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Found 1 result

  1. So, by-and-large, the point of Chronoscope is that there is no setting. No canon, no lore, no baggage to drag it down. No one ever accused me of being quick to get the point. So, without further ado, Chronoscope lore! ---------------------- The Set-up Our story begins in Paris. However, this is not the City of Lights. This is a city of smoke, and steam, and soot. It is the center of Europe's Second Enlightenment, and no group is more enlightened than the Académie des Lumières, an organization of the most brilliant minds in France. Well, those minds blessed with the right, shall we say, anatomy. Women were not allowed, on the basis that a woman's delicate sensibilities would surely be offended by the naked light of progress. Or so said Georges Verne, the president of the Académie. And so when he learned that Sasha Dubois, daughter of famed Natural Philosopher Pierre Dubois, had been continuing her father's work, he demanded that her equipment and notes be turned over to the Académie at once, sending his nephew, Andre Durand. Andre had qualms about taking Sasha's work, but he was a dutiful nephew and member of the Académie, so he attempted to wrest the equipment from the young woman. In the ensuing battle, they were both flung through time and, they later reported, space as well. Their adventures discovered the Milieus, different times and even worlds. Pasts that never happened, futures that couldn't be, even stranger lands where magic ruled. During their travels, they came to become friends rather than rivals, working together to return home. But something went wrong. They discovered something that should not have been. Creatures that lived between the worlds, looking for ways to break through. Their travels had weakened the walls between realities, and the Darkspawn began to weaken them further, and Milieus began to leak into one another. They found the last bastion of the once-great Bathalian Empire, fallen beneath the influence of the Darkspawn and their cultists, only one city remaining free. With the help of one of their newfound allies, whom they called Professor Kraken, they managed to return to Paris, where they told the Académie des Lumières of their findings and of the danger. Already, the Académie had seen the effects of the weakening walls, as vikings raided the shores of the Seine, and confused gray beings landed in the countryside. They gathered the greatest adventurers of the known Milieus and founded the Time Chasers, who, using the science of the Académie and the magics of the Bathalians, set to work opposing the Darkspawn and setting the Milieus to rights. The Milieus One important note is that while each Milieu has its own rules, travelers bring their own rules with them, in a manner of speaking. So a mage can work his magic in a Milieu without magic, and a technologist's devices will work in a "fantasy" Milieu. Milieu Verne In this world, the Industrial Revolution took a very different turn. Steam technology advanced far beyond where our own did, and the science behind things like aether and phlogiston is well-founded, leading to advances that never happened, could never happen in our own. This is the home of the Time Chasers Andre and Sasha, as well as other "steampunk" characters, like Dr Charles Bennet or Decker Lugstampf. Think lightning-zeppelins and mechanical musketeers fighting over the skies of Paris. Milieu Gygax This is the homeworld of the Bathalians. They, and other races, lived in peace until the Darkspawn and their Cultists came, swiftly conquering the world. Only the shining Bathalian City of Khuldrath survives. The psionicist Professor Kraken hails from this Milieu. Milieu Stoker-Voorhees This is a world rather like our own, but with important differences. There is much less globalization, leading to a world where on the one hand you have modern high schools, you also have villages in Europe still effectively in the middle ages. Magic works, but only a dark and twisted magic powered by darker powers, though most people in the more "modern" areas are skeptical, by-and-large dismissing it as superstition. Werewolves and vampires walk the nights. Immortal serial killers rise from the grave to kill teenagers. This is the world of horror movies. Heroes still rise to fight against these horrors, but their fates are rarely happy ones. Dracula and the Wolfman can be found in the darker parts of Europe. Zombies rise from the graveyards from ancient curses. Serial killers stalk the streets. Milieu Kirby Four-colored battles between costumed heroes and mighty villains! Captain Griffon battles Crosswire in the streets of Schuster City, while Nova Security Agents fight the forces of Dr. Ervin Friedman. Milieu Leibowitz War... War never changes. Well, that's a lie. There's a whole lot more leather and chains involved in the 22nd century, after the bombs fell. Survivors roam the landscape scavenging what they can in the face of raiders, mutants, and other threats. Meanwhile, the last bastions of civilization attempt to find new homes among the stars, sending the Interstellar Marine Expeditionary Forces to find worlds to colonize. Milieu Derleth In this world, the forces of the Darkspawn have taken root in a world that could have been like our own. Cthulhu sleeps in R'lyeh, while shoggoths wait in the wings. Milieu Spenser Wizards and knights battle in a faraway land where dragons fly the skies. C'mon, they have more Dark Heaven figures than anything else. Why not add some traditional fantasy into the mix? Milieu Hensley It's... Okay, it's Deadlands. Look, they're Reaper minis, okay? And for added points, you can tie in the Darkspawn with the Reckoners! Or you can just make it a standard Old West with cowboys and indians. I'm just sayin', you could have undead cowboys fighting Bathalians and superheroes. Why wouldn't you want that? Adventurers Now, you obviously will need some adventures to go along with all of this. The Time Chasers include heroes from all the different Milieus, using their particular skills to battle the forces of the Darkspawn. They find disturbances where the walls of reality are being weakened, and deal first with the immediate threat of contamination, and then with whatever plot the Darkspawn are setting in motion. Perhaps they come to a town in Transylvania where raiders from the 22nd century are firing lasers at vampires, only to learn that the Darkspawn are recruiting Dracula to their cause. Or they travel to the fantastic city of Everbright where the elves are being attacked by Ape-X, and the Darkspawn have started a cult. The idea is to mix up genres, creating adventures that could never happen otherwise. So, thoughts on other Milieus needed? Or characters that might be fit into Milieus already named?
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