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Found 35 results

  1. So many dragons to paint.
  2. One of my more recent techniques I'm starting to use more is wet blending on cloaks. I'm getting ready to use this on a paladin's red cloak (Isabeau from Reaper's metal line). I'm worried about coverage. Traditionally when I paint red, I undercoat with a medium brown to help smooth the coverage. Would it make sense to undercoat with brown, wet blend brown and then wet blend red over top of it or just jump in and wet blend the red without an undercoat? I would appreciate any experience or insight the hivemind could share.
  3. This is 02110: Darby Darkleaf, or rather one of a set of three, 03359: DHL Classics: Female Halflings. They are not quite identical, since the individual figure has a larger base than the three in the set. All three halflings in the set are tiny and Old School style, with especially small faces with eyes that are shaped a little difficult to paint. They are, however, very cute. I painted her eyes rather larger than they were actually sculpted. I think this might be the first time in twenty years I've tried to paint a mini red-blonde. I'm not sure how successful she turned out.
  4. Well since I started taking pictures during the 24 hour paint event, I thought I would go forward with a work in progress and show my steps towards completing this experiment The objective here is to produce a dragon that looks like its cooling on the outside and slowly going to a dark red or grey while the core of the dragon is bright molten yellow and orange. the concept is from the base of my geiger deep dragon. Those of you who were involved or have seen these pictures in the 24 hour painting thread, can skip the first three pics as they are reposts. First basecoat is Minis paint Beacon Orange. Pretty much the brightest orange I have with staying power. The Dragon Went together well and the only part that really needed pinning was the tail. Only green stuff was around the joints to fill in the cracks. next step was color to the wings as a final "cold color for the dragon: Reapers Carnage red. Plan for the wings is to bleed the orange to the inside edges and Rainy gray to the outside edge next is yellow washes This is following 2 washes of Reapers Lemon yellow, followed by two washes of Citidels yellow wash Cassandora Yellow. Also painted the belly plates and armor plates rainy grey and washed them with the citadel yellow as well. next step is probably 2 or three more layers of yellow and then I will start working up the red spectrum. Comments, suggestions, critiques and "your doing is wrong" replies are welcome. :)
  5. So here is my take on Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard from the Vampire set from the first Kickstarter. I will be the first to admit that I might have gone a little crazy with the GW Agarax Earthshade wash on the robe (Especially on the back, you can see it just clumped and got goopy), but this was my first foray back into painting in about a year, and was kind of rushing it to get him finished for play. I know he doesn't look much like a Wood Elf, but that's because the player in my Campaign who I painted this for is quite fond of Fire Spells, so I used alot of hot colours, and then used the ice blue to sort of oppose the colour scheme and add some contrast. Doing the yellow line was also my first attempt at free hand painting. Like... Ever. I think he turned out a-okay for table top quality. Tell me what you think!
  6. Red fire dragon painted up as my gluttonous, arrogant, fat Gorevander
  7. This was my first mini painted with Reaper paints and not cheapo Acrylic craft paints from Hobby Lobby =P
  8. This is my old senile red dragon, Hezikiabadadia [who should be a lot larger than this, but we don't have the really big Bones dragons available yet] I started him on a small base, but he refused to stand up so I built a bigger base around the small one. His big base is unfinished but I don't know when I'll get around to finishing it
  9. Last weekend saw me at a craft show watching my wife's stuff while she got to practice Karate in Okinawa. So with my time I painted... A lot. This is my second figure I did over the weekend. It was a great time to just spend a concerted 16 hours primarily painting and talking. (two things I really cant get enough of...) Anyway this is the, I think, the biggest mass of metal that Reaper ever produced. Weighing in at just under 3 pounds he was curling exercise to lift and paint. Not quite as happy with the paint as I was with Verocithrax but he still came out pretty well. Comments and critique always welcome. Hope you enjoy him as much as I did. in case you miss them, the pictures of him in the diorama are included as a reply below!
  10. Well, I've decided it's time to take a deep breath and starting working on my dragons. To start with, this guy: I love Wayne Reynolds' concept art (above) so I'm trying to stick to it as much as possible. Here he is, assembled and based: The base is an unholy mess of glue, cork, green stuff, stones and sand. Here he is with some base coats: The red is Vallejo Burnt Cad. Red (+ Pure Black), the base is Stormy Grey + Swamp Green + Pure Black, the eyes are Sun Yellow, the chest is Vallejo Yellow Ochre and the horns etc. are just plain Pure Black. Next I'll base coat the teeth, clean up the red coat, and start layering...
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