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Found 2 results

  1. Reaper Challenge League 20223 1) Intro 2) How It Works 3) Types of Challenges 4) The Raffle PDF Check List Discord Intro: Welcome to the Reaper Challenge League (RCL), a system that rewards fans for completing community-based events and challenges. This will all be conducted via the Reaper Miniatures Discord, where there is a system in place to track points and administer raffles easily (see below). THIS IS NOT A CONTEST ----- This is meant to be a challenge against yourself to see what you can accomplish, not a contest to compete in against other people in the community. So enjoy your time in creating stuff and have fun doing it with everyone else! Only Reaper minis will be accepted except for in the Freebie/Bust categories. You can use any paints for submissions, the only exception is the Limited Palette challenge. How It Works: Users can submit photos of RCL projects on the #submissions area on Discord and receive points depending on the tier of challenge. These points can then in turn be used to purchase raffle tickets which will be drawn quarterly, with a large annual raffle at the end of the year. Only Reaper minis will be accepted for submissions, except for in the Freebie/Bust categories. You can use any paints for submissions, the only exception is the Limited Palette challenge. Each quarter, a RCL raffle shall be held during the last seven days. This ensures that people have ample time to enter tickets or finish any entries so your points may be exchanged into tickets. On the last day of the quarter, the raffle will be drawn, and winners posted. At the end of the year a larger raffle will occur that accounts all accrued points points you have earned yearly (spent and unspent). Terms and Conditions may change at the discretion of Reaper Miniatures at any time. Type of Challenges: All entries must show some sign of trying and not just throwing paint on to get some quick points. In keeping of the spirit of the league, challenge yourself and see what you and others are capable of. The amount of points that each one challenge will grant are in the () below, as well on the PDF for the 2021 chart. Reaper Challenge League PDF Reaper Challenge League 2023 Limited Palette January == `Green | Blue | Yellow` February == `Brown | Purple | Green` March == `Metallic | Blue | Yellow` April == `Red | Orange | Blue` May == `Brown | Yellow | Orange` June == `Metallic | Orange | Pink` July == `Blue | Yellow | Green` August == `Brown | Red | Green` September == `Purple | Blue | blue (Different)` October == `Green | Orange | Red` November == `Metallic | Pink | yellow` December == `Any Color | Any Color | Any Color` Reaper Challenge League 2023 Monthly Themes January == Freebie. - Good Start to the year! February == Something Shiny. - Metallic, Mirror, OSL, you name it! March == Cat's! - `Meow! April == Unusual Hair color May == Sci-Fi, woooaahhhh! June == Fun-Guy, fungus amongus. July == Gnomes & Halflings Oh my! August == Magic effect! - A nice effect for a spell. September == ReaperCon - spooky Ghost October == Out in the Rain! - Something wet or water based November == Fur and Scales! December == The Gift! - A gift for someone! I like this one for Decemeber. The Raffle: The raffle will happen the last 7 days of each quarter, This will ensure that people have ample time to enter their tickets or finish any entries they need to complete before drawings. Tickets will be pulled on the last day of each quarter! This will all be done on the Discord server, as we have a bot that is programmed to keep track of members points and how many tickets they have. We will use this bot to open the drawing and for you to enter and participate with the system. The drawing will stay open for one week before doing the drawing on the last day at a set time! Thank you, the team! Reaper Challenge League PDF Frequently asked questions Q: I am just wondering if one model can be turned in for two different categories? A: In the spirit of the challenge, we would like it if you submitted a different model for another challenge. As this isn't a contest and meant to get people hobbying. 🙂 so you would just be doing yourself a dissatisfaction!!!!! Q: Since the Reaper Discord moves so insanely fast, how will winners be notified? A:There will be a channel that is static that is read only, for raffle winner and other announcements. Q: Will the raffle draws be things that can survive through colder climates when shipped? A: Not to sure on the exact prizes but this ties into your third question, I can hold things for you if cold climate is an issue and ship it at an opportune time. Q: For the Quarterly holiday - what are you looking for for Q1? Like would just, any winter/snowy model be ok, or do I need to figure out what a MLK day themed model would be? 😜 A: The rules are very loose, as this is not a contest and is meant for you and others to hobby!!!!!! So if you think its a holiday or a special day? By all means paint something and present it under that challenge category, as long as you spent time and effort into making it, I will recognize it. As an example if you wanted to paint something that was for your birthday! i'll count that! RCL 2021 udated list! - Sheet1.pdf
  2. Sounds interesting, Social deduction game like One Night Werewolf but without having to make stuff up. From the guys who made Exploding Kittens and Throw Throw Burrito. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elanlee/hand-to-hand-wombat
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