new figures, and I've started them all off with the base color of tanned highlight. Here are all the paints I used from the base colors with various washes all the ways to walnut brown and then from tanned highlights up to white. And my only other comment, rather unrelated, but my next step: the only bad thing about painting a three headed giant is the fact that you have to paint six eyes.. Luckily they're giant eyes, so it gives me some room to work.....
  5. Hello! Finally forced myself to put aside the craft paint. What am I going to do with a vampire flesh triad, I thought? Every time I wanted to reach for the old colors I stuck to the challenge: only the stuff from the Kickstarter. I wouldn't normally use the metallic gold but that was part of the challenge. Overall loved this paint. Base coats went on without thinning. The paint has a tendency to run if you thin it too much when doing highlights and shadows, but I was pleased that the learning curve wasn't steep. Everything about painting this figure was fun. I also worked on much more detailed eyes than in the past, and made a base out of air-drying clay from the craft store. Super easy to use. I was asked the question, "what the heck is going on with her b00bs?" "Well, there was chill in the graveyard air that night..." Cheers.
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