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Found 1276 results

  1. Sometimes I come across a mini I just adore the concept of. This is a golem or contruct made out of gravestones, broken bits of mausoleums, bone fragments and skulls and with Nightmare before Christmas -style cast iron gates for wings! A useful construct for when Necromancy does not make hard enough minions! From the Bones 3 Graveyard Expansion, here is the Graveyard Golem. Or whatever it's official name will be when they release it into the wild some time in the future. Cemetary Golem from the Bones 3 Kickstarter, Graveyard Expansion. Reaper miniatures Bonesium PVC 60mm base
  2. Nothing terribly special, I had 2 sets of these, so I figured, I'd get them done.
  3. Here we have a collection of treasure markers made by various manufacturers ( I'm pretty sure the boots are Reaper, and I know the bags are ) that I've done up for Frostgrave.
  4. This is Reaper's very own lovable version of a monster from a fairly popular RPG. I painted this up to my usual tabletop level, let me know what you think, please.
  5. Blah, can't win lately. Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72577-resolutionary-painting-challenge-2017-chatterquestions/ All the information you need should be here. Due to the revised format, there will be more than one bonus challenge available for this month. Including a "Hard mode" which Is some combination that may or may not have a source behind it. Your challenge is: 9! Bonus Challenge: The First! Oh Rats - July 22nd Is attributed as Ratcatcher's Day due to the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. There's too much folklore to get into here - so let's see a ROUS or two! Bonus Challenge: The Second! Richard Nixon made proclamation 4071 as National Clown week. The challenge is to make a character that's not sculpted as a clown, to have the garish appearance of one. (I would say the style of Killer Klowns from outer space works here too) Hard Mode Challenge! Let's combine two of our favorite things, difficult colors and transparent cloth! Paint a mini of your choice using either Red or Yellow transparent cloth. (or is the term Translucent? I don't remember, I'm not done with my first pot of coffee yet.) Good luck
  6. I have 3 of this figure (Reaper Bones 77174 Leisynn, Mercenary Mage), so I decided to remove a bunch of the skulls and make him a druid instead. Since he looks a lot like Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I decided to name him Tim the Druid. Very happy with the freehand on him, not so happy with the mold line across his face.
  7. Huz wanted these painted up for an upcoming game night *shiver*. Hopefully not all of them will attack the party at once (Evard's Black Tentacles anyone?) Didn't see too many people actually paint these up standard, a lot of folks used paint to preserve the transparency. But in my head I pictured more of a cartoon-ish octopus tentacle None of them turned out as bright as I wanted, I'm still struggling with blending and getting something to be to the brightness I want. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  8. Finishing out my last set of hobgoblins. I started painting these guys and it reminded me of a desert theme so I used some sand on the bases and went with it. (You can catch up on set 1 here and sets 2 and 3 here). Pretty happy with how they turned out, these are really fun and detailed sculpts. Thanks for reading!
  9. Last minute request from my huz (the GM right now) to paint up our Egyptian themed minis this week if I could. Started off with these guys, am surprised how well they turned out. I thought all the detail would be impossible but I've come a long way and was able to get the colors where I wanted them. Maybe the "white" wasn't as white as I would have wanted, still struggling with getting my blending to look nice, but overall happy with their look. They are rebased because it's one of those tricksy miniatures that's standing too wide to fit on 1" so I gave them a little corkboard and some sand they could squat over. Thanks for reading!
  10. This was more of a "checking the box" for me in getting these guys painted. Because they are Bones I they are near the top of my inventory spreadsheet so they kept popping up as the first thing (chronologically) unpainted. I think the pathfinder gobs are still my favorite, but these guys have a nice old school look to them. Not sure why I'm missing 1 spear guy, but pretty small issue to have. Painted them up in the usual colors to help with tabletop gaming (I attack the yellow one with the mace). Thanks for reading!
  11. These 3 were supposed to be speedpaints, but I ended up dinking way too much on all the little fiddly details. I didn't do a good job trimming mold lines either..... The spearman got his spear straightened with boiling water after he was painted, no ill effects on the paint that I could see.
  12. This is a pair of terrain pieces that appeared in the Bones 3 pledge manager as was as far as I remember not actually a part of the Bones 3 KS campaign. Naturally, as it was called "Statue of Dagon" I had to have it. I kept the painting simple, as I want to use this as a scatter terrain piece. The main piece is 11cm tall. I forgot to put a mini in for scale again. Sorry about that. Statue of Dagon (as of yet it does not have a code number) Reaper Miniatures Bones 3 KS Unknown sculptor, it is not in the webstore yet. Bonesium PVC
  13. This is Reaper 3789 Fishwife and Crone. These are the metal versions of the miniatures coming in Bones 4 as part of the Dreadmere set. Painted up for tabletop gaming use. I painted the fish as a delicious deepwater fish from Norway called "Uer". I have fond memories fishing for these at the shore of the Finnmark fjord, where the drop off was extremely deep. I was sad to find these fish are now considered endangered.
  14. These crocodiles have been on my "I want to paint" list for a long time, they finally made it to the front of the line. First up some Ral Partha Crocodiles from the RIver Denizens set (31-033). The set also includes a hippo and a submerged hippo, which is somewhere in the lead mountain. I had picked up an extra crocodile at a convention long ago. I also painted up the Reaper lead Dire Crocodile (65107). I was happy to see his brother in the Bones 4 Kickstarter, it would be swell if this guy made it into bones as well. I was about to start the lead version of the brother as well, when my husband piped up and said he wanted to paint it.
  15. Trying to paint up some of my Bones I stuff as well as get more heroes done and intersperse them through my bigger painting projects. I didn't have a lot of halflings painted so decided to paint this little bard fellow. I always try to mimic the official art on at least my first one if they are pathfinder iconics. His coat is burgundy wine/violet red and his hair is the blonde hair triad. I'm mostly happy with the way his pants turned out though someone better could have gotten more detail on the scarf around his waist. He's lazily pinned to a base from Dragon Forge Design. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  16. Finished off my congress of bugbears (murder of bugbears?). Like the last set, had to cut them out of their broccoli then glue them to these wooden 1" squares I have diagonally so they'd sort of almost fit in 1". Skin/fur is a base of russet brown and highlighted with mixing that with blonde shadow. Hair/fur is russet brown mixed with auburn shadow. Anyways, they were all fun and expressive. Thanks for reading!
  17. So even though I haven't been W.I.P.ping, I have been painting here and there.... This is the WizKids Dreadlock Troll, that I decided to paint as an Ice Troll for our current Frostgrave Campaign.... He has various pale greys and off whites, then very dilute GW Blue ink Glazed on the skin, GW Snakebite Leather on his loin cloth, and SC75 SS Camo Shadow and SC75 Field Grey 50% on his hair.... Thanks for looking! The Mojo May Return....
  18. These are the Wizkids unpainted pre-primed Elf Sorceresses (SKU WZK72606). I painted these up in April, just got around to adding basing and taking photos. For the price I think they are great, but they are definitely not as nicely detailed as the renders. I decided to paint one up in a druidic color scheme. I had issues with her face, since the faces are true scale, not heroic. Not my best face, but its for tabletop, so it will do. Also her hand didn't have any finger definition, so I painted it as a knitted mitten.
  19. some barrow rats, painted up for ROUS challenge
  20. Trying to get through some of my Bones I minis so wanted to paint up this spider. My huz had the idea of having him climbing down a web. Then it was just a matter of what to attach a web to? Remembered I had some archways in Bones 3. This one looked about ideal. The web was made with regular sewing thread. The clear bit is just a cocktail stick and the base is from milliput and basius. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  21. Well you don't get too far in too many D&D campaigns without needing some bugbears. It came up and it was time to finally start painting what I had. I had 8 total of this particular model and still some more to go of the other ones. But here's the first 8. Base skin is russet brown mixed with and highlighted with blonde shadow. Thanks for reading!
  22. Needed some more ogres so started painting up some of the new ones from Bones 3. These two were really cool and fun to paint. Thanks for reading!
  23. Painted up this merchant and his henchmen that I picked up a while ago. He is of course flamboyantly dressed but his underlings are not given the same courtesy. Thanks for reading!
  24. Painted up this hero as a break from some of the groups of figures I've been doing lately. His eyes didn't come out very well, but it was a bit difficult to get under his hood. Since he's only painted for tabletop quality I'm okay with how it turned out. Thanks for reading!
  25. Painted up all the wolves I had. This included the two new winter wolves from the "Chill Out" / yeti pack from Bones 3 (I had a duplicate set) and 2 from the companion animals packs (also had 2 sets). Thanks for reading!
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