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  1. I had a minor problem this weekend with 2 people wanting to join a game that was already maxed out. Normally this isn't an issue because they just wait for enough people to start another group, but these two interpreted is as an attack against them and refused to believe that there is an upper bound on the number of players at any RPG table. This got me wondering how much the upper limit that GMs accept at a table varies. So what I'd like to know is, Do you think there is a maximum? If so, what is the maximum. Does it change depending on which RPG you are playing? Just to go first, The game was Mechwarrior 2nd edition and the game was at 8 players + GM, which is above what I normally think of as the maximum which is 7 + gm for most games.
  2. Righty oh then. I have set myself a new personal goal. So far it is going well. I am currently running a Pathfinder RPG Campaign called Dwarves! Dwarves! This is self made taking heavily from Raging Swan Publications. As part of this I have set myself some goals: 1) Log the games played and session logs on a Wordpress Website for players and anyone else that wants to read. 2) Each week paint the encounters from my pile of Bones miniatures or use miniatures I've already painting from Bones, post gallery pictures to the website and here 3) Make sure everyone has fun!! (This is number one really) Last weeks painting was these two miniatures (plus one other that I can't reveal because my players didn't end up encountering it. I also can't tell anyone whats coming next week until they encounter them! lol Mimic Rust Monster (The Fighter in plate loved this when it touched him with its Antennae)
  3. So, I really like the Blackstar Corsairs and am going to end up with quite a few of them (25-50). I intend to use them for several things: 1)Along with the IMEF guys, I plan to use the Corsairs for Tomorrow's War (wargame from Ambush Alley Games) 2)Possibly for a Living Steel rpg campaign, though definitely not using the Phoenix Command based original rules since I value not going insane from reading game mechanics. 3)Any other sci-fi rpg's I find myself needing power armor for (Traveller/Star Frontiers/Thousand Suns/etc) I'm planning to do some conversions on some of them to add some special/heavy weapons to the mix. Not sure what those will be yet, might raid some Tau weapons for that purpose as I think they would fit the aesthetic pretty well. Anyway, anyone got any cool plans for these guys? Or suggestions of games they would go well with?
  4. Yesterday I hade some spare time. So I started my gamer laptop, and tought, hey it's been a while. I purchased Baldurs Gate II enhanced Edition last summer, barely checked it. Let's start a game. Now I shouldn't have done that. Yesterday vanished in a blurr of goblins, ending in a scrap with Yuan Ti and Trolls. Ohh where does the time go? Beware of games like this. They will eat your time.
  5. Hey all. I've decided to try my hand at running a pbp here using the 13th Age system. I'm not sure how many of you have actually played it, but hopefully some of you will be willing to give it a try. If you happen to be a 3E/Pathfinder fanatic, Jonathan Tweet explains why you should set his old system aside for a moment and try his new one. The good news: If you don't own the core book, the publisher has made the rules available as a free pdf here. The bad news: They don't want the free edition to be so nice that you don't buy the book. Not only have all the pretties been removed, so has some of the formatting. It reads like an old netbook (but with hyperlinking). It also does not include the six classes from 13 True Ways. Of course I can help clear up any confusion and you can always acquire the full edition (legally from the publisher of course). Players: 4-6 Classes: All* Races: All* Alignment: No evil Stats: Standard point buy (28) Level: 1st Dice: Polyhedral * No 3rd party, just Fire Opal. Legal: 13th Age 1st edition c 2013 Fire Opal Media; published by Pelgrane Press Ltd. Now for the fun stuff. “A short distance down the coast from the mighty city of Horizon, the town of Eldolan has its own problems. Students of the town’s three rival wizard schools constantly feud and create trouble for the town guard, the Silver Shields, who must clean up the wizards’ messes. The Council of Mages—who truly rule the town—involve themselves with stints of political one-upmanship that keeps any true political progress from moving forward. And rumors of people going missing have been on the rise, keeping the common folk close to the magically lighted streets when they go out at night. But a darkness has been growing in Eldolan, and those who seek old power have set plans in motion to remind everyone what true fear is. “ Shadows of Eldolan is an introductory adventure that features investigation, roleplaying, and a good chunk of combat. It is an entirely urban adventure, so any talent/spell/feat that is only useful in the wilderness is better not taken. This in no way precludes rangers and such; you just want to avoid certain options If we end up with more than 6 applicants, I'll do the usual and create a queue. Potential Players: SparksMurphy - Kadu Evilhalfling - Rizzel Kangaroorex - Ruth Blubbernaught (?)
  6. Last 22 hours. Looks good and been game tested at the UK Conventions here in UK. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1233586901/neon-sanctum
  7. I've just launched an indie RPG kickstarter for Cavernquest, a role playing game about dwarven adventure! Its big selling point is that players can create a group of dwarves and experience more of the world than just dungeon delving (though that is present). Dwarves can gain experience by mining, forging weapons, or even apprenticing other dwarves! There are lots of fun little systems for things like journeying in different underground enviroments, investing in communities, and creating magical items. I've got a free pdf of an early edition of the game up on the kickstarter page, and you guys are welcome to go download it. Read it, play it redistribute it however you want! I'm planning on releasing the final game as a pay-what-you-want pdf and as a physical book. I'm open to questions, comments, and suggestions, so let me know what you think! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/805665166/cavernquest
  8. After many many years of being a (GM/DM) for RPG adventure groups (with some great groups and wonderful memories)...I retired as an active (DM) last November, thinking that it was time for younger brains and blood to tell the stories and weave the fantasies for avid fantasy players! Since my retirement...I have been besieged by former past players and the new friends they have made...to come out of retirement and conduct at least one more RPG adventure story and fantasy game! Well...I am back in the fold!...After our apartment move is completed and things are back to normal...I have agreed to the wishes of the players and will conduct another RPG adventure game. The game/story will be a horrific adventure that not many of the group may survive! They will leave the standard/common foes and enemies behind and face epic foes like giant monoliths (that use laser beam attacks) and giant stone guardians that can vanquish dragons with their lethal blades/swords in just a couple of attacks! To my great surprise...the group was not turned off by the above dire facts...in fact, they seemed to gain great enthusiasm with/at the idea of the great challenges that they will face and encounter...each player thinking that the others may/will die, but that they will survive! The game will be titled " The Tears & Sorrows of Oblivion "...It will be a campaign game with around (24 game sittings)...playing twice a month! The group is an " adults only " group (as were most of my RPG games of the past)...there will be (10) already accepted/established players who will be playing the following fantasy characters; 1. Valina Trax (female)...(Daedra Assassin in human form)... 2. Nina Darkness (female)...(Imperial Thief/Courtesan)... 3. Jar Corbin (male)...(Imperial Duelist/Bounty Killer)... 4. Sister Sinn (female)...(Imperial Battle Nun/Healer)... 5. Jean Fable (male)...(Imperial Elf Ranger/Pathfinder)... 6. Max Von Dane (male)...(Imperial Necromancer & Skeleton friend " Blade ")... 7. Shadow Veil (female)...(Altmer Wardancer)... 8. Enigma Dreamer (female)...(Imperial Summoner/Spell Binder)... 9. Lido Von Wolf (male)...(Imperial Knight Templar)... 10. Volgar (male)...(Nordic Venerable Dwarf Lord)... The gaming figures are done to table top game play quality and are sealed with (3) coats of hard gloss coat (for heavy game play usage)! The figures will be posted in the Show Off thread for your viewing! Paul (Catdancer)
  9. This is the game thread for the adventure Shadows of Eldolan by Cal Moore. Please try to keep this thread IC and all OOC discussions/questions to the recruitment thread. ©2014 Pelgrane Press Ltd. Aside from holding the all important copyright information, this first post will serve as a repository for select information obtained during the adventure. I know out in the real world a lot of groups have someone to recap the last session or something similar, but in the real world a single scene rarely stretches out over weeks either. Hopefully it'll help everything run smoother. At the very least keeping it up to date should keep me on track. Player Characters: SparksMurphy - Kadu Evilhalfling - Rizzel Kangaroorex - Ruth What the PCs know:* Important NPCs: Factions: Maps: Hawker's Square - *Just because they know it doesn't make it true.
  10. My Iron Kingdoms RPG group sometimes can’t hold back. When we saw that Borka: Vengeance of the Rimshaws was riding a polar bear… well, we had to figure out how that might work for us. Luckily, we have a very good GM who is willing to make up some rules in the name of Awesome. And then it fell to me to create some awesome minis featuring our heroes riding bears. I grabbed a couple bears from Scibor (they’re very large) and put a couple of Reaper Bones minis on them- then did a lot of sculpting. Here are the results: First off- the Gobber Man-at-Arms/Duelist/Horseman: And our Trollkin Alchemist/Earth Sorcerer/Long Rider
  11. Interesting minimalist RPG ruleset. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tinydungeon/tiny-dungeon-a-tabletop-rpg-by-smoking-salamander?ref=nav_search
  12. Don't know how much interest this one will stir up around here, but I LOVED the original game. Onyx Path, the spiritual successor to White Wolf and licensee of the White Wolf line of games is kickstarting a 20th anniversary edition of Wraith: the Oblivion. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/deluxe-wraith-the-oblivion-20th-anniversary-editio
  13. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diamondsutra/ryuutama-natural-fantasy-role-playing-game Ryuutama is a fantasy RPG originally published in Japanese and now translated into English! It is meant to be a game that takes the "NPCs" of a fantasy world (farmers, merchants, etc) and has them go on journeys. As they go on their journey and encounter strange new lands and exciting new things, a dragon (played by the GM) watches over them and records their journey... and can assist them. The type of dragon the GM chooses influences the "flavor" of the story. I've been looking forward to seeing this game translated for years now! The company doing so has already successfully Kickstarted another project, Tenra Bansho Zero (and fulfilled beautifully). They also were a part of the Maid: The RPG translation project. So they have experience and are working very closely with both the original creator of the game and also one of the original artists for the game. I wish I could tell you more about the game than is available on the Kickstarter page or the webpage, but it's honestly all I know about the game as I'm very, super slowly learning Japanese and haven't read or played it before.
  14. This is an adventuring party I created for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. Our group has been playing for years, but this is the first time we've really gotten into playing Menites (there's an issue of them not playing well with non-humans). Our group started their own order of knights who like to emphasize that "there's a place for all at the feet of Menoth." In role playing terms, it has been a lot of fun- they're quite condescending to the non-humans, but at the same time, they try to convert the dirty children of the Wurm rather than simply killing them all off. They all started life as Reaper Bones minis: Warcaster/Priest: Paladin of the Order of the Wall/Man at Arms: Adherent of the Order of the Fist/Cutthroat Military Officer/Spy (impersonating an Ordic Aristocrat)
  15. So, most couples want me to match the two of them, but every once in a while, I match characters that they made. In this case, they made two elves.
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/seankreynolds/five-moons-rpg-by-sean-k-reynolds A new Fantasy RPG by Sean K. Reynolds, former designer for both WotC (2nd and 3rd Ed) and Paizo (Pathfinder). He's got a hugely informative Blog about his thought processes and design goals.
  17. Dexterity It is one of the core stats for old D&D. It covers juggling ability, sleight-of-hand, reflexes, lock picking, speed, agility, dodging, all things to do with speed and motion even aiming. But I got to thinking about it and I wondered why all those things were automatically lumped together. 17 Dex That is a high score: Consider a Tree-Sloth: it is incredibly agile - 17 makes sense; its hands (and feet!) display tremendous dexterity - 17, sure; but is if fast? no, it should get a 4-5 Dex when considering its speed. Consider a Gnomish Clockmaker: very, very, good with his hands - 17 makes sense; but only average agility (10 Dex?); not very fast with the short legs (7 Dex?); might be a deadly shot with a clockwork crossbow - back to 17 for aiming again. Human Acrobats - could easily be good at juggling, sleight-of-hand, reflexes, tumbling, agility, dodging; but might not run so fast or be any good with fiddly tasks wanting fine motor skill like picking locks or adjusting clocks. :upside: _______________ Has anybody else run into this sort of conundrum or made adjustments to the rules of their RPG to address this kind of thing?
  18. It was the bottom of the battle; the minions were all dead, but most of the party was down, and two were bleeding out, and the cleric was out of spells, frantically trying to stabilize one of the bleeders. And the Big Bad, with one expert slash of his sword, brought down the rogue. It was down to the fighter, now, but he was down to his last ten HP, and one blow would likely decide the rest of the game. He decided to play defensively, see how much of the Big Bad was still there. "I try circle strafing, I'm going to try to flank him." "He can plainly see what you're doing," I said. "Yeah, but maybe he'll... I dunno, make a mistake or something." Regrettably, the Big Bad still had plenty of action, due to high AC and spell resistance. The Big Bad had, in fact, taken a hell of a beating in the course of the battle. But he still had more HP left than anyone else in the room. And he smacked our last standing hero for 8 of those last 10 HP. Initiative? Won. And the fighter lunged-- "TWENTY!" he screamed, leaping to his feet. "NATURAL TWENTY," pointing at the die in the middle of the table. Sure enough, that twenty was pointed at the sky. "Confirm," I said. He snatched it up, and rolled again. "CONFIRMED!" And everyone at the table cackled with glee. I glanced down at my notes. "Roll your damage." He did so. Quite well. Twelve points. I drew a card from the Crit Deck, and then rolled the Big Bad's FORT save. He failed. Big Bad was dead man walking. But I wasn't done yet. "You dash forward, and thrust hard, where you see an opening. Partly by skill, and partly by blind luck, you slip your sword between two plates of his lamellar chestplate, and thrust HARD, and you literally see your sword emerge from his BACK, over his shoulder." The table cheered. The fighter did the happy dance, right there at the dinner table. "And then he wedges his shield between you, and slams you backwards." The fighter's gleeful face evaporated. "What? That HAD to be at LEAST double damage--" "Dex check. Fail it, and you lose your grip." He failed it. "Your sword hilt is slick with blood, both his, and yours. It's slippery. When he shoves you back, your grip slips off that handle like soap in the shower." The fighter looked at me with a very unpleasant look. "My sword is still stuck all the way THROUGH him?" he asked. "Yes. But now it's out of your reach. Oh, and you're cornered. And your opponent chuckles, deep in his throat... and steps forward... sword in hand." "Are you telling me he still had THAT many hits left?" cried the fighter. "Dangit, I KNOW we pounded him for at LEAST fifty, even with the spell resistance--" "He steps forward again," I said, "Like he has aaaallll the time in the world. He's laughing." The fighter looked at me with rage... but kept a grip. "I'll try to evade. Justin, can you get anyone on their feet?" "Dude, I'm TAPPED," he said. "It's all I can do to keep them from bleedin' out!" "The armored warrior raises his sword," I said. "You're unarmed, you can't parry, and you're in the corner, and have nowhere to evade TO. Anything else? Oh, and he's laughing fit to bust." I might have grinned a bit as I said that. The warrior, speaking in character to his opponent, made an obscene suggestion that I will not repeat here. "Is that your final action?" "Is there ANYTHING else I can do?" he said. "Not really," I replied, grinning evilly. "He steps forward to where he can't possibly miss you short of fumbling, and brings his sword down on your head." "Can I evade?" "Sure. Roll a 20 sider." ".... three," he didn't quite whimper. "You step all of two feet to the left, which is as far as you can go before your shoulder hits the wall. Your opponent raises his sword to split you... and topples forward like a collapsing building and comes crashing to the floor, face down, with your sword blade still protruding from his back." The fighter looked at me in utter confusion. "Did he hit me?" "No." "Then what happened?" "He was dead on his feet. Only thing that kept him moving was his own hate. That, and the look of terror on your face gave him some evil motivation. Just not quite enough to finish you." "WHAT?" screamed the fighter. "The crit DID kill him? Then WHY DID YOU GIVE HIM A LAST ATTACK? I WAS DOWN TO MY LAST TWO HITPOINTS! HE COULD HAVE CREAMED ME! WITH A SWORD THAT EATS SOULS!!!" "Oh, I didn't give him a freebie," I replied. "He was dead on his feet, like I said. Your successful crit ended him, period. He had no chance whatsoever of harming you or anyone else. He just didn't know that. And if he did, he wasn't going to admit it, even to himself. I just dragged it out for a little drama, is all." The fighter sat there for a while, breathing hard, and letting the panic dissipate. Everyone else at the table stared at me or at him with large round Roger Rabbit eyes. And the fighter looked at me and said, "Good one, dude!" Still wickedly proud of how that one ended.
  19. This was originally going to go in the Acquisitions thread... I found a copy of The World of Synnibarr, an old roleplaying game. I was very pleased to find it -- it's been out of print since last century, and is not likely to ever be reprinted. You see, Synnibarr is widely known as the single second worst RPG ever written, second only to the insanely hysterical Spawn of Fashan, the holy grail of RPG collectors. Now, note that this only goes for a certain value of "worst." F.A.T.A.L. is pretty bad. I've read it. I found it rather off putting. Likewise with Racial Holy War, another game whose name comes up when one is discussing bad RPGs; the title tells it all, and they're quite serious; if you liked The Turner Diaries, you'll LOVE Racial Holy War. And SenZar is often bunched with these others, rather unfairly, I think -- SenZar isn't particularly offensive. It's mostly "D&D in a world where everyone looks like they belong on a heavy metal album cover." Meanwhile, Phoenix Command, while not offensive, is often called a bad RPG simply due to the insane complexity of the rules for gunfire, to the point where you and the DM are playing dueling calculators to figure out the hit and damage every time you shoot something (range, for example, is the result of a formula involving the square root of the length of the gun barrel -- can you guess the game designer's profession? He apparently worked for NASA.) It was my understanding that Synnibarr was the "Plan Nine From Outer Space" of RPGs... a game so bizarre and incoherent that it was nearly unplayable, and utterly unaware of how crazy and bad it was... to the point of being hilarious. In short, I had bought a game I will never play, but would supposedly have me rolling with laughter when read as humor. I have begun reading it. It has not disappointed. It's one of the funniest things I have ever read, and part of the humor comes from the fact that somewhere out there, a guy named Raven McCracken (its author) apparently took all this stuff very seriously. Here are some samples: *The world of Synnibarr is in fact the planet Mars, renamed, terraformed to support life, and hollowed out and fitted with a space drive, in order to escape the cataclysm that destroyed Earth and the Solar system." My first thought was "Wow, why didn't Jor-El think of that? It would have saved him the trouble of stuffing his baby into a rocketship and shooting him to Earth to be raised by overeducated farmers in Smallville." After reading a little further, I realized why: Jor-El didn't have any actual gods helping him with the engineering, as Synnibarr did. When converting planets into starships, this apparently makes a difference. *A direct quote from the back of the book: "20 Traditional Character Classes, such as a Mage Tiger who is a super martial artist spell user who never sleeps, or a psionic Bio Syntha Cyborg that specializes in demolitions." E-yeah. That's pretty traditional. Just like we played in the old days. Or perhaps the author is saying that guys like this are traditional on the planet Synnibarr? Urrgh. Yeah, in the Yellow Pages, right next to "attorneys." If a new edition ever comes out, perhaps there will be a new traditional character class simply named "Chuck Norris." *The original Monster Manual contained three kinds of bear: small bear (like a black bear), grizzly bear, and gigantic homicidal cave bear. The monster section of Synnibarr contains seven kinds of bear. Two of them have laser beam vision. Plainly, this is not a world where Steven Colbert would be comfortable, even if his first level character could start with 300 hit points. Or perhaps, somewhere out there, was a parallel universe where Jor-El was actually some sort of bear... *Again from the back of the book: "Non-Classed Adventurers... may choose from hundreds of skills, cybernetics, and mutations; such as a human archaeologist who can wield magic, lift 2 tons, and in a pinch, play lead guitar in a rock band." So I guess there are bards on Synnibarr. And exactly what kinds of human remains is an archaeologist going to dig up on Mars, of all places? And if he digs too deep, he's going to fall into the hollow planet, where all the machinery is. I guess that's where the spells and the lifting two tons are going to come in handy... *The system allows for player characters to achieve godhood... "and beyond." Is this what Buzz Lightyear was talking about? Man, that's got to be hard to design challenge ratings for. *Then again, Synnibarr is not exactly a gm-friendly game. Page 332: "...if a ruling is disputed by a player... and is found to be correct, the player may recieve double (experience) points for the entire adventure." In addition, players may pull their characters out and demand that the GM reset their condition to their pre-adventure status at any time if they feel the GM is not being fair. You know, like if you, like, die, or something. *Whoops. My bad. I went and read the description of "archaeology" in the skill list. On Synnibarr, an "archaeologist" is one who is skilled in the detection of traps and secret doors, and the disarming and unlocking of same. Nothing about whip use, bones, or digging, although it does allow you to determine the age of artifacts... whether of human origin or not. Oh, and before you can learn archaeology, you must first have the anthropology skill. Precisely what this has to do with disarming traps and finding secret doors is unclear... *Perhaps the most insane thing here is in the coda -- the last page of the rather thick book, page 477. This is the "About the Author" page. Half of it is taken up with a photo of a man we can presume to be Raven C.S. McCracken, the author of this tome. He looks a bit like a younger version of Geraldo Rivera, if Rivera wore a mullet. He is standing in someone's living room, dressed in full chainmail and metal cuirass, with a sword strapped to his back, striking a kind of "buddy Christ" pose and pointing at someone to the left of the photographer. The author bio says that McCracken is two years older than me, so he's either aging rather well, or this is an old photo. The rest of the hilarity resides in the author bio. In it, McCracken (speaking of himself in the third person) defends his rules against any who would argue their logicality. "He has worn armor, fought with weapons, dodged arrows, rode horses, participated in live gaming, run races, acted, performed magic tricks, jumped off of diving boards, flown airplanes, fought in life and death situations, and fired guns, all of which makes The World Of Synnibarr ring with authenticity." Yeah! I BEEN there, man! What the heck do YOU know? I've fired GUNS, man! I KNOW about things! Don't you argue with ME, ya trolls! I jumped off DIVING BOARDS! In fact, I think I'm gonna write my own bio, I'm so impressed. "Doc Bedlam has worn armor, fought with weapons (and beaten the weapons, too!) RIDDEN horses, edited his own copy correctly, participated in live gaming, run races, acted on actual stages in front of audiences, driven automobiles, performed magic tricks, jumped off diving boards over real pools (of water!) flown AN airplane (with assistance from an actual pilot, for all of about twenty minutes) fought in life and death situations (at least, long enough to get an opening so he could run away like a little girl), and fired guns, as well as having sex, both simulated and genuine, hung out with people who were not white, drunk 28 Little King ales in one sitting without vomiting, grown a beard, built his own radio, frightened Dustin Hoffman in a convenience store, taught in public schools, accidentally bounced a pair of sunglasses off of Hunter S. Thompson, and had a brief conversation with the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so don't ARGUE with me, you scum! I KNOW THINGS!!!! I will conclude with the conversation a friend and I had as she was reading this last thing over my shoulder: (snicker) I think your bio is more impressive than his. Yeah! I had sex! HE doesn't mention that! He mentions diving boards, but not sex? (pause) Then again, it says here that he's married... Some things don't bear thinking about. Are you going to help me with these shelves? Yeah! That's it! I fought with weapons! I had sex! I installed shelving! I wielded power tools! I ... Shuddup and hold this...
  20. Hey guys! I wasn't sure whether to post this in General Fantasy, or Sci-fi as the game has elements of both. Anyway, here is where I posted it. I've been reading the PDF of the core rule book and I have to say I really like the setting. I think the actual play mechanic is a bit different, but I'll reserve judgement until I actually get to play it (someday... I hope). It definitely revolves around how bad your characters wants to succeed at something as opposed to how good you actually are at it. But, from what I've read, that's how Monte wanted it to work. The mechanics are at the same time both simple to keep the story going, yet a little complicated... at least seeming complicated since as I mentioned I've not rolled any dice in anger yet. Overall I'm very excited about the game. The setting really does allow for a lot of interesting things to happen and still fit within the 'confines' of the world. Has anyone else been reading the Core book? Any thoughts, ideas, things you're excited about? EDIT: Just read a pretty interesting blog post by Monte Cook. LINK to it.
  21. Hello friends! I'm a long time Reaper customer and forum stalker and I wanted to share an RPG project with the community that we have launched on Kickstarter today. NGS is a rules-light RPG engine that grants you the flexibility to create any character or world that you can imagine. The rules also facilitate collaborative storytelling through a number of elements like our new Narrative Accolade system. The narrative collaboration of NGS builds an engagement in the story telling process in a manner that I do not believe is available in any other game. Everyone at the table works together to craft the narrative. I can honestly say the gameplay of NGS is both deeply rewarding and unique in the PnP RPG gaming scene. The Kickstarter offers some great rewards: · All backers of NGS (starting at only $2) will receive the Quick Start Guide as well as the 25 page full Spaceship Roma setting and adventure. This allows players to jump right into the story and experience NGS quickly. This will also give you an idea of what the final project will be like. · Venture Land Games is also offering several early bird tiers, allowing early backers the chance to not only support the game, but also receive the full-color, full art final product for up to 33% off. These are limited availability tiers, and they are expected to go fast. · NGS introduces the Narrative Accolade system, a simple system for players to reward each other with experience or briefly guide the story. To support this, the NGS Kickstarter offers a special backer tier that provides limited-edition custom printed chips that will only be available to Kickstarter backers. These high quality chips are a great game aid for you and your friends and make it simple to “toss someone an Accolade†when the action demands. Additionally, the flexibility and simplicity of the system makes the game perfect for those new to the hobby or old RPG veterans alike. For those with children, the simple mechanics and the storytelling focus of the game makes NGS a great game for introducing kids to the RPG hobby. The expansive world building system of NGS allows parents to craft settings appropriate to the age and developmental stage of the child. As a parent, I’ve noted a complete dearth of options for introducing kids to the hobby. My hope is that NGS will meet that need for parents like me who want to share this hobby with their children. All the information for the game can be found at www.venturelandgames.com. We have overviews, play samples, sample art from the book, as well as updates and downloads. We welcome all feedback and questions! Thank you, Thomas Lyons Visit our Kickstarter! Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook!
  22. I just came across a random link to a modest looking kickstarter that might be of interest to anime fans. It is a Miyazaki inspired RPG rulebook that sounds kid friendly. And it's only $20 for a printed rulebook, with free shipping worldwide. It isn't something I would normally back, but I like the simple looking project with sensible stretch goals, and I figure the rule book will make a nice gift for my niece. It's got a couple days left, and has already unlocked all the stretch goals. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brentnewhall/the-whispering-road-a-miyazaki-inspired-tabletop-r
  23. This book is on DrivethruRPG and is 'pay what you want'. Amazingly, the average contribution is (only?) $1.33... Check it out here!
  24. So, the Burning Wheel people have KickStarted a new dungeon-crawler, Torchbearer! I am in. I don't expect to ever get to play it; it's a campaign game and I am time-poor. But I very much want to read through it! It's got strong survival / struggle elements and things like hunger and fear come into play as your poor desperate idiots adventurers go delving into dark, cold places the living should not go. This sounds like exactly the RPG I would have liked to play when I was young. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/burningwheel/torchbearer?ref=live
  25. Hello. Anyone heard of or already playing Monster MMORPG ? It is a virtual pet mmorpg game like Pokemon. http://www.monstermmorpg.com If you wanna register use this link please :d http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Register?RefId=92153 Game video can be seen here And one of my favorite monster
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