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  1. When I was taking pictures of my Samedi yesterday I realised that I've never gotten around to taking pictures of the Tick Queen. Since she's a Reaper mini, she definitely belongs here. Painted her up in 2016. At that time I just bought some fluorescent paints and I liked to paint eyes with them. Enjoy.
  2. Another pair from my winter painting. I wanted them to have a simple puritan look, without going too drab or making them all black, so I chose some subdued blues. Not sure what they've just spotted in the woods, but the woman looks none too happy about it. Ah, perhaps this is what they've seen, a wight wandering in the gloom.
  3. This pulpy fellow was nearby when I grabbed a few minis to paint.an early pic snuck in with my Crooked Dice minis. Here's an update. I was reusing colours , so he has a fancy shiny pants.
  4. Some Q&D painting of Reaper Bones. Last coat on the giant ticks was Tamiya Clear Smoke. Background is Loke Battlemat's Dungeon Books. Pinnacle Entertainment Group launched its Updated Deadlands RPG KS.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/545820095/savage-worlds-adventure-edition?ref=discovery About The new Adventure Edition of the best-selling, multiple-award winning "Fast! Furious! Fun!" Savage Worlds Roleplaying Game! We've taken everything we've learned over the last 15 years...all the feedback you've given us via our forums, social media, store, convention, and personal play...to make it faster, more furious, and more fun! We're especially proud that this version combines the tactical nature of the original system with the best elements of narrative play. Every aspect of the game has been reviewed and playtested, from all new Chase rules to Setting Rules, Edges & Hindrances, character creation, powers, creatures, and more. This is also the most beautiful version of the game we've ever done, with full-color chapter headers and interior pages by incredibly talented artists from all over the world. For the first time ever we've also got a deluxe box of all the essential accessories players and Game Masters ask for...a brand new Oversize Action Deck, official Savage Worlds Bennies, dice, GM screen, Power and Status Cards, and more! Reward Levels The levels below include all digital Stretch Goals. Physical Stretch Goals will note their Reward level. The BEST DEAL is Ultimate, which includes the Essentials Boxed Set, a hardback of the Core Rules, AND the leatherette Collector's Edition for $200 (a savings of $40...you get a regular edition copy of the rules for free!). For the first time EVER...a true Savage Worlds Collector's Edition! This incredible version of the core rules will only be offered here on Kickstarter!* It features a black leatherette cover with golden metal grommets, embroidery around the embossed logo, and matching corner protectors on each outside edge. Three bookmark ribbons are included to mark your place in the book during play, in red, black, and gold. The Collector's Edition also features an interior signing plate (where Savage Worlds creator Shane Lacy Hensley will sign) plus room for any other Savage Worlds authors, contributors, and friends you want to add as you meet them at conventions around the world! * Returns and any leftovers will be offered as available on our website or at conventions as circumstances allow. Kickstarter Exclusive Signed Collector's Edition!
  6. I am completely new to the whole process. It's been about 37 years since I painted the old D&D figures. After seeing the talent that is on this forum, it took a while for me to post something. This is my first Reaper figure and I learned plenty about the quality of paints for starters. Anyway, the only way to learn is to listen to those who know. So, here it goes! Appreciate any guidance. I'm a Reaper addict!
  7. I've been working on him off and on for a few months now. My goal was to get him as close as possible to the promotional art of him, (which Chrome is fighting me on posting, as my ref pics aren't on google drive...) which was an intimitating mix of red, brown and grey that reads as black. The browns are Ebony Skin mixed with Stormy Gray in varying amounts, the lighter spots are a light drybrush of Buckskin Pale to represent dust.
  8. It ain't the first Flash Gordon RPG. It ain't the first Rocketships and Rayguns RPG. In fact, it's not completely an RPG; you need the Savage Worlds rules to play. But durned if I'm not interested, and they're talking miniatures for sale as well. This is one I'd like to see do pretty well; I'm in... KICKSTARTER: Flash Gordon for Savage Worlds!
  9. Just finished up my Undead Outlaw. He was fun to paint. Looking to see if I can incorporate him into the Cowboys and Gunslingers game. Thanks for looking. Always appreciate your comments and critiques.
  10. Asher Cobb from the Savage Worlds Sixth Gun RPG miniatures set. Other miniatures from the defunct Itar's Workshop. Paints and basing material by the Army Painter."A mysterious 9 foot tall mummy bent on reviving his lost love in life. Asher wanders the South as a puppet to dark forces in "The Sixth Gun"" -- Comic Vine"Asher Cobb was born deformed. He was oversized, which made him an outcast. To add to that, he also received visions. Visions of the future. He was befriended only by a nice girl named Ruth who he fell in love with. One day he received a terrible vision of Ruth’s death. So to prevent the death of the girl he loved, he sought out some old witches and made a devil’s bargain to cheat death. But to do that, he had to endure death." -- Paxholley.netHe also had to wear pale red clothing. Which I found very annoying. And, no, that's not his coffin. Tutorial in the RPGGeek Sixth Gun forums!
  11. The Goon™ Roleplaying Game is based on the multiple Eisner Award-winning comic, The Goon™, by Eric Powell. Feast them peepers on a samplin' of what we got lined up for ya in this 192-page extravaganza: * A guide to the Town's mean streets and deadly secrets * New Edges and Hindrances so your character can toughen up and be like Goon * Setting Rules to help you bring the comedy and tragedy of Goon and Franky's pulp-noir world to life * An adventure generator full of ideas to help build your own Goon™ stories * An unholy pack of shock-inducing Grievous Yarns (Savage Tales) * All the most infamous tough guys, lugs, dames, and evil, icky things from the comic's entire run—with Savage Worlds game statistics * And an original Plot Point Campaign...one that sees the return of a few of Goon and Franky's oldest and hillbilly-est enemies! It's printed in a whopping 192 pages of graphic novel format and available in Limited Edition hardcover, so lemme tell ya, bub—this is one game you won't wanna miss! This game ain't about heroes, per se. More like antiheroes. Join the Goon's crime syndicate—or play as Goon, Franky, and the rest of their crew—and fight off the rival gangs what's encroachin' on your turf, while you collect on Goon's debts and whatnot. You might also succeed at fighting off the tide of bleak suffering that's set to consume yer soul. Then again you might not! But while you're contemplatin' the psychology and so forth, make sure to watch out for Zombie Priest and his legions of groanin', brain-chomping zombies; they're a constant hassle. If that ain't bad enough, there's crazed-yet-brilliant Dr. Hieronymus Alloy and his robots goin' on a rampage every other week. You also want to keep a lookout for swarms of chug-heads...what they call "changelings." Yeah. They're nasty little buggers. Believe me, pal, we ain't even got to the worst of it yet. You sure you wanna join up with Goon's crew? My "outsider's perspective" review of The Goon RPG on RPG.net: https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/17/17118.phtml Based on the amazing comic series by Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Jerome Opeña, the Fear Agent™ Roleplaying Game is a pulp scifi setting for Savage Worlds with more twists than an episode of the Twilight Zone! After Earth is devastated by an interstellar war between two alien races, the few surviving members of humanity are dragged kicking and screaming into a complex galaxy of terror and adventure they didn't even know existed. Fortunately—or maybe unfortunately, we told you there are some twists—Texan Heath Huston bands together with others of his ilk to form the Fear Agents, a ragtag collection of survivors intent on revenge. What happens next? Well, that's up to you, the newest recruits in what is almost certainly a suicide mission. But it will be one hell of a ride! Inside the whopping 192 pages of the Fear Agent™ RPG, you'll find: * Heath, Mara, Charlotte, and all the other main characters from the comics statted out for Savage Worlds * New Edges and Hindrances to flesh out your post-apocalyptic booze hounds, space jockeys, and alien exterminators. * Rules for spaceships, warp travel, alien worlds, time travel, alternate dimensions, and more * A gazetteer of the planets Heath Huston visited during his adventures * More alien races and creatures than you can shake a feeder's tentacles at * A Plot Point Campaign that builds on the events of the comics, taking the heroes to the ends of the Commonwealth and beyond * Enough Savage Tales to fill a smuggler's hold * A series of flashback scenarios to let your players fight in the Anubis Conflict itself * An adventure generator to create a terror-filled universe of encounters Printed in our graphic novel format and available in Limited Edition hardcover, this game will take you to the terrifying edges of space and time! By combining both pledges into one package for shipping it'll cost less to ship. We pass the savings along as a credit in your PledgeManager account which you can use toward your Add-ons. We won't know how much credit you'll have until we've tallied up everything in your package.
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/764802981/shaintar-thundering-skies-rpg-campaign?ref=discovery About this project Shaintar is a rich and detailed fantasy setting, loved by gamers for decades. A few years ago, excitement built around the idea of a shared experience in Shaintar which would shape the very world itself. Sean Patrick Fannon's living campaign was born: Justice & Life. We'll talk more about this later. About the same time, Savage Mojo helped Sean run a Kickstarter to create an amazing variety of source material for Shaintar. While Sean had to step back from much of the project, Savage Mojo took over the realm of Shaintar, allowing our friend to focus on other parts of his life while still being involved in the creative process. In January 2017 we delivered the last of the 26 books in that Kickstarter. Guidebooks for kingdoms and cities, reports on organizations (both good and evil), short adventures and... but where was the killer campaign book, the epic story line for an epic fantasy world? That's where the living campaign comes in. Those gaming groups have been running epic story arcs non-stop, and it's time to bring some of those into the spotlight. With your help we're going to publish their first, amazing story arc for everyone to enjoy, and have you tell the story for yourselves in your own way. This is Shaintar's first plot point campaign, complete with Savage Tales and all the trimmings.
  13. I think I got the majority of the tags. Right, so, last Saturday one of my fellow gamers ambushes me with a couple of miniatures and asks if he can throw money at me to paint them. Naturally, I said yes. Because I work better with small groups, I am also painting the Holy Vindicator, after some .. um .. appropriate modifications. Anyway. I found Baron Blackshield in the Bin o' Shame, and offered him as an alternate, for the original miniature. This was accepted with glee and, I can only assume, much anticipation. Mr. Moonwalker is going to get a bit of a Mad-Max-style makeover (.. okay, as best I can manage. I may stage a raid for rust-effect stuff). He will, however, keep his hat. His Grace the Baron has had his sword swapped out for a staff (Dragonlance wizards don't get swords). If I'm feeling punchy, I may even make him up a base. The unsuspecting Holy Vindicator is going to lose his sword arm and gain a mace hand. This may involve green stuff.
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/545820095/weird-war-i-savage-worlds Weird War II products have been around for a while - fighting the supernatural forces of the world and the Axis (or Allies, I suppose) at the same time. Now, Shane and PegInc bring us the First Weird War! Things not of this earth crawl through the corpse-choked mud of Flanders. Shapes beyond imagining shamble in the murky chlorine clouds that drift across the Ypres battlefield. Scaled things rise from the dark waters of the Pripet Marshes. Long-dead remains of criminals executed by Romans claw their way toward a sun they haven’t glimpsed in a thousand years. The world is at war...a war to end all wars. If you like Deadlands, but want a little less mad science and a little more horror, and want to take the Wild West out of that setting, this is for you! If you liked Weird War II but are sick of killing Wehrwolves and the vampire armies at Stalingrad, This is for you! War is Hell. The Weird Wars are hell on earth. And Beyond!
  15. This year the minis I manage to paint will all count towards the resolutionary challenge. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. Semi-random mini of the month, part 1: from the second Reaper Bones kickstarter, they made a small selection of minis with the title Savage Worlds: Chosen for simplicity, but more so because it happened to be one of the front minis on the undercoated-and-ready-shelf. This figure seems to be comprised of many different skeletons and parts, from several species. There is at least one dog in there as well. I don't know what this "Savage Worlds" setting is, but I expect it to be something pulpy set in the american west or similar. The other minis are texas rangers in stetsons, an undead gunslinger, some steampunky mechanic type , a giant prairie tick and this ambulatory pile of bones. Bone Fiend Savage Worlds Reaper Miniatures, 91007 Bonesium 40mm round lipped base.
  16. Back in the 90's, Shane Hensley worked on a setting for a couple of computer games (and some novel tie-ins), called Thunderscape: The World of Aden. It was a fantasy steampunk setting mixed with a new, terrible darkness afflicting the land. It was remembered fondly, and a couple of years ago, Kyoudai Games received the license and made a setting book for Pathfinder. Now they're Kickstartering a Savage Worlds conversion. More than that, the conversion work is being done by a member of this very forum! I will not say who, except that this person is brilliant, talented, devilishly handsome, exceptionally modest, and me. It's currently at about half its goal with thirty days left, so it's trending pretty well.
  17. This is the Pathfinder Amiri figure 60003 that I painted up yesterday for my Half Ugak character named Muk in another 50 Fathoms game. For those unfamiliar with 50 Fathoms it's Pirates of the Caribbean turned up to 11 and full Ugaks are basically red orc barbarians. This was my first attempt at red skin and I'm pleased with the result. Though I think the pictures make the figure look better then it actually is, which is a first I think. Usually the photos show all the errors you made.
  18. My Spring Exchange buddy, EbonStorms, requested "something unusual from the Chronoscope line". Now, most of the Chronoscope line can be described as such but I set out to fulfill the request. He also said he'd be playing a mini skirmish game called Vortex, which based on what I found online, sounded like it included sci-fi, post-apocalypse, western, or basically anything you felt like throwing in there. At my LGS I found something I figured fit the bill pretty well. Studio 2/Pinnacle Entertainment Group mini, manufactured by Reaper as a part of the Savaged Worlds line, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. There were a number to choose from, but I finally narrowed it down to the Toxic Shaman or the female Templar. Then I decided to send both I decided to go with the toxic theme for the shaman, and gave him snake skin pants, based on the rainbow boa snake. The iridescent sheen I made with "pearl" paint, a teeny bit of blue, a teeny bit of green, and a teeny bit of purple (seriously, not even a full paintbrush poke). Then I watered it way, way, waaaaaaaay, way down. Way down. Then I prayed I had watered it down enough and put it on his pants.... and I had watered it down enough! And I remembered to breath Anyway, the browns are reaper's blackened brown, shield brown, dark skin, dark skin highlight, ginger cookie, oiled leather, umm.... something else... I used a lot of brown. For the green I used christmas wreath base, then citadel warpstone glow, then reaper alien goo to make it all glowy. His eyes are alien goo cloured too His skin was based in redstone highlight, then tan flesh, then tan highlight. I'm really pleased with him. Hubby didn't want me to send him away He said he had a really cool idea for a NPC. I told him to buy me another and I'll paint him again I'm somewhat less pleased with the templar girly, if only because of how her bug friend went on the base. I dry fit him before hand, but once everything was painted up, the darn bug refused to go in how I wanted and I ended up having to put him facing the wrong direction and do a bunch of filling with the golden corse pumice gel (which is super neat stuff, btw). Darn pinning. Anyway, I did her skin in the tan skin triad. Her hair is black, with nightmare black highlights (so... blue!). Her wrap is the same christmas wreath, warpstone glow, but before the alien goo, I put down a layer of minty sample paint to get a jade-ish colour. I don't even remember the blues I used on her jeans I do know I used redstone, pumpkin, redstone, brown liner, and tan for the base (his base too, I think I used more pumpkin on his). And apparently she found some booze on the way to EbonStorms, because she's more tilty in the picture he showed. Bad girl!
  19. Well, I finished my first Bones 2 mini. He's pretty cool, and fun to paint, but not a particularly tidy paintjob which I think is largely due to inactivity on my part (plus some sub-par lighting, but it's a poor workman who blames his tools). Got to get a lot more practice in for the ReaperCon open! I'd really like to see more variants of undead gunslingers, too. A whole gang of these guys could be a lot of fun for a "Weird West" skirmish game!
  20. Quick paint, and a quick study in OSL: 59041: Deadlands Noir: Patent Scientist Also pending in the inspiration gallery, and I have updated my Index Page. As always C&C welcome! EDIT: I'll see if I can't get some better photos...
  21. Earlier this year Reaper added the Deadlands Noir collection to Savage Worlds. When I saw those figures in the Preview Gallery I knew I had to have them. They are all sculpted by Bob Ridolfi and as such they have loads of character. Also, there is enormous room for creative interpretation with these sculpts. Although I was not able to do so, those of you who want to work in greyscale will find these the perfect figures for that technique. I carved the base myself from Sculpey. Thank you for looking!
  22. In my continuing effort to work with more subdued palettes, I decided to paint Edna, the Crazy Cat Lady (50235) and Baron Simone LeCroix (69029) When painting Edna, I had in mind an old lady who smokes 3 pack of Camels unfiltered a day and drinks copious amounts of gin straight up. In short, I wanted her to look a bit sickly. To that end I painted her skin in a green/grey tone and continued that in her skirt and in the linoleum floor. With the Baron I wanted to be very minimal with my palette and to also use subdued colours for the figure. I made both bases myself from Super Sculpey. They are a bit on the thick side and could look better. But if you don't start somewhere, you'll never get anywhere and in time I hope to improve this skill. Thank you.
  23. When I wandered onto the Reaper store today I saw the newly released Savage Worlds minis sculpted by Bob Ridolfi and painted by forum member Wren. They're really nice, and Wren's atmospheric paint jobs (all black and white and grayscale with a single color for accent) totally bring out their retro noir eerie preternatural look. I especially like the a woman in a spiffy vintage outfit with a gun, the African-American sorcerer, and the mad scientist, but they're all welcome additions. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59036 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59037 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59038 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59039 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59040 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59041
  24. Logo by Jordan Peacock The North Sandalwood Special Animal Control (sometimes nicknamed the Unusual Animal Unit) is called in whenever there's something... strange. Exotic pets, wild animals that have ranged out of their habitats, usually. But sometimes... Sometimes there's something that other animal control offices don't even want to admit exist. And someone has to deal with it. In Jesse Hammond's ranch, there's something up with the jackrabbits. They've been acting strangely aggressive, and getting into places where no jackrabbit ought to be able to reach. And some of them seem to look a mite peculiar, though Jesse says he hasn't seen them up close. It's up to the North Sandalwood unit to go in, find out what has the jackrabbits riled, and get it settled without making too big a fuss. System: Savage Worlds For up to 5 players.
  25. Hey all. Over the past month I kind of dropped everything to get a bunch of minis done for my Iron Kingdom's game as it was winding down to the last few months and I had bought this stuff specifically for the game so I figured I had better paint them up. Most are from the Iron Kingdom's line by Privateer but two are from Reaper's Savage World line. So starting out is Father Dumas (one of the main NPCs) Next up is Vahn Oberen (the main Villain) Now for the generics: A Boneswarm Some Bone Fiends from Reaper And finally a bunch of Tomb Maidens that were each painted a different way that you can see in my WIP thread (link in sig)
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