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Found 7 results

  1. At wargames fair on Saturday came across these 4 puppies in a terrible state. Squashed together on one piece of double-sided tape, one completely unpainted the other three had patchy grey, white and black coats. They all seemed to be coming apart at the seams and I'm 90% sure they came from a hoarded home 😢We managed to scrape up the adoption fees get them home and treat the worst of their wounds... We thought they were going to turn out to be Winter Wolves but somewhere along the way they became Ice Wolves and went all glittery - don't know where that idea came from 😁....Now have to think up names for them...
  2. While cleaning and prepping this wiz, I knocked off the top of his staff (which was kinda ugly anyway). Glued it back (CA and baking soda), no surprise, came off again. So something new is in order. I came up with this. At first I felt the skull was going to be too large, I'm okay with that. Now my concern is that it looks more, "headhunter-ish". I went to bed thinking a solid gold or chrome might "fix the cannibalistic" feel of it. Or I just go with the ever-popular (and a bit tired) crystal ball or gems. Opinions? The skull seems to "evil up' the character. I'm not partial as to his disposition, I/he could go evil or good, Thanks for lookin' - Joe
  3. So here is my second try at Balto Burrowell. The first was last Fall's Exchange, and it was going to be this mini, but it got damaged so..... (Info in WiP) Kind of another case of 'I want you off my desk' working here, as I started him quite a while ago... Here he is, on his elevating Secret Weapon Base... And some Higher Angle: Comments and Critiques welcome! George
  4. The first of many to soon be posted, a very Conanesque Barbarian, Traeg. He's a Reaper piece, but years of being kept in a box underneath a bed lead to a hand transplant (from a Dwarf Wars Nordvolk, if memory serves)
  5. So here is Balto Burrowell, in the primer. The reason I am starting here, is that this was one of the minis that I was going to paint for the Fall Exchange. The problem is that when I was stripping the last of the paint from him with my Dremel tool and a wire brush, I ground off his nose with the chuck of the tool! Needless to say I was upset, and had to order a new mini to paint. I kept him around to remind me to be a little smarter and more careful when using power tools on minis, and he has always been giving me the evil eye from my painting desk, sitting there un primed, with Frankenstein's hand me down boots, as I never finished removing the base from under his feet. So I was doing some putty work the other evening, and decided to give him some plastic surgery! I put a tiny dab of green stuff on his face, and tried to shape it so that it looked like the original. I tried an X Acto knife, my clay shapers, dental picks, and finally, a straight pin. How people sculpt these things on these little guys is beyond me! (Yes I did see Cornelius Dapperbear, I am surprised Talespinner can still see!) So here is Balto, let me know what you think of his nose! Painting to commence tonight, after the Liquid green stuff dries... George
  6. Okay, so this has probably been asked a bagilion times. But I must know if there is a way to prevent wear and tear on minis beyond protecting them with gloss varnishes and other types of coatings. I use my minis in my table tops games and so they have some metal/platic flecks showing here and there from toppling over and being handled, even if its being done carefully. Is there anything I can do other then touch up and gloss varnish to make them last longer? On a side not, is testors gloss varnish as good as the citadel gloss?
  7. I'm working on 60044, Damiel, Iconic Alchemist. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/damiel/sku-down/60044 shows the figure in Reaper's store. The figure came with that long skinny thing in his right hand badly bent. I've tried to be gentle with it, but it's really vulnerable and sticks out, and has gotten bent again several times as I've been painting. I don't think it's going to survive painting, let alone gaming. Does anyone have suggestions for how to shore it up? I had some idea of painting the figure fully, then simply epoxying the thing back onto his hand with clear epoxy. It looks far too thin to pin, and besides, I've not yet pinned anything and don't yet have the tools. Help, please, oh ye of far more experience?
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