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Found 8 results

  1. It has been a year and a half since I painted. I have lined a few bone minis and this is the first of my practice pieces. I spent 2 hours on the cloak. Not happy with it, but I want to move on to the other parts. Brown liner to "prime" the bones figure. Then 9418 thru 9420 triad for the cloak. Oceanic Blue Tropical Blue Glacier Blue
  2. So this is the figure that I painted for the last quarterly Reaper FB contest. you know the one I didn't bother taking pictures for until it was too late and I never actually entered. Even though I finished paining it a week into the contest. Oh well. maybe I'll get off my broccoli for the next one.
  3. Hello all, After many months and a hundred setbacks, I am not-so-proud to present my first miniature. I have learned several lessons from this work: 1) I am very bad at using washes. 2) I don't know what I am doing. 3) I don't care, I love painting miniatures. For a first effort I don't think that it is too terrible honestly. However I think I can do better. I can see already errors I could fix but I just want to finish ONE mini and I will apply my new knowledge to the next. Maybe some time in the future I will return to this mini and re-do it. Maybe not...I am tired of looking at it after 4 months of it sitting on my desk begging to be completed.
  4. I'm making a fantasy RPG for my kids to play, using Bones minis. This is the first time painting minis, I went for a dark, grungy, mono-tone, metal look.
  5. It's been a few days since I last posted new work, and now I have three miniatures to show off. First up is my take on Sir Conlan.. I kind of wanted to make him look as if he could be a hero or a villain, to have some ambiguity in the paint scheme regarding his possible allegiance, I also attempted to make his sword's blade look as if it is made of an amethyst crystal. Next up is my take on Malek, the necromancer. My initial idea was to try and make him look as if he could be heroic, but it did not necessarily work for that, he still looks evil to me, but a LOT brighter than most necromancers!!! And lastly, Goldar, the male Barbarian. I just liked the sculpt of the miniature, and tried my hand at giving him face paint and a tattoo on his back, all freehand. Feel free to look, Comments and advice are always happily received!! (edit, close up of barbarian's face added.)
  6. I finished this guy up late Friday night/early Saturday morning for one of my D&D buddies. Total time taken about 5-6 hours, calling it right at about TableTop + for me. Figure: Sir Conlan, Crusaders Sergeant, Reaper SKU #14037 Sculptor: Bobby Jackson Material: Metal WIP Thread Here Start out with the angles all around him. Smile! It's your close up! As always, C&C are more than welcomed and greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking.
  7. For posterity, as he's already finished I'm posting up this thread to show my WIP pics I took of him. I finished this guy up late Friday night/early Saturday morning for one of my D&D buddies, here's the WIP of him. Total time taken about 5-6 hours, calling it right at about TableTop + for me. Figure: Sir Conlan, Crusaders Sergeant, Reaper SKU #14037 Sculptor: Bobby Jackson Material: Metal Show-off Thread Black primed it all. Used Red Liner to get a deep rich red going for the shadows and base of the cloak. Also got his face done here and little itty bitty eyes placed inside under that hood. My buddy wanted some free-hand done and some kind of runes along the bottom of his robe there, so I did my best in trying to get it to look decent. I also used some shaded metallics to get the metal a dark steel. Cloak is all worked out here - amped up that red with some Reaper Brilliant Red HD and SC75's Inktensity red ink, more details done. His basing, I used greenstuff and one of my new Basius 2 pads! That's it! I was in a hurry so didn't take as many pics as I usually do. Thanks for looking! C&C are greatly welcomed and appreciated!!
  8. I've played around a bit with NMM on a couple of minis, but earlier this month I decided to sit down and really make an effort at it. For my test subject eager volunteer I chose Sir Conlan. He seems a good mini to practice NMM metal on since he has most of the upper body armor but not a lot of fiddly bits to worry about. Those of you interested in the boring bits already dropped by my WIP so we'll just skip to the pictures. I know one of the reasons people do NMM is for photography and it looks like it's about time for me to start reading up on the shutterbug section. Just for fun I snapped another pic against grey fabric under direct lighting, and then compared that to how it looked back in my WIP. Photographing details aside, he's a nice little tabletop dude that can now join the fun in Undermountain.
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