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Found 2 results

  1. To help alleviate the last minute rush order or trying to have them shipped to the hotel, I'm reminding people that personalized badge ribbons are a thing. Because of forum rules we can't post a link to where to order them but if you post here, a certain @ub3r_n3rd fairy may PM you details. The standard size that Reaper makes their ribbons is: Personalized Badge Ribbon 1-5/8"H x 3-1/2"W FAQ What are the ribbons for?! Reaper gives out ribbons for various tasks like joining a faction, taking a class, spending a LOT of money in the Reaper Booth. Some are known, some are secret. Individuals also have their own ribbons made and have their own criteria for earning them. In the past there has been a prize for longest chain (without duplicates) but this is subject to the whims of Reaper. Can I make my own ribbons? Absolutely. Anyone can have their own ribbon. Come up with fun (family appropriate) phrase and a task that you will have the receiver perform (again, family appropriate) then contact a ribbon company to have them printed. How many ribbons should I bring? If this is your first time giving out ribbons, 100 should be plenty. If you are teaching a class, running a game or a vendor, you probably want more as you will be interacting with more people. Is there a list of all the Ribbons and how to get them? Short answer, No. Part of the fun is talking to people to learn how they got a particular ribbon. When the con starts, I'll probably update this post with a list of known ribbons. like the ones Reaper gives out or ones individuals want to share. (Please don't share the how to unless you have the OK from the creator) Not even one spoiler? Ok, if you want to get the "Ludo, Friend" ribbon, you have to bring Ludo a small rock. (Rocks from the hotel decor will not be accepted.) Bonus points will be awarded on how fancy the rock is.
  2. Since the con is over, I thought it would be fun to tally up all the ribbons available. I'll update this post as people mention ones I've missed. "Official" Reaper Ribbons MSP Open ~ Enter the MSP Open Painting Contest Hall of Fame ~ Be inducted into Reaper's Hall of Fame Fanatic~ Enter a Reaper Model in the MSP Open Gravedigger ~ Participate in the Paint and Take Haste ~ Participate in the Speed Paint Event Crit ~ Played a Scheduled Game Reaper U ~ Take a Class Winner ~ Win an Auction item Oh Hai ~ Attend the Meet & Greet Big Meat ~ Attend the Thursday Dinner Big Enchilada ~ Attend the Friday Dinner NOM ~ Attend the Saturday Dinner VIP ~ VIP Attendee Shopaholic ~ Purchase an Item from a Vendor High Roller ~ Purchase over $100 in the Reaper Booth Prime Time ~ Use the Spray Booth Night Stalker ~ Post and Tag photos on social media Treat! ~ Win a Raffle Prize Pathfinder ~ Participate in a Pathfinder Society Event Spooky ~ Wearing a Costume Mother Trucker ~ Eat Lunch at the Food Truck Bonehenge ~ Join Bonehenge Faction Duskwardens ~ Join Duskwardens Faction Cthon ~ Join Cthon Faction Maggotcrown ~ Join Maggotcrown Faction Tourist ~ Take the Reaper Tour CAV ~ Play a game of CAV Noob ~ First Time at ReaperCon Sophie Says ~ Participate in Sophie Says Masterful ~ GM a Game Skainter ~ Take a Paint Class & a Sculpt Class Big Spender ~ Spend $10k on one Auction Item Triple Crown ~ Have entries in three categories in the painting competition. Staff ~ Be part of the Reaper Staff Volunteer ~ Be an volunteer "Unofficial" Ribbons Mostly given out by individuals who had them made for the con. Forumite ~ Find Harrek and tell him your forum handle Bingo ~ Get a forumite Bingo card from Pegazus and meet enough forumites to get a Bingo Ludo Friend ~ Find and introduce yourself to Ludo Pumpkin King ~ Tell Tom his Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos are amazing! Glitterbomb ~ Find Leopardpixie Adorkable~ Find CanuckOtter Report for Duty ~ Salute Colonel Kane (At the CAV demo table) Survival Speed Paint ~ Be a spectator,heckler, or painter in Ludo's Survival Speed Paint (Just make sure ReaperBryan doesn't catch you participating in unsanctioned painting events I'm Why We Can't Have Nice Things ~ Know KytheraOA's secret phrase Blank Rainbow Ribbon ~ From KytheraOA for being LGBT+ friendly I met Guindyloo and survived. It's probably just heartburn, right? ~ Meet Guindyloo Taste the Weasel ~ Have Knarthex catch you with a brush (or sculpting tool) in your mouth. World Wide Miniatures Day ~ Participate in maxstyles' World Wide Miniatures Day in some capacity Talespun ~ Listen to a tale from Andy (Talespinner) Ask me about Tabletop Plus ~ Visit the Tabletop Plus booth and get a rundown on their product. Werewolf ~ If you are a wolf on the forums from NomadZeke Figmentius Exchangus ~ Find Fanguad if you participated in a forum exchange this year
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