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Found 2 results

  1. The retro-Venus of my spacefuture setting is full of beasts, plants, and fungi in a bewildering tropical trophic tangle of symbioses and Red Queen arms races. I've posted a few of these plants and beasts before, but all of those were pre-made models recontextualized. Here are some SPACE BEASTS cobbled together of rubber toys and Green Stuff, ready to wreck a brick-jawed galacteer's day! Less well-known than its smaller, leucistic relative made popular by documentaries, the Resplendent Mugato (Gumatus mugatus gogmagog) is king of the Venerian Highlands. Only the most skilled of BeastMasters can even hope to master this Beast. And in the lowlands, the titanic Venerian Blunderbore (Brontopodus ptericeps) tramples over all obstacles, using its bulldozer crest to raze the undergrowth, bringing tender leaves down to grazing height. A voracious Flaming Scamander (Scamander maculatus) might be capable of taking one in combat, but it would be quite the battle! A rare sight, the two great beasts together. Keep watching the skies, cadets! Post your own frankensteined Space Beasts in the comments!
  2. The Froghemoth first appeared as part of an extraterrestrial biome in "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks" if memory serves, so a spacefuture setting is, if anything, returning it to its roots. Twisted, coiling, poisonous roots, in the fungal swamps of a jungle hellworld such as Retro-Venus! I went for an unwholesome, etiolated color scheme--which blends in pretty well with the rest of the terrain. More angles: This is a big miniature! Here it is towering over some tentacle-faced Cult Beasts from Midlam. They are about hound-sized in scale. The deep scars and tatters on the throat pouch indicate some sort of scarring from combat with others of its species, as rutting sea lions do. This is a beast too much even for the Beastmasters of the Venerian Amazons to handle alone! While we're at it, here's another view of the Cultist Beasts And a Venerian menagerie: I plan on getting Mudgullet and making a mate for this one at some point.
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