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  1. This guy was a lot of fun! His beard was too epic for me to pass up. I was trying a new color scheme, but purple is harder than I thought. C&c always welcome!
  2. Finished up another Zombicide figure. I did the fatty last time so I figured I would try one of the runners. I am not spending too much time on these since there are so many of them to get through. Any C&C is welcome. edit - updated tags
  3. I painted this guy for a friend of mine in a d&d game. I wish I was a little better at filing/green stuffing, then I could have evened up his face a little. My copy may have had a stroke on that left side. :) He's not the best job I've ever done, but it's tabletop quality at least. C&C welcome! Enjoy!
  4. For my character, Kadu Valasdottir Ashfist in the the Shadows of Eldolan RP thread over here. Clan Ashfist is a mining clan whose lower reaches were home to an entity known as Umugar’abiuzzum, or “the Death in the Deepnessâ€. Many decades ago, the clan began offering minor prayers and eventually sacrifices to this being to ward off it’s evil influence, a practice that eventually became twisted into outright worship. It was into this environment that Kadu was born, never thinking twice about the religious practices she was raised with. Lord Reward Barning, a paladin of some note, organised an expedition into the mines to determine what became of several merchants from Horizon who had vanished in the region. The Ashfists initially attempted to deceive the expedition, but when it became apparent that this was not working, they changed tactics and sacrificed several of the humans to Umugar’abiuzzum. During the battle that followed, Kadu was one of several seized as hostages as the expedition withdrew. She spent the final 7 years of her minority amongst the monks of the Shrine of the Warden Agiel the Beneficent. Technically, she was a ward of the Shrine, though with her evil origins, she was treated as little more than a prisoner. When she reached adulthood, she elected to become a paladin of the order, a choice that surprised many at the Shrine and has left some skeptical.
  5. This guy has been mostly painted on my desk for about 6 months. I decided to finish him as part of January's Resolutionary Painting Challenge. I am using the monthly challenges to start some new models but also finish up the backlog on my desk. He was the "test dummy" for the rest of my warspears. I am not really happy with the way the warspears are turning out, but I don't like the models enough to start over so I am pushing ahead and getting them "good enough" and moving on. edit - updated tags
  6. As per the guidelines for the Resolutionary Peoples Front of Painting Challenge of the Democratic Republic of January, my contribution this month gets posted here and linked there. So the challenge is to paint at least 4 miniatures during the month. Does not matter what make, shape or form. Doesn't sound too hard does it? Problem is, between Bordlerlands the Pre-Sequel (far too many hours playing that. It's just so much fun!), buying the old Mantic Sci-fi Zombie conversion kit (at a massive discount), the large amount of prepwork on the 10,5 kilos of All Quiet on the Martian Front wave 2 (That's 10 kilos of 15/20mm scale metal infantry, light vehicles, artillery, resin tanks -and the Land Iron Clad -all in need of some major cleaning up. Went a little overboard on that one...) and the first wave of Shadows of Brimstone arriving (Cowboys and Tentacles! The Horror is Unspeakable!) with all that prepwork, and the converting of the space hurps-ridden zombies, I haven't actually had time to paint anything beyond basecoats and playing around with zenithial priming with my airbrush. and then a business trip is looming at the end of the month...Running out of time! So what to do? Paint something really, really quick!: Here are the first four of the guards and workers that contracted Space Hurps, and have gone a little...cannibalish. These are mostly fantasy zombie parts, with the two rightmost ones having parts from the new sf zombie sprue. A restic weapon arm and soldier head was used on the two leftmost. The old Mantic Space Zombie set was a "expert level" conversion set, with some sprues of their HIPS plastic fantasy zombies and ghouls, and a pack of 10 corporation soldiers in restic to cut up and mix and match enough to make 30 in all! I also mixed in a few sprues of the new Mantic Sci-fi Plague Zombies (that actually are slightly larger and more "heroically" proportioned than the old ones). Suddenly I had around 50 or so shuffling around my table.. The paint job: It is said speed kills, but I believe these zombies were mostly dead beforehand. Speedpainting zombies: undeadcoated black, with zenithal light grey (basically airbrushed from an angle of about 1 to 2 o'clock and 10-20cm away, to get a preshaded effect. Basecoated with a sandy beige skintone, then quickly drybrushed with a bronzed, then pinkish skintone. Pants and cloth in brown and bluegrey. Military uniform bits in olive green. then some gore, messily "wetbrushing" (a variant of drybrush using thinned paint and that is not wiped too much off) with red and purple. Ginger hair for the one that isnt bald. Slather in Army Painter Strong Tone Ink (not the dip). When dry, final details. A quick and very dry drybrush with greybrown, wetblend the visor in turquioses, blue in blue eyes (maybe thay are spice addicts as well?) and blacken the cursed sun hands and exposed feet for that gangrenous feel. All in all, a quick and really effective tabletop paint job. Now about 46 or so to go. And sorry about the puns.
  7. A little background on this speed paint. During a board game night my gaming group challenged me to speed paint this mini while playing five tribes and to make it a bit sweeter if I managed it and also won the game my DM said he would give us a level bonus. So I figured why not I washed him in some soap and water, dried him off and got to painting. To my surprise I did manage to win the game by about 35 points. Not to mention now our wizard will have a painted figure for his character. As I am participating in the Resolutionary Painting Challenge I decided to make a thread for him. Without further ado here is Kieran Tallowmire a fun bones mini with lots of detail. He has a little over 2 hours in him, although I easily could've spent much more to clean him up a bit and pick out more details. I am looking forward to picking up his upcoming metal release and taking my time painting him again.
  8. Here is the first mini I painted for 2015. I assembled and primed him on New Years Day and finished him that weekend. A simple paint job to match my studio theme Convergence army. I love painting Convergence as they are simple and quick to paint, and look great together on the battlefield.
  9. So, life is crazy right now, but I painted this guy. I haven't had a chance to get good pictures yet. So, these are what we have to deal with. ;-) I was practicing ageing, I wanted him to look like he had been there for a while. Let me know what you think! Updated photos... in hindsight, I think the fletchings should have probably been done a different color than green...
  10. 8th times the charm, right? (my pictures actually attached facing the right direction after about an hour of work. Blah!) So, last night at 8pm I decided to start a WIP on Yephima, because I love her. Aaand, I finished her a little less than an hour ago. So, I'm just gonna show her off, and do the wip on my blog at some point when my computer screen isn't full of blue. Alright, I got sick of seeing blue skin. They're beautiful but I was tired of it. So I decided, if girls can cosplay as lady loki and whatnot, I could make a female Neptune.(Edit:duh!) . I tried some new things, and I think she turned out pretty good! C&c always welcome! Enjoy!
  11. So, I painted more naked women. This seems to be a more recurrent thing than it has been in the past.... Strange. I love this green resin, I'm not sure why, but I feel like it takes paint better than the white does. Its a little bit rougher, but I really enjoy painting it. Anyways, naked ladies link.
  12. So, I started the resolutionary paint challenge.. I've already painted over 3 for the month... Here's some of them. I really had a great time painting these guys, it makes staying up all night much easier!!!
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