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  1. This was one of my two entries I was keeping hidden until after reapercon (and, oddly enough, the one that didn't get picked for judging, but I guess it makes sense.) The big thing I was told is that I lost the mid-tones on the robes which really didn't help. This is the official reapercon photo, but it's far superior to what I can take as is.
  2. This was a guy I bought/painted for Wolfie for the Spring Exchange (waited to confirm receipt before posting pictures.) Never really painted a 'wet skinned' creature before, and not usually metal at that. I posed him differently than the reaper store listed him as, to make it, I think, more dynamic.
  3. As quite a few of you know I was able to attend ReaperCon this year and I wanted to share a few pieces I took. This was a fun little Diorama that I decided to try to paint in April. I was surprised at how quick the mouslings were to paint and I tried to keep them simple as their size would be very easy to overwhelm. To keep them looking like a unit I painted all their uniforms grey with a different accent color for each one. I added some tentacles from the Descent Kraken miniature and made up a murky water, space rocky base for them all. I was quite honored that these little guys brought me home a Silver and was excited to see them among all the other great entries on the display table. And a couple of closeups Once again I loved meeting everyone and Congrats to all the painters who entered the competition. Fingers crossed I'll be able to attend again soon.
  4. Ok so this guy was sitting around on my shelf of shame since before my 6ish year hiatus...so a majority of the painting was already there...the big thing was the skin/hair and base that I had to do...I like to think you can see the difference in the techniques used to reflect the time frames. I plan to get more pictures when My reapercon stuff arrives and I get my lightbox up again.
  5. A fellow player in a Reign of Winter game has been "tooling around"* with an unpainted strumpet miniature. I offered to paint it if she told me what she should look like, and so I was given an unpainted Bones mini and a quick watercolor sketch to work off of. This is the result, after a couple hours of work! Overall, I'm pretty happy with her! She is not great, but I'm improving. This is also some of my better work on hair, ever. That Jessica Rich DVD from the kickstarter is starting to pay off. However, I still did just a quick paint up (probably 2 hours...) and the quality needs to be higher. Things I know did not go as planned: The blending on the dress was incredibly subtle--not sure what I was thinking here, exactly, but the contrast should be way higher. The blending on the hair highlights looked so much better before it dried. Oops. So mental note: esp. for a display piece, let it dry and then really check it out before you seal it. The transitions are way too abrupt as it stands. General smoothness of blending everywhere could be improved. Still on broccoli base. Sad. Any additional C&C? Beyond the paint scheme, I suppose, since I'm working with a player's desired colors, anyway. * as the kids would say it ** ** back in the 50s, maybe... Note: this is a repost! It looks like three posts, two of which I finished writing, all ended up with the same post ID, which caused all sorts of mayhem. Attachments only worked on one of these posts at a time and it looks like all of the tags got thrown together. This should fix the problem...
  6. It looks like this and another post of mine (plus a third that I didn't finish posting) were all assigned the same post ID (or some similar identifying value) when I duplicated the new thread page last night. It looks as though everything got pretty mangled, and the only way I know of off the top of my head to fix this is to start a new post. That thread is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61555-77206-friar-stone-bones-ii-release/
  7. It looks like this and another post of mine (plus a third that I didn't finish posting) were all assigned the same post ID (or some similar identifying value) when I duplicated the new thread page last night. It looks as though everything got pretty mangled, and the only way I know of off the top of my head to fix this is to start a new post. That thread is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61556-77086-townsfolk-strumpet/
  8. Please see page 1 here for rules and guidelines/questions. This is also the chatter thread here: The first post as linked will contain the updated totals soon and the plan is to start getting the graphics sent to all who have completed the months so far. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58628-resolutionary-painting-challenge-chatterinfo-thread/ Also, please only create a single index post for your links. This means to modify your existing post when you get a new figure finished instead of posting a new one. This month's challenge is: 5. Yes I'm aware with reapercon there's less time to paint, but that's part of the challenge! Spring-like is encouraged but by no means part of the challenge. On a side note, if you decide to paint up the TMNT and April, that would be epic, but I'm not sure there's ninja turtles minis out there... We have 1 bonus challenge for this month. The deadline Is planned for May 5th Midnight, RST. (Reaper Standard Time)...because I'll be in Texas and won't be closing the thread yet. Allons-y!
  9. May already! For this months resolutionary challenge I am going to try to get some miniatures done! The list will be in the challenge thread post. However, I will have very limited free time this month, so I think any I actually manage to finish will be counted as a win! At any rate, as per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread (when the thread gets started that is). So, I am starting small this time: Jinx from Hell Dorado, Demon faction. That is one creepy baby! I imagine this hellspawn would be permanently accompanied by a soundtrack with dramatic cathedral organs and latin-chanting choir! Pays to remember that Power can be held in the smallest of things... The base is a resin one I bought off Ebay some time ago.Do not remember the make, I think it is Micro Art Studio, but it might be Kromlech or similar. The "white hot" flames work better IRL than in the pictures. Metal, 30mm base.
  10. I enjoy painting exchanges, I really do. In the past the suggestions from peoples' surveys have been fairly straight forward to get my head around. "I GM Pathfinder so monsters are good, but no goblins.", Things like that. Things that fit fairly well with what I normally paint. This is good, and comforting. I go into it thinking, "I can do this, and make it look nice." Low stress. So for this spring's exchange, I was matched up to send to Dontfear, and got his survey. "Paint in a theme: Rhapsody in Blue, however you want to interpret that." Luckily no one was near me when I read this at work, as I'm fairly certain I swore....I had no clue what to do. I went through a few options, like a bard in blue, and the lead character from the The Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon. I wasn't keen on those. I went back to work and pondered. I slept on it. The next day I had an idea. I'd always wanted to try monochrome. So I was picturing a 20s/30s era female dancer done in blues. Turns out Reaper's options when it comes to 30's era dancers is fairly limited. But I knew I'd seen something that would work, so I kept searching. Deadlands: Noir held the answer..and more.While looking at the Femme Fatale I noticed Hourgan. It looked like they were made for each other. The arms matched. Perfect! (well, except for the gun....and the cane....and the snake.....). So I ordered them. While I was waiting on the order from Reaper I started getting nervous. What if they didn't actually match up? What if they looked crappy together? What if I mangled them doing the modifications? What if I can't do monochrome....especially in blue, one of my least used colours? Time for a backup plan!! Sadly Reaper's selection of Jazz Bands is, umm, non-existent. Someone get on that, please. So after exhausting my google-fu looking for a miniature Jazz Band, I went to a better source: Ub3r. Within 10 minutes he sent me three different links to Jazz Bands. I went with Bob Murch, as the figs looked awesome AND he's Canadian. Thanks Ub3r!! So, long story....less long....I started on the band first, while still modding the dancers. They were very fun to paint! How often do you get to paint powder blue jackets? For the dancers, I was happy with how the modifications went. They looked pretty good together too. I went through all my blues and decided on my colour range. Three colours. Desert Sky was the middle, Nightmare Black for the dark and a blue white sample that is fairly close to Ghost White (which was at work that day) for the light colour. (I did use a bit of Pure Black to darken a few shadows, but otherwise everything on the dancers piece is done with those colours.). I have to hugely thank Corporea for answering all my questions on monochrome and light sources and shading metals and everything else. She was amazingly helpful and friendly and wonderful! So, in the end the dancers came out ok. But I wanted to finish the band too. So I did both, pushing right up to the deadline to get it done, And here's the results. This project was so far from what I would normally paint, and was such as challenge to do. But I'm extremely happy with how it came out. I learned tons doing it, and pushed my painting more than I think I ever have. The only problem is that my wife REALLY liked it, so I have a feeling I need to paint her something nice sometime soon....
  11. This cool dragon person was painted up to be our 5th Edition Vengeance Paladin, follower of the Storm Lord. The brown spots on her scales and skin are part of her back story, where her lineage is questionable and her mother was executed for infidelity. The character is not on good terms with her family....
  12. Just felt like painting up the bones version of Athrand since he is such a classic ranger/archer figure.
  13. These guys were actually a lot of fun to paint up. With the new version of the game out I am very excited to get painting all the rest of the core box and move on to the forgotten king and all the heroes. Looking forward to the single player mode as I seem to have a few issues finding players around here. Enjoy the pics and if you have any advice on anything let me know. Thanks!
  14. What to do for my April resolutionary challenge? I haven't actually decided yet! Apart from painting a bunch of minis that is. At any rate, as per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. Drake the Dragon Wargame: Yeev of The Builders faction. Not much to say about it really. The Yeev is a type of Dragonkin, a smaller breed of dragons that are servants to the true dragons that rule the Drake world of Dara. Drake was a kickstarter that delivered one wave of nice minis (with many teething problems, but nice anyhow), then did another kickstarter and disappeared with all the money, ponzi-style. I do not expect to hear any more from them. Too bad, the concept was really good and with some work could have been a viable game. 40mm base, metal miniature.
  15. This represents my son's 5th edition elven trickery cleric. The bird is supposed to be his holy symbol. It is from Bones familiar pack 77176. I also shortened his sword to be a short sword.
  16. Alright so I finally made time to take some photos of my beauty. I must give a big shout out to all the forum members who helped me even those who helped cheer me on in the WIP thread. Thank you all. The sheer fabric was a tough one for me and I think she looks a bit better in hand than the photos but alas that is typically the case. Here is the link to the WIP with some photos that show the sheer effect a bit better for anyone who may have missed it.http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60313-marsyas-first-attempt-at-sheer-cloth-50188-sleeping-beauty-warning-lots-of-pics/?hl=%2Bsleeping+%2Bbeauty And here are a few pictures of the finished piece with a few of Reapers Critters as well. I plan to bring her to ReaperCon even if just to show Rhonda Bender as her class at Gen Con inspired me to attempt the sheer cloth, and of course for her critiques. You can kinda see the hedgehog I hid on her base in this shot but only his snout. Once again Thank you all for your input and help and I look forward to meeting some of you in just a few days.
  17. I timed my one order of reapers 12 days of Christmas 2014 to get this figure. She sat on my shelf of shame (unfinished) for at least a month or two. Hmm thought I fixed the detail on that axe. I may need an updated picture. I really wanted to put pants or a shirt on a barbarian obviously from the cold north, but it just didn't look right.
  18. Behold, my entry for the Bones 2 beauty pageant and my fifth miniature of April for the resolutionary challenge. I'm happy they selected this for the beauty pageant as it's one of my faves from Bones II, and yet I don't know how quickly I would've gotten around to painting something so singular. Gave him a 'bone' staff out of the bone color triad and attempted some patina on his armor (copper rust). Maybe not as perfect as I'd like, but overall I'm happy how bright and colorful he is. His base is on my "show me your base" thread (go check it out and post your own bases!) Anyways, comments, suggestions and criticism always appreciated.
  19. This young fire dragon ended up being my first dragon ever painted. Though he's called a 'young fire' I thought it was pretty open to interpretation what type of dragon he was and decided to paint him as a young green dragon. The mister suggested parchment wings to give him some contrast. I think maybe he thought I'd go lighter on the webbing in its wings, but I'm okay with it since I think it's a nice complimentary color to the green. This one really tested my skill. His scales were too small and too close together to just use layers like I usually do everywhere. I was forced to drybrush, which isn't one of my strong suits, but with a little bit of cleanup after I think it came out okay. Anyways, comments and criticism welcome as always, thanks!
  20. What to do for my April resolutionary challenge? I haven't actually decided yet! Apart from painting a bunch of minis that is. At any rate, as per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. So today I finished the Reaper Bones 92620 Evil High Sea Priest from the second Bones KS. This would be the first mini from that KS I have done. This one was chosen as it is the featured mini for the first Bones 2 Beauty Pageant competition elsewhere in this forum.. "I AM THE DEEP LIGHT! I struggled a bit with the OSL effect, as the light blueish white was rather chalky, and therefore needed to get thicker than I had intended, obscuring the colours beneath instead of tinting them. Oh, well. It looks better IRL than in the pictures though. I am fully aware that my crude and speedy painting style does not hold a candle against the kind of proud quality most other entrants show off, but I like to enter so others of indeterminate intermediate skill can see that they do not have to be all that ace to enter as well.
  21. I'm including a show-off for Skadi as well. She was quite a challenge for me. I think I repainted her 5 times. But, I love the final incarnation of her, and I think that she turned out alright. You'll notice that her left leg has brown around the bottom where the boot and the leg meet, in real life you can see that that's a fur lining to her boots. It didn't translate to pictures well.. C&C welcome and appreciated. Hope y'all enjoy her!
  22. 77042: Orc Marauders (Sword and Shield) NNM and metal with black wash.
  23. Alright y'all. I'm done. Except for a few touchups (I see now that I forgot to paint the piece between the orb and the gem on her staff...) Hope y'all like it! More pics on my blog.
  24. I am dying!!!! SO close to Reapercon! So much to do!!! These guys are done. Barring some minor touchups and attaching them to the diorama, that is. These are the minis for my Reapercon diorama, so C&C is welcomed and desired. I didn't realize I never took pictures to do a show-off on the first cleric, so you just get a shot of him attached to the diorama. I have a ton more pictures (and laments ;) on my blog.. go check it out!) Please let me know what y'all think! And I will see some of y'all in a week's time at the Meet & Greet and then at the rest of the festivities!!!!
  25. These cultists were maybe the Bones II minis I was most looking forward to. Turned out to be the 2nd Bones II stuff I would paint. Can't wait for more to be released as I will be supplementing my cultist collection. They are so useful. Anyways, on to the paint job. I tried a couple experiments on the first ones and this deep red on their robes ended up being the way I went. I was pretty happy with them although it seems taking the photos has brought out all the little mistakes etc. Also after just one trip to the gaming store they have started to lose paint here and there. I paint my mooks in team colors, so these guys are the blue and green team cultists. Anyways, comments and criticism as always welcome, I am always trying to get better at this. Close up of the books... *edited for major problems in grammar
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