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  1. Ub3r N3rd suggested in my Dain thread that I should post a request mini. Well I need to make up my mind for my Spaceship Superstar entry. So I thought I'd open it up to vote Since the contest is for several old mini's I thought I would paint up one of my Old mini's for the contest. Here are some photo's of my possible entries. [Note I condensed several to reduce the photo's] Choice 1 & 2: I was inspired to break out my old Shadowrun Biker mini's. One is an elf biker, the other is an ork biker. Choice 3: I started this a little while ago and got distracted. This one is an old Star Frontiers mini. Choice 4, 5, & 6: These were some old figures I had sitting in a box. Not exactly sure the make and model but hey they are Sci-Fi. Choice 7: Hey what kind of choice for spaceship superstar would it be with out some space ships. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.
  2. So to stretch a bit out of my comfort zone, and in honor of Amalor Myrnix, who was so into them, I picked up a CAV model, the Ripper truck and rocket launcher, #24576. I am currently playing in a Shadowrun game where my character's day job is as a bakery delivery person. She has a fully armored outfitted combat truck which she uses to transport baked goods across the greater Seattle area. This is not a literal representation of it, although spiritually the rocket on top takes up about the same amount of mental space. Also, I am pretty sure the truck in the game is not purple. But you know what? I am enjoying painting this as a tribute in the spirit of things anyway. It is smaller than what I am used to, but enjoyable. I started with base coats of variations on a mixed purple of Phthalocyanine Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, and Titanium White. I added shading with other tones, and grime with washes of a near-black mixed from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue. I also used that near-black to paint the windows and tires. I plan to add more detailing and colors. The rocket will be glued to its launch pad, but I am not sure I am going to permanently glue the launch pad to the truck.
  3. Finally put the finishing touches on this Ral Partha Shadowrun Satyr. WIP Thread
  4. My intention is to find a system that allows me to run a cyberpunk game. I'm wondering how well the Shadowrun system will fit the bill for what I'm wanting. One of the big things is that I want it to be fairly lethal, with the possibility of a single injury crippling or even killing a character. I know Shadowrun is capable of the lethality caveat, but there's a few more things I'm wondering because there are certain parts of the setting that don't fly well with what I want to do. Basically, I want to run a Neuromancer-style cyberpunk game, and I'm just not sure if Shadowrun can be shoehorned into that role or if I'd be better off with another system. 1. If I were to start buying Shadowrun books, which version would you recommend? I've flipped through 3rd and 4th editions through certain less than legitimate means, but I don't know enough about how they actually play to make a decision between either of them. 2. How well does Shadowrun handle things like vehicle combat, chases, and remote combat(drones and such)? Does that kind of thing flow fairly freely during a session or does it have a habit of making things grind to a halt and take forever? I've heard that the decking rules can cause a game to grind to a halt for everyone except the decker, so a lot of people modify those rules. I don't want everything to be houseruled like that though. 3. How hard would it be to strip magic out of the equation? I'd just like to have more of a regular cyberpunk game rather than D&D with computers. 3a. Given that I want to strip magic from Shadowrun, would I be better off just grabbing a copy of something like Cyberpunk 2020 or GURPS? I've already got the GURPS basic set and High-Tech books, so I've got a start there, but building everything from scratch isn't exactly my forte.
  5. I honestly don't know how much interest there will be for this but here goes...... Who wants to earn a rep? Anyone up for some easy nuyen? How about breaking laws for money? I'm thinking of running a Shadowrun game, based on Shadowrun 20th Anniversay Edition (published by Catalyst Game Labs) rules, which will be known as SR4A from now on :o) The campaign will start in 2071 and will include most, if not all, published adventures. All source books are open and so are all character options - wanna play a Drake? Or maybe an AI? So long as it's a 400 build point character and meets all the rules I'm happy :o) I'll be using HeroLabs software (produced by Lone Wolf Development) to manage characters and combat, so you won't even need any dice. I'll produce HL files for every character, and email a PDF of the character portfolio should you wish. If you want the software, by all means feel free but it's not essential and the whole package does cost around £90 at present. If anyone's interested please post. I'd like a minimum of 4 runners, no more than 10 please :oP
  6. So, now that I'm getting a Ton of Bones and a nice chunk of Stonehaven Dwarves I really think it's time to expand my group. Currently it's mostly one or two friends and myself that are interested in the painting of miniatures and such, whereas the rest of our group is just about gaming. We try to get together once a week for a full day on Saturday in Aumsville, but it's likely we'll aim for Salem as our main venue moreso, as people are moving here (I already have as have a couple others) and a lot of them go to Chemeketa. Once school starts up they'll also be in Salem more often during the week, so likely throw in some hanging out here and there then too. Really, I'm just looking for anyone to hang out with that is interested in miniatures enough to at least get these bones. Maybe plan something out for when they come so we can all get together and motivate each other to paint them instead of just marvelling at their awesomeness. I'm also willing to sell/trade some miniatures from this kickstarter to people who just plain can't get the money right now or whatever else if they live in Salem or around the area, presuming they're also willing to either game with us or let us game with them or whatever else. I'm not too big of a fan of the FLGS here because they're quite a distance away from where I live in Salem and more recently they've become less and less interested in non-card gamers and their staff likewise has become less and less knowledgeable on non-card subjects. (Recently a friend went there who had just got into miniatures and asked what all he would need to get started painting and the guys there managed to sell him a brush and some paints. That's it.) So yeah, just looking for anyone interested in gaming and/or miniatures around the area of Salem, OR as I know there's tons of you, you just all hide somewhere... And it's apparently not Borderlands... See very few groups there, although there's a decent amount of wargamers, just not a lot for pen and paper gaming usually.
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