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Found 6 results

  1. I haven't done a WIP in quite a while, and I want to keep committed to clearing my Shelf of Shame for the year. So here's an unfinished mini from my shelf: Reaper 77108: Shadow Dragon: I had assembled & primed this mini before, but hadn't painted it, so it sat on my shelf for a while. So two nights ago, I washed it, sprayed Stynylrez black primer over it, then sprayed a base coat of Burgundy Wine. ...and that's where it stands. Hopefully, I have an opportunity for more work tonight. I don't have any ideas at present for what the color scheme will be, save that I want it to be purple.
  2. More paint slinging practice! Working on a Bones Shadow Dragon.
  3. I'm playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and apparently we need a dragon. So I'm painting the Shadow Dragon that's been in my "Box of 20" unpainted minis as a blue dragon. Last night I boiled, cleaned and glued the wings (because why not? Oh, ok... THAT's why not) and slopped on blue liner/medium. I will probably slop on some more liner to actually line. Colors I'm planning on using. -Interference Blue (Yes, this dragon has been Pingo'd). Skin:Dragon Blue (!), Frost Blue, Blue Flame, Ghost White, Magic Blue (VGC), Denim Blue Plates/Bone: Handle Wood (SW), Bone White (VGC), Pearl White, Creamy Ivory. That may be more than I actually use, though. No mold line prep.
  4. ok this is not my best work but it started out as a bet or a dare. I was helping put the base colors on a group of Bloodreavers and I noticed that my friend had about 15 brushes from citadel and I made a little fun about how if he didn't need to buy every brush on the market he could buy more minis. he asked me how many brushes I had with me and I said 5 but 2 of those are the same detail brushes. I also said I usually just use a wash brush to apply the primer and base colors. I thought he was going to stroke out. he then challenged me to paint a mini with a wash brush. I chose the shadow dragon from the reaper bones line. I have always liked this mini and thought I would do it as a white dragon. I based the mini in snow shadow and washed it in blue ink. next I faded some of the snow shadow and highlighted it with vampiric (not sure if that is even a word) highlights. enjoy and please remember it was done with a citadel wash brush. oh I won 5 Bloodreavers on the bet.
  5. Hello to all, This is my first post and the first time I gathered some courage to present a miniature.. I dare not say 'show off' because there isnt much to show :) So, requested by my wife, this is my first commission piece :) And her specific request was that I paint it similar to Adrift's color scheme (here).. Quite a challenge! The base was my wife's choice as well, so I went along with it. So,i any suggestions and criticism will be very much welcomed and appreciated. I have started this hobby almost a year ago and there is still so much to learn. Thanks in advance :)
  6. I've been working on my interpretation of a shadow Dragon amidst some drama concluding with my ex-girlfriend; might explain the combination of colors that ended up going into the figure. I'm not thrilled on the wooden base and will likely be staying away from cheap wooden display bases from Michael's and Hobby Lobby once my dwindling supply has run out. My goal was to show a dragon with dynamic skin that is dramatically and deeply darkened at certain angles and dazzlingly beautiful when struck by light; sort of like the color changing paint on cars. The choice to not do OSL from the dragon's eyes was a tough one, but I opted for no b/c I figured it'd be one of those, "Hey adventurers, aim spells and arrows here in the dark" and would quickly lead to the eradication of the species if the eyes popped too much. Given the size of the dragon I had to adjust to a new set up for photography, not my strength, and not use my trusty light box set up. I'm not thrilled that some of the pictures have some shadowing that isn't paint related but you get the idea. C&C always welcome.
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