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Found 6 results

  1. Yet MORE Beast People! First, the huge and burly Beastman Champion, 77254. Big fella, very dynamic pose. Next, Black Philip, 77252! He can help you live deliciously, but if it comes to helping pe0ple not live, he's good for that too. The Satyr Warrior, 14415! Love the sheep look to this guy. ' Last but not least, the Reven Beastman Woodcutter, 14361. A great sculpt. I've had him painted for a while but if I posted him earlier I couldn't find it on any of my search keys. Let's get some group shots! And here's the whole beastly crew!
  2. So Finally my little Reaperhovians, my first two Bones V figures painted, the Satyr and Faun from the Greek Odyssey Expansion, sculpted by Rainbow Sculptor (sorry I don't know her real name to credit her here, somebody surely will). I think for my first two figures, I picked my favorite one of all the Kickstarter, the faun, and painted the Satyr to make a nice pair of figures. In case interested here is part of the sculpting process for the figures: Satyr and Faun sculpting WIP and then here are my renditions. Sorry so many pictures but these are figures with some different angles that seemly want to be photographed: I think my biggest lesson learned from painting these figures was mold lines, I really need to be more cognizant of my mold lines with Reaper Bones. I can notice them in quite a many places. Otherwise I'm pretty satisfied with how they came out. I wanted earthy tones mostly with a few pops of colors. The hardest choice was the fabric around the narwhal horn spear. I had to actually see the WIP for these minis to figure out that the spear was supposed to be made out of narwhal horn, but once I knew that at least it was a bit easier to paint it as bone. And of course I can see all kinds of little errors I've made but what's painted is painted. I'd love to see these two come out in metal. I'd buy them up right away and paint them again with a bit more crisp detail, but in all actually I think the detail on these were pretty good and altogether paintable. I like to usually do some makeup or eye shadow on my ladies, but with this one, just did lips as I figured she's out and about prancing around in the forest, not too worried about fashion. One thing I also did was for her fingernails, basically painted them the same color as her hooves, without doing any fancy nail colors. Anyhoos, hope you enjoy!
  3. Good morning all, Here's a figure I just finished, from the Hackmaster/Kenzer & Co. line that Ral Partha currently owns, a Bob Olley Greater Satyr. It's a pretty large figure, more in tune with heroic scale, like most of the Hackmaster figures, fun and easy to paint. The only thing I noticed when I based him is that my base has a chip in the plastic but too late to do anything about, as I saw it after I super glued it to the figure. I tried to give him mostly natural tones, but had to do a bit of gold in there as well for the decoration on the bow and his pan pipes, but they are softened with some browns and dark elf skin washes, so it's probably okay. So anyhows, enjoy!
  4. Yet another speed paint, this one pretty much human sized. I'm thinking of using this one in a Frostgrave warband. It's not exactly human, but I think that works in the setting (there are beast crafters after all). If I do decide to use it in a warband I think I'll have to base it on something standard.
  5. So finally finished this Satyr this evening, getting the simple base set up and glued all together. I'm kind of miffed at myself because I accidentally knocked an old brush full of super glue into my female elf chick's foot, so now she's got a bare spot on her. I've got the progress on this one over in the WIP section along with the other two elves I'm working on and will hopefully soon finish.
  6. So wasn't sure if I was going to do another WIP, but it turns out that by doing these WIP's it kind of makes me almost feel accountable for keeping painting. I've been hoping to be able to get 26 figures done this year, so basically one every other week. I'm at 22 completed so far this year if my count serves correctly, so with these three I'd be at 25, plus one more and I'll have met that goal. So I've got until the end of the year to get these plus one more done. For the satyr, he's got a base coat of tanned shadow, and the elves both have fair skin highlight as their bases. The eyes for the male elf are particularly obnoxious. Before I primed him I assumed he had a nice big eye under the eyelid, but he's kind of squinted, so not a lot of space to work in there, rather the "eye" was his bottom "bag". Anyway, must keep working... These are newer Ral Partha figures, from the nineties, so they are a bit larger scale, more in line with Reaper models, so that should be a nice little "rest" too for my little old eyes!
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