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Found 12 results

  1. A little while since I have posted anything, so here is a snakeman (and snakewoman) force that has won a few battles for me playing "Song of Blades and Heroes". linked for ...saurian stuff. https://postimg.cc/RNZMTvkD
  2. Up next is a hideous horde of Hobgoblins, from Ganesha Games "Song of Blades and Heroes: Hammer & Forge" line. There would be a Hobgoblin Mistcaller accompanying them, but the dogs decided to hide him instead... The horde, with Sir Forscale as a guest/hostage: The Khan: An ambidextrous heroine: Some archers: The rest of the grunts: I can say these are the first miniatures in a while I've painted for a specific game night. I finished them about an hour before my players arrived...and of course they explored all the areas of Grudd Haug EXCEPT those manned by the Hobgoblins.
  3. And here we have the last group of miniatures from my recent paint sessions, a village of Halflings from Ganesha Games, for their "Song of Blades and Heroes: Axe and Brimstone" set. The backdrop itself came from the Kickstarter as a game mat, and I'm finding it quite useful for photo-taking! Even if I don't play a 3'x3' game any time soon, I'll have gotten plenty of use out of it. First, we have the whole village, also with Sir Forscale as emergency backup: The most important member of any Halfling grouping, the Cook: The Trapper: The Adventurer, who was an unreached concept in their first KS, "Fightin' Fungi" and one of my favorite of the group: The Assassin: The Village Leader, who I think would make a great Halfling Paladin for a D&D session. I only notice his helmet injury now that I've uploaded this photo and put him in storage with the other Halflings...woops! The set's Halfling Mage. I think he would make a great Monk as well...his pose makes him look like he's about to give out a serious beatdown. Just an Archer: Hungry Jack, who is probably the best concept. It's a tough choice for my favorite of this set of Halflings. I'll need to paint up the old Warhammer Dwarf Adventurer on stilts to keep him company:
  4. Here's another group fresh off the paint table, a grouping of naughty nasty Dwarfs from Ganesha Games "Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes: Axe and Brimstone" Kickstarter. I've painted them in gray skin tones, that way they can double up as Duergar, or be used as Warhammer Chaos Dwarves who are a bit far into the Curse of Stone. The whole horde: A Screaming Face Axeman: His buddy, the Glaiveman: A converted Champion, using the Possessed Champion body, Chaos Marauder Shield, a Marauder Horseman head, an axe off a Chaos Cultist Champion, and a sculpted cloak to cover up a gap, and also it was the same week PETA protested Warhammer. The Hellfire Caster: The Hellchain: The Demonslayer. This guy is actually supposed to be one of the good Dwarves aligned with the Halfling Villagers of the set, but with his demonskull hat, he seems to work as a worshiper as well. The Priestess on Hell-Disk: The Fusilier, dong his best Jawa impersonation:
  5. This time, just a duo of Dwarfettes from "Song of Blades and Heroes: The Golden Lantern Bearer: The Panther Pelter, painted up to be the pelt of a Mountain Lion instead:
  6. I skipped a few steps, but I actually remembered to take a WiP shot of my set from the "Song of Blades and Heroes: Axe and Brimstone" Kickstarter. There's also a few Hobgoblins who I started in hopes it would motivate the delayed KS package to arrive quicker (it worked!)
  7. Another fellow who doesn't really go with any of my other recently completed minis, the Dwarf Lich King from Ganesha Games "Hammer and Forge" for "Song of Blades and Heroes" He's slightly converted, with his Freddy Kreuger glove replaced with a more generic casting hand, ripped from a Mantic Zombie.
  8. Another grouping of minis from the batch that suffered sealant malfunction, comes a grouping of ladies from the Sunkissed Vale, Dryads/Nymphs/Warrior Queens of the fungal persuasion. All are from Ganesha Games "Fightin' Fungi" line for "Song of Blades and Heroes" The Queen herself: An Amazon Fungus: The Mitkityad Forest Nymph: The entire growth: And a very confused Goblin, pulling rank for this and the Gobblydegook (Hey, it came in the same set!)
  9. Here they are, fightin' again! The Fungus among us, etc, etc: Group shots, as always, first:
  10. Just in time for the replacement set to arrive and leave me a cluttered work table, I've wrapped up the first set of "Fightin' Fungi", from Ganesha Games' recent Kickstarter. The first few are some of my favorites. The Reaper, Monk, and Magician are just fun sculpts.
  11. I got Bones 1 and have put in for Bones 2 as well. I am going to start a SBH campaign shortly. I have been stating up the bones figures and was wondering if people had their own thoughts or wanted to provide some stats? I know Andrea is also working on them but since I am doing it at the moment anyway I figured I would post here. SBH is a great ruleset and every bones user should give it a bash, they are available as pdf on the cheap and there is a warband generator at http://www.ganeshagames.net/army_builders/SBHbuilderRevised-v1217.html So taking the bones from http://www.reapermini.com/kickstarter I made two 300 point lists. Were I could I used the profiles available, but tweaked them were I thought sensible to represent a and of adventurers. If they were wearing platemail I gave them heavy armour and short move. Good Adventurers Kyra (Human Cleric) Q3, C3, Cleric Bailto Burrowwell (Gnome Wizard) Q3, C1, Magic-User,Short Move Trista, The White Wolf (Human Fighter) Q3 C3 Heavy Armor,Short Move Hellakin GoreCutter (Halfling Rogue) Q3, C1, Short Move,Stealth,Traps Arthrand Night Blade (Elf Ranger Q2, C3, Shooter: Long Dain Deep Axe (Dwarf Fighter) Q3 C4, Short Move Freja Fangbreaker (Dwarf Fighter) Q3, C4, Short Move Isabeau Laroche (Human Paladin) Q3, C3, Heavy Armor,Paladin,Short Move Evil Adventurers DarkRasp (Evil Priest) C4, C2, Cleric,Evil Lirela (Dark Elf Witch) C3, C1, Greedy,Sorcerer Vaeloth (Hellborn Anti -Paladin) C3, C4, Lethal vs Clerics Tiviel (Hellborn Rogue)Q3, C1, Stealth,Traps Norgol (Chaos Warrior)Q3, C4, Heavy Armor,Mutant Hellhound C3, C3, Evil, Long Move,Shooter: Short Harpy Q4, C2, Distract,Flying I am slightly concerned that I am using to much Q3 but these arent town guard etc, they are meant to repesent a go get em adventurer band. I also have the orcs done so will post those if there is interest.
  12. So, over in this"]http://www.reapermin...ge__st__75]this thread[/url] I was drawn into a segue about "...schemes (I have) in mind for an island conquest campaign, loosely inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic..." There really wasn't much more to it than that one line, since I haven't even talked my player group into it yet - I picture this as something of a refereed game, where each group starts out as a "nation" shipwrecked on a mysterious island, and must explore and battle each other for dominance. This was pretty much directly inspired by a HoMM campaign I played years ago, and should probably go research before this thread goes much further... ANYWAY. Panzer_Engel jumped in with, "Interesting. . . . How big do you envisage the bands getting, and do you plan any HoMM - style resource gathering/management? Or troop recruitment from settlements in conquered territories?" To which I was forced to actually start putting some of the vague ideas I had into words. "Not sure about the band size, depends on the players and how the game goes. Probably stick around 3 to 500 points. Yes on reinforcements from the cities; having local support would be required, really. Resource gathering would be along the lines as outlined in Gold & Deeds, with other post victory/ territory control bonuses" Him: "Hmm. . . . And fortifying and/or garrisoning your settlements?" Me: "One of my big desires is to see rewards for playing, without the whole process becoming unbalanced by Avid Wargamer Who Always Wins* playing a dozen games when everyone else can only fit in one or two, building an empire and wiping everyone out completely. At the same time, like I said, rewards; I'd like to see everybody's nation-states grow stronger and more awesome. So there'll be some checks and balances involved as far as resource rewards. What I'm thinking right now is that you get a certain amount of points total, and you can assign those around; say 1000 points for your nation, but your maximum roaming war-band can only be 400 (ballpark numbers, bear with me). So, you can have two warbands at 400, or three at 300, and then those leftover points can be troops back at home. Another option would be using the stats for city militia, which are low-grade troops, as a freebie - say, 100 or 200 points of militia guard the cities - and then depending on your last moves, your warband might be home when the enemy comes raiding. Or maybe you can buy garrison options from your resources. All of these are things that can be hashed out, but we should probably start a separate thread for that.." Which brings us here, to a brand spanking new thread. I put it in General Fantasy because, well, it's going to be a fantasy setting; although most of us are previous Warmahordes players, or at least have plenty of Privateer Press made models, so I'm willing to throw in gunpowder, treason, and plot* as needed, and maybe even warjacks if we can find decent enough rules for them.** Thus far this is entirely speculative; I haven't even pitched the idea at my players yet, I'm still trying to woo them into the loving arms of Song of Blades and Heroes. When you add in the fact that we're all pretty distractible, plus I'm a merchant mariner with a habit of leaving the country for months at a time... well, it's all fairly speculative. Still, could be a fun mental exercise if nothing else, and maybe somebody else out there will get some good out of it. So, here we are. *It's Guy Fawkes Day, this was required.
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