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  1. The Male was done for March, the female for April. Comments and Critiques are welcome. attempted new technique (paint dots) and basing
  2. What to do for my April resolutionary challenge? I haven't actually decided yet! Apart from painting a bunch of minis that is. At any rate, as per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. One of the things I like about Mars Attacks!, is that they have no qualms about doing crossovers into other IPs. So when Mantic was doing their Mars Attacks! kickstarter, they threw in an option to buy a Martian team for DreadBall, (and cards to use the Mars Attacks! factions in Deadzone as well Yay!). Here is my Martian DreadBall team, The Barsoom Brawlers aka the Emissaries of Peace Ack Ack Ack Ack. As for all my DreadBall minis, I mark the bases' threat zones (and one panel on the back side so I can see what a given mini is when playing) Green for Striker, yellow for Jack, Red for Guard. Like traffic lights. I have also painted boots and gloves in similar colours.
  3. What to do for my April resolutionary challenge? I haven't actually decided yet! Apart from painting a bunch of minis that is. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. So I started with the "you're such a character" theme contest. I have had this idea for doing the 77020 Bathalian as Prince John from Disney's Robin Hood. because he is sucking his thumb! And there is something regal about old squid face here. This is a pre-kickstarter Bones I got sometime in 2013. I have painted and repainted, based and rebased this mini several times, never being satisfied with it. Still not entirely happy, but there it is. Done at last. I made a rough Ermine collar and backpiece in green stuff, together with a rudimentary crown. And that is about where my green stuffing skills come to an end. Need to practice, practice, practice.
  4. What to do for my April resolutionary challenge? I haven't actually decided yet! Apart from painting a bunch of minis that is. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. So the second mini I did today was the metal Mawbeast, from Mantic's first Deadzone kickstarter. This metal Marauder Mawbeast was delivered in the second wave, together with a bunch of characters all in metal. This Mawbeast differs from the restic ones in the original Marauders set in that it does not have any techno-gubbins on it, nor the chainsaw blade in it's mouth. It could equally well be used in a Fantasy setting. At any rate, I thought it looked like a lion, what with the mane and all. So I painted it like one. Rawrr. 25mm base, metal.
  5. Continuing my March resolutionary challenge, I am doing something about squads, teams or units. As in squads I have started (i.e. done a test piece) but not completed. I seem to have rather a lot of them cluttering up the shelving. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. I only just noticed that one of the requirements this month in the rp challenge was that at least one of the minis should have green as a main colour. Whoops. I need to read that more carefully in the future! Good thing my next squad is Mars Attacks! Martians Grunts, who are green...ish. Here are 9 freshly painted ones, with the one that was finished previously. I have not bothered with slicing off the mould lines on these, apart from on the edges of the bases where needed. The results are actually quite acceptable anyhow. 25 mm integral bases. Softish PVC material.
  6. So, we took a road trip to Dallas, and stopped at the Reaper store (duh). While we were there, my little man found the Sandy chibi mini! I was so excited! ( I have no idea if they normally hide them or whatever, but I imagined we found buried treasure and I was excited.) So, here she/he/it is!! She was a fun to kind of goof off and paint in the midst of the Reapercon oh-my-god-nothing-is-done-yet frenzy. :) C&C always welcome, enjoY!
  7. So, this is my entry for the "You're such a character" Challenge. I went for split lighting.. I haven't done much with lighting techniques, so this was interesting. Not the best thing I've ever painted, but I was going for a minimalist approach to his clothes/surroundings so I could focus on the lighting. Anyways, here he is! Please hit me with your C&C. I'm up for tips and tricks on this particular technique!
  8. Last year at Reapercon, I took an excellent NMM course taught by the irrepressible Aaron Lovejoy. He had us paint NMM gold on this lady's shield and oh my god was I terrible. This year I picked up another copy so I could try the shield and see how I did. I actually did an okay job on it about four or five months ago but only finished the shield. Three months ago I decided I had progressed in my skill and thought I could improve on it by adding some contrast. NOPE. I couldn't recreate the colors accurately which threw the blend off, at which point I moved on to other things. Well, with the RPChallenge clock ticking down for March, I thought I'd finish her up, and oh man, did I make some bad decisions. But that's okay, now I know not to try doing hair with a ridiculously dark undercoat, among other things.
  9. I painted these cultists in black so they would fit in with my other cultists. Yeah, I have painted lots of black lately Group shot of my previously painted cultists in this thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?showtopic=52157
  10. I didn't bother trying to fix the odd angle of this guy's katana. The katana was also extremely thin, so I didn't manage to remove the flash properly on it. Oh well, at least its another one done!
  11. So this is a combo post. I painted these two minis (which of course I now see things I could touch up... stupid pictures), but their diorama is a WIP called Hide and Seek :). I'm working on the WIP on my blog, won't bore y'all with that. It should be up a little later if anyone is interested. :) So, these guys were a lot of fun! Dark sword minis are so much smaller!!!! It's a little ridiculous. Hopefully, I will get this done in time for reapercon, then I can have a DSM diorama and a Reaper one. We'll see what happens. Well, enjoy, and C&C always welcome. :)
  12. So to finish off the month of March I decided to go ahead and post two little critters I painted recently. I normally would wait to post these guys with the entire piece but I wanted to get them in for the RPChallenge. So here they are prior to basing. And the best shots I could easily get with them on their new home. They both were fun little paints with so much character I love adding critters to bases as they bring such life to a scene.
  13. My first Bones II miniature. Wanted something fairly non-challenging as I was going through some sort of a painting lurch at the beginning of this month. He was fun to paint. I really enjoyed giving his staff(bow?) a little freshness. I did some lazy basing and just cut him off of his bones bit and glued him to one of the new Bones II 1" bases, keeping the rock he's standing on in tact. Anyways, enjoy! Comments/criticism always welcome.
  14. As another part of my quest for a few simple minis to get back in the painting habit, enter the mimic mocking beast. This guy was fun to paint. I learned from the eye beast that 09072 Rust Brown seems to make a good gum color. I decided to give him some green swirling magical energies that were propelling him off the ground and decided those were the same swirling inside his "mouth". The base was also a first experiment for me. Now that we have all our new reaper bases and everything can be standard and match (no OCD in this household) it's time to start properly basing everyone. Decided to do either a cobblestone or dungeon tile feel to this base. Just some milliput that I manually carved out some stones on then put some GF9 grass in the cracks. I'm not 100% pleased with the base, it still looks a little uneven and hodge podgy (but luckily that's okay for cobblestone). Just need to get my technique down before I try other things. Anyways, thanks for reading, and comments and criticism are always welcome.
  15. This is my first completed miniature in March. He's not really all that complicated but I must have agonized over his colors plenty of times. Also one of my first major basing experiments with using milliput to sort of hide the plastic "base" he comes in in one of the new reaper medium bases. Was trying to imitate the sort of pattern his inherent base had, not sure I was too successful but at least the color contrast makes him pop a bit. Anyways, comments and criticism are as always welcome! *edited for grammar
  16. So, I didn't paint the gelatinous cube, but he is the centerpiece here. I put him together and giggled. I didn't have as much trouble as some had once I boiled him. I did have to clamp him because he didn't want to stay still. The slimes are supposed to be an ochre jelly and a green slime. The Hubs is very excited to use these tomorrow. I am currently working on the base insert for the gelatinous cube, but I feel like it won't get much use. It seems like a LOT more fun to put a PC into it. :) C&C always welcome, enjoy!!
  17. I need a large statue in a graveyard for an upcoming game. So, here is a statuesque Deva ... silently keeping order in the graveyard. It's not bad for a quick paint. Maybe one day I will paint as a "normal" mini, but it's surprising how often games require a large statue, so she may have found a permanent calling. :)
  18. Another one done. I was hoping they would turn out a bit more .... Something, but here are some tentacles for the "finished" shelf.
  19. I was searching about for a fourth mini to slap some paint on for the RPChallenge this month and came across this guy in the beauty pageant thread. "He's a really neat sculpt," I thought. "I bet I could do some really kick-elf lighting effects with his lure." The banded mail greens are various blends of 29846 Spruce Green and some other assorted greens and yellows, which is a really fantastic nigh-turquoise color. Glazing a purple over it gives you a rather neat effect. A lot of the fishy-color is 29811 Turf Green, because why not? I have these Bones II colors sitting out, I might as well try them. I'm not as much a fan of turf green yet but I'm sure I'll find something for it eventually. Until then it's sort of a muddy green, the kind I often make by accident. I didn't get the contrast high enough to really pull off the OSL I was hoping, at least not in photos. (It's a little more apparent in person, where you can spin him around, but that doesn't mean I got the contrast right.) I also made the absolutely hilarious mistake of not looking at the official Reaper paint job, so I had no idea that thing in his mouth was actually a face. Oh well! It's a tongue now. The most hideous tongue the world has ever known.
  20. I finished of the Ice Golem and Ice Gamin from the Malifaux Children of December Crew. I still have to tackle Rasputina and the Wendigo. I am pretty happy with the paint except for a few spots where the wash dried funny on the Golem. The snowy basing material I used didn't turn out the way I had hoped. It seems a little thin and grainy to me. It also gets EVERYWHERE. I tried to keep it off the rim of the bases for the pics but it was a losing battle. Maybe next time I will put some fine ballast on before applying the snow, or just use the ballast and paint it. Anyone have any suggestions on snow bases? C&C is appreciated, thanks. WIP Thread Ice Golem Some more views of the golem: Ice Gamin
  21. I was surprised how much fun I had painting this guy - grabbed him at the FLGS just because I needed something to paint predominantly green and he was about the only option other than goblins!
  22. The four mummies from Bones II. These guys were super-bendy - even after being boiled and iced 3 times. They shied away from every brush, file and knife that came near them, hence the intact mold-lines. Despite that, they were quick and easy to paint up - just primed in brown liner then 3 layers of dry-brushing topped of with a wash of AP Soft Tone.
  23. I think I spent a total of an hour on these tonight to finish enough minis this month for the Resolutionary Painting Challenge. They are glossy from the glazing medium which I will take care of when I get around to sealing them.
  24. Speed paint of a human-looking half-orc PC for Pathfinder. I was trying to light green tint to bronzish skin, but she looks a little undead. (Needed a warmer green, perhaps?) After two attempts I had to remind myself it's a speed paint and to not fiddle. She fits pretty well on the new Reaper bases.
  25. Needed a (bones and hopefully chip-resistant) mini for a tabletop character I'm playing and this fellow seems to be the ticket. Sure, the skull on his shoulder pad is a little off-putting, but it's not like the rest of him isn't. Threw about three hours at this fellow and was alternately happy and dismayed with how various bits turned out. The base is some Happy Seppuku stamped greenstuff.
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