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  1. The following story is the history I have written for Sophie based on the information that Reaper has made available woven together with my own story elements. If this story doesn't represent the Sophie you believe in, then just assume this is some Bizzaro World Sophie that has nothing to do with your Sophie. This document contains links to pictures of miniatures that appear in the story. WARNING: some links refer to miniatures that are partially or fully nude. Chapter 1: Prologue In the deep past, in the nebulous age of chaos known only as the before-time, Agramon stepped out of primordial blackness to wage a war of conquest and destruction on the molten, still unformed worlds. Across countless worlds, Agramon fought Cthulhu, Khanjira, Shub Niggurath (see Bones 3 figure 539), and Ma’al Drakar (see Bones 3 figure 573); he contended with Elder Things, Dark Spawn, Deep Ones, Gugs, and Mi-go (see Bones 3 Mythos Expanion). After a long time, another form stepped out from the blackness to conquer worlds with subtlety instead of strength. Noctua the Dark Passion (see Bones 3 figure 305), Agramon’s sister, was one of the most darkly beautiful creatures in the multiverse. Although she could take forms that were attractive to any creature, she settled on a humanoid form to most easily manipulate mortal humans. Noctua whispered to Agramon that if he would conquer Cardiola for her, she would share a portion of the mortal souls she acquired with him. With a desire to conquer but not rule, Agramon agreed and fought to defeat the current rulers of Cardiola. But Cardiola would not be so easily subdued, even by Agramon. Noctua seduced the demon lord Thrashuros into an alliance with her. Noctua bore a monstrous child from Thrashuros which became known as the Hydra of Lerna. The Hydra of Lerna was defeated in the war for Cardiola and banished to the mortal world while his mate, the Bile Wyvern, was slain and her remains turned into the Bile Crown, although their child, Rauthuros did survive. Rauthuros was a hot-blooded demon that could only be reliably controlled with the Bile Crown. The Bile Crown was broken in two, making the two Bile Crescents, one of which is held by Noctua, allowing her to half control Rauthuros. The other is held by the Witch Queen. After a long and bloody war, Cardiola did come under Noctua’s control, and Noctua upheld her end of the bargain, giving a portion of her ensnared souls to Agramon to fuel his constant wars, and providing diplomatic and economic support to Demogorgon. Noctua has come to learn that the strength of succubae is in their allies and manipulation. Noctua transformed Cardiola into a romantic paradise to lure mortal souls to lust, where she rules as the great queen and mother of succubae and incubi. Cardiola is a realm of pleasant gardens and pools, cool days and warm nights, and breath taking markets and palaces, where every romantic desire is fulfilled beyond expectation. Many have lost their souls in exchange for ultimate unearthly passion. Once people are thoroughly corrupted they are taken to the hidden dungeons below and slowly tortured to extract the power of their souls until they lose their self-identify and are reborn as demons. Most demon lords rule their subjects with fear and an iron first, but Noctua makes many incarnations of herself to spend time with all of her children so they will tend to follow her out of trust and adoration, although she has made bloody examples of many would-be usurpers. Noctua does tend to favor her daughters over sons, and Cardiola does have several times more females than males, although there are some incubi of great power in her realm. Cardiola snares mortals with beauty and physical pleasures. Only after it is too late for mortals to leave do they realize the perils of living among the most beautiful creatures in the multiverse, who are each very hormonal and feel that they are the most beautiful and graceful of all, and who contend with others in matters of love and beauty as most demons contend violently. Just underneath the romance, grace, and beauty, however, Cardiola is the drama center of the multiverse, inflicting mental anguish as surely as other regions of the Abyss inflict physical anguish. Noctua tends to place males in positions where drama needs to be minimized. She keeps her male population low and spread out so that her incubi can focus on completing orderly tasks without contending with each other. She understands how men compete with each other and how women compete with each other and this is the best solution she has come up with to minimize competition enough for anything productive to get done. (Trying to rule the drama center of the multiverse is a difficult job, and Noctua would like to see you try to do better.) One of Noctua’s favored sons, Nephal the Reaper, Shadow Prince of Demons, is the overseer of the Fountains of Youth in Cardiola, where young demons and half demons are raised, since most demons don’t have family structures like humans. Noctua felt that calling the hot springs and the surrounding areas the Fountains of Youth sounded more romantic than “the-place-to-dump-children-and-parental-responsibilities-so-that-you-will-never-have-to-deal-with-either-one-againâ€. Chapter 2: Origin of Angel (Sophie) and Celeste Nephal found a pair of mortals that wanted to have children but could not. Ilnerik and his wife Nalani had tried everything they could think of to have children, and had seen many doctors to try and cure Nalani’s infertility. After calling to both the doctors and the gods without success, they called to the demons. Nephal answered and agreed to give them twins in exchange for one soul that must return with him to the Abyss once the twins were born. After a night of awkward romance with Nephal, Nalani did become pregnant. From the beginning Nephal knew that Nalani wasn’t infertile, it was that Ilnerik was impotent; however, Nephal never revealed this, nor did he reveal that the children would be demonic. Nalani and Ilnerik each planned on giving themselves as the sacrifice after the children were born so that their spouse could at least have the joy of raising a family. After nine months Nalani gave birth to two identical succubae girls. But giving birth can be dangerous, and giving birth to demons is especially dangerous. Nalani held her beloved girls for the first and last time. Seeing that Nalani was dying, Ilnerik chose to name the girls before Nalani passed away. They were named Celeste and Angel, in remembrance of where and what their mother would soon be. Ilnerik was consumed with grief but forced himself to focus and think of what do since Nephal would come soon. Nalani was dead and therefore could not go with Nephal. If Ilnerik went with Nephal, then there would be no one to raise Celeste and Angel. As demons, the girls would be killed even as infants. If one of the girls was given up then Ilnerik could at least raise and protect the other one. He felt ****ed no matter what decision he made. Ilnerik let Nephal take Angel, while he kept Celeste. Ilnerik was always tormented by his decision, just as Nephal intended. Angel was renamed Sulfura (well not quite, but you would need a forked tongue to pronounce her new name correctly) and was raised at the Fountains of Youth as Nephal’s daughter, along with hordes of other demonic children (from here on I will use the name Sulfura instead of Angel). Celeste was raised by Ilnerik (from here on I will use the name Sulfura instead of Angel). As the children grew, they learned about the differences between succubae and humans. Aside (Sulfura and Celeste’s demonic abilities) [unnaturally charming appearance and personality. Mild shape changing: ability to manipulate their own bodies to match any ethnicity or standard of beauty. Ability to fold wings up tightly to make them easy to hide under loose clothing. Finger nails can extend into claws and teeth can extend into fangs. Extra nourishment from blood. Longevity: age very slowly after maturity is reached. Beauty never deteriorates with age. Accelerated sexual maturity. Slightly enhanced physical strength. Moderately enhanced physical endurance and durability. High resistance to hot, cold, diseases, and toxins/drugs (strong coffee required to feel any affect). Photographic memory for faces and people. Do not require food water, or sleep: ability to draw vitality directly from the Abyss negating the need to eat, drink, or sleep, although those things are still desirable.] As infants, Sulfura and Celeste required human milk and human blood as nourishment. As they grew, they retained their ability to draw special nourishment from blood, although they don’t need it anymore. Celeste was raised by Ilnerik to be a proper and good lady. Celeste often got into trouble as a child, but Ilnerik was patient and loving with her. Controlling her demonic and lustful urges was very difficult and not always successful, but Ilnerik was always there to help. Ilnerik always told Celeste how much he loved her as his daughter, but he could never bring himself to tell her the truth about the deal that he and her mother had made with Nephal or that she had a twin sister. Celeste grew up believing that a demon had raped her mother and that she had died in child birth. When Celeste (imagine this figure but with succubus wings) became an adult, she realized that she was very beautiful, and that she couldn’t turn suiters away forever; sooner or later people would find out that she was a demon. To protect Ilnerik and herself, Celeste left home with the intent to never return. She ended up marrying a vampire named Cassius, who could accept her for what she was and love her even if all the world thought she was a monster. Cassius was a doctor who often recommended bleeding to provide the blood he needed. He also used his extraordinary ability of smell and taste blood to identify ailments based on changes in blood chemistry. Cassius taught Celeste about medicine, used her as an assistant, and often sent her to perform medical tasks during the day. They had two children and were generally happen together. Sulfura grew up with many brothers and sisters at the Fountains of Youth (all incubi and succubae that are descended from Noctua are considered brothers and sisters. More monstrous descendants of Noctua are called cousins.). Her father, Nephal, was a harsh parent, quick to yell at and punish the children. Nephal lied to Sulfura and told her that her real mother hadn’t wanted to keep her, and that if she was bad then he wouldn’t want to keep her either. Noctua often had incarnations of herself at the Fountains of Youth, so she could spend time with her children. Noctua became Sulfura’s mom and was much kinder than Nephal. Chapter 3: Sophie’s Childhood Sulfura’s first solid memory was of bathing in the hot springs with Noctua. Sulfura splashed about while Noctua washed and played with her. Noctua was always kind and patient with Sulfura. Sulfura didn’t get to spend as much time with Noctua as she wanted so when she had time, Sulfura would tell Noctua everything she had done since the last time they talked. Sulfura talked too quickly and was hard to understand sometimes, so Noctua gave her a blank book and a pen and told Sulfura to draw what happened so she could see it next time they talked. Thus began Sulfura’s love for drawing, painting, and sculpting, especially to remember people important to her. Sulfura and her siblings grew up surrounded by demons and witchcraft and were taught to carry out missions for Noctua across the multiverse. Sulfura’s favorite teacher was Elise, a human witch who taught the children all about humans and magic. Since Elise couldn’t correctly pronounce many demon names, she gave some students new names. To Sulfura, Elise gave the name Sophia, and Sulfura quickly adopted Sophie as her nickname (from here on I will use the name Sophie instead of Sulfura). Sophie’s most powerful weapon was her natural charm. If charm failed, Sophie was also talented with magic (figure 259) and martial weapons. Sophie prefers personal charm or mind control magic against armed humanoid foes, and a combination of body-toughening magic and magic that injures anyone that touches her against monstrous foes, so that the more monsters touch her, the more they are injured (Sophie ready to charm humans and reflect physical damage against monsters). Sophie used Elise as inspiration for Halloween costumes (child Sophie, young adult Sophie). Sophie loved visiting the mortal world for Halloween. It was for Halloween that Sophie learned her first spell, which, under the proper conditions, would compel human adults to give her candy. As an adult, Sophie gave out candy for Halloween to promote good public relations between humans and demons, which lead her to later pursue a career as a spokesdemon. Aside (Trick-or-treating): [child Sophie, “Tick-or-treat!†Human adults (a.k.a. Chumps, Suckers, Victims), “And what are you?†Child Sophie, “I’m a witch.†Human adults, “And why do you have wings?†Child Sophie, “Because my daddy says I’m a little monster.â€] Sophie also enjoyed Christmas, and had to sneak away to participate in it since Nephal and Noctua didn’t like the idea of young demons being exposed to religions like Christianity that condemned sin and promoted universal peace and love. But Nephal and Noctua knew that they couldn’t shelter Sophie forever, and eventually relented to allow her to visit the mortal world for Christmas. Sophie was strictly warned about the dangers of Christmas, but found the holiday to be pretty safe and ended up really liking the idea of gift exchanges. Aside (preparing for Christmas): [Noctua, “If you must go, I want you to remember your standards – wear something revealing that will let people know what you stand for.†Sophie, “Ok, I’ll wear something skimpy and bring some magic mistletoe.†Noctua, “If they start reading scriptures or caroling, I want you to get out of there right away.†Sophie, “Don’t worry, mom, this is just going to be about commercialism and meeting men.†Nephal, “Now look, if they start passing around the symbols of communion or baptizing people, I want you to invoke us three times. I have a summoning circle prepared to bring you home if there is any trouble.†Sophie, “Me . . . get into trouble?†Noctua and Nephal, <worried looks>.] Sophie saw Uncle Agramon sometimes and loved listening to his stories of war and the before-time. Rauthuros was also assigned to protect and patrol Cardiola with the orders to never harm anyone that is loyal to Noctua. Sophie and the other demon children took full advantage of Rauthuros’ limitations and often climbed on him like a jungle-gym. Rauthuros always grumbled and complained about the children, but he never stopped them. Sophie understood that in the depth of Rauthuros’ black, blood-thirsty heart that he cared about the children and liked spending time with them. As a young adult, Sophie did regular teenager things – attending school, spending time with her two dozen or so closest sisters, learning the art of seduction, mastering magic and swordplay, flirting with anything with a Y chromosome, getting into and out of trouble, playing sports, etc. The mischievous and hormonally-driven nature of succubae resulted in Sophie’s young adult years being a one giant string of drama. Aside (A typical day for young adult Sophie) [Bella borrows Batna’s body chain and accidentally breaks it. Mara borrows some of Batna’s nail polish and uses too much painting her six hands and the rattle on her tail. Batna freaks out since she is getting ready for a special date with Dantalion and she doesn’t have time to buy new jewelry or nail polish. Batna panics and uses Sophie’s model paints as body paint and nail polish. However, Batna doesn’t wash Sophie’s brush between colors or wash the brush out at the end, ruining some of Sophie’s paints and one of her paintbrushes. Sophie mixes paint water into Batna’s makeup to remind her of the importance of washing brushes. Since Batna was very late for their date, Dantalion thinks that she stood him up. Dantalion doesn’t want to lose the restaurant reservations he made, so he takes Virina out to eat since she asked him out recently, but he had turned her down for a date with Batna. DRAMA STORM ensues.] As a young adult was the first time Sophie saw Noctua deal with people who had been disloyal to her. Noctua was much less kind and merciful than Sophie had seen from her in the past, psychologically and emotionally tearing down the offenders before personally inflicting some terrible and permanent physical punishment, or taking them away so they were never heard of again. Noctua was scariest when she dealt with succubae sent from some imposter succubus queen. People say that Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, so it is difficult for humans to understand just how terrifying a scorned demonic woman can be. Chapter 4: Sorrowful Mission As an adult, Sophie was sent to various mortal worlds to spy, seduce important individuals into joining Noctua, gather valuable resources, or perform other dangerous tasks. Sophie was sent to high tech, modern, and low tech worlds, and was generally quite successful in completing her missions. Sophie’s life changed when she was sent on a mission to seduce an extraordinary smithy named Marcel into allying with Noctua. Despite Sophie best efforts, Marcel adamantly resisted seduction. He enjoyed talking, spending time with, and getting to know Sophie, but he didn’t like Sophie’s immodest or demonic suggestions. Even without physical intimacy, Sophie grew increasingly attracted to Marcel and in a way wanted him to keep resisting her to make the mission last as long as possible. Sophie tried everything she could think of but time ran out and on the last day of the mission, Sophie panicked and went to give Marcel a piece of her mind. When Marcel saw her he said that he had a special present for her (Sophie’s one weakness), and gave her a pendant made specifically to her tastes in fashion. Sophie graciously accepted the pendant and then remembered that she was still mad and exploded in his face, unloading all of her griefs on him, telling him that he was taking hard-to-get way too far, and accusing him of terrible and false things before storming off. Nephal soon arrived to find that Sophie had completely failed. He visited Marcel with Sophie to inform Marcel that Sophie was a demon that had just been using him. He then murdered Marcel in front of Sophie. Sophie was also severely punished for her failure and informed that if this happened again that he wouldn’t retrieve her from the mortal world. The events of that mission haunted Sophie. She had gotten into trouble before and felt bad about getting caught, but this time she felt bad about how she treated Marcel. She felt like she had somehow been disloyal to him. She remembered how he had looked at her when she got mad at him, and how he looked at her when Nephal exposed Sophie’s mission and killed him. Sophie found herself thinking of Marcel every day and remembering him with great pain, and determined that he must have somehow cursed her with some kind of mind control magic to make her hurt so much. Sophie sought help from wizards, witches, and dark priests, but no one could break the curse and let Sophie forget Marcel. Chapter 5: Hidden Past Despite her “curseâ€, Sophie continued her missions, expanding her abilities and skill set to include public performing, biker gang diplomacy, and extreme archeology. The power of her foes also increased. Sophie was once opposed by a True Name Wizard who could use any creature’s name to manipulate them in mind and body. The wizard called her by the name Sophia Perrea (Sophie’s usual alias), found that he couldn’t affect her and proceeded to get beaten up by Sophie. Sometime later, the wizard returned to try to stop Sophie again. He called to her as Sulfura Reaper (pronouncing it correctly as a demon would), again found that he couldn’t affect her and again got beaten up and sent away, never to deal with Sophie again (Reaper was her given last name, since her father was Nephal the Reaper). Sophie was glad that she hadn’t come under the wizard’s magic, but she also wanted to know why Sulfura Reaper wasn’t her real name, and what her real name was. Sophie confronted Nephal and demanded that he tell her what he knew about her past and her real mother. Nephal turned the conversation around and found out everything that Sophie knew about her past and the sources of her information without revealing any additional information to her. Sophie was deployed to a mortal world with gradually thinning connections to the outer planes (including the Abyss). Sophie’s mission was to get close to Baron Rohkar Cindren and act as a sleeper agent until he finished joining into an alliance with the devils (demons and devils tend to fight each other). Sophie was supposed to make sure that the deal went through and then pass infernal information from Baron Cindren back to the demons. Sophie arranged for an “accident†and bandits to make her look like a damsel in distress for the nearby Baron to save. She claimed to be a noble from a far-off land and stayed with the Baron as his guest, which quickly turned into staying as his girlfriend. The deal with the devils was moving forward and the plan couldn’t have been going better until a man in a ridiculous black costume that screamed “look at me, I’m an assassin†showed up skulking around the castle. The guards were gathered, the warning signals sounded, the castle sealed, and the Baron moved to safety. Amidst the confusion, the Baron was pricked with a poisoned needle from the real assassin who had been disguised as a guard. Sophie had completely failed the mission, and it seemed that she had been left to find a way home on her own, which would be hard with the thinning planar connections. Sophie used a magic pendant as a dowsing pendulum, to lead her to things similar to herself – portals to Cardiola or one of her siblings would be best, but leading her to any Abyssal portal or demon-worshiping cult would be good enough. Traveling through the world, Sophie met Siobhana the noble vampire as a kindred spirit. Siobhana had been a good woman before she had been turned into a vampire against her will and she still retained a desire to help people, especially people like herself who were shunned by society for reasons outside of their own control. Siobhana was a good source of girl-talk with Sophie and informed her that connections to the outer planes were thinning was because Kaladrax, the dracolich, had been devouring the souls of the dead, preventing them from passing to the afterlife. She also helped Sophie find a way to reach the source of a very strong resonance that the pendulum was leading her towards. Aside (girl-talk with Siobhana) [ Sophie, “I think of Marcel everyday – the way he would look into my eyes, the way he would hold my hand when we walked, the way he would smile a little when he heard me walk into his shop . . . and how he looked when Nephal revealed the mission and then killed him. He makes me think of him every day and I just don’t know how to break this curse.†Siobhana, “Maybe you are in love.†Sophie, “No; I love miniatures and paints, fine chocolates, and flirting with men. It isn’t like any of those things. In a way I feel like I have been disloyal to Marcel, which doesn’t make any sense since I never had any reason to be loyal to him.†Siobhana, “Loyalty is important to you?†Sophie, “My mom always taught me that I was free to do anything I wanted as long as I was loyal to her – she is the best.†Siobhana, “So you feel loyal to you mom?†Sophie, “Of course.†Siobhana, “And your siblings?†Sophie, “Yeah, I’m loyal to the demons I grew up with and I guess I am kind of loyal to the rest of my mom’s children.†Siobhana, “And your dad?†Sophie, “No . . . I despise him.†Siobhana, “Perhaps you are using the word ‘loyal’ the way most mortals use ‘true love’, like how mortals love the people they grew up with who were kind to them.â€] Sophie continued her journey to find whatever strongly resonated with her. The pendulum led her to a large house. Sophie knocked on the door and was, for the first time in her life, speechless when the person who answered the door was also Sophie. The two Sophies were wearing different clothes but were otherwise identical. The other Sophie was, of course, Celeste. Each one immediately believed that the other was some kind of doppelganger. Celeste’s husband, Cassius, acted as a liaison between the two, who were very distrustful of the other one. They both knew every supernatural ability and physical characteristic of the other, but nothing of the other’s history except that Nephal was named as both of their fathers – a name that they each disliked. Since their stories didn’t add up, they determined that only two people could possible know the truth; Nephal and Ilnerik, their demon and human fathers. Sophie and Celeste agreed to travel together to talk with Ilnerik, who was a very old man by this time. Sophie had traveled halfway around the world to find Celeste and now she found herself traveling halfway back to a nation she had never visited. Chapter 6: Past Revealed After a long journey, Sophie met the old nobleman, who broke down in tears when he saw the two of them together. He called her Angel and expressed joy many times that Sophie was safe and had been alright. Ilnerik told them the truth – he told them that he and Nalani had bargained with Nephal for twins in exchange for one soul to be taken away. He told them how their mother had loved them both before she died and how he had let Nephal take Sophie so that Celeste could live. He expressed a lifetime of regret for letting Nephal take Sophie, but didn’t know of anything better that he could have done. Sophie offered to take Ilnerik with her to the Abyss so he could live out the rest of his life in supreme pleasures and be transformed into an incubus, but Ilnerik declined and said that Nalani was waiting for him in Heaven. Sophie felt loyalty to this man she had just met and said that she would visit him as often as she could. Celeste also agreed to stay and care for him in his old age and return to Cassius after Ilnerik passed away. Sophie determined that she would have to kill Kaladrax so that her father’s soul could reach Heaven to join his wife. Sophie had fought trolls, biker gangs, pirates, and space aliens, but never anything as dangerous as an undead dragon. Sophie used her greatest strength as a succubus, which was her unnaturally charming personality, to gather together champions of all kinds to unite against Kaladrax – paladins and warlords, good and evil priests, wizards and witches, vampires and vampire hunters, and heroes great and small. Sophie could do little in the final battle other than offer moral support and provide a few protective wards to allies. After a long battle, Kaladrax and his armies, as well as many of the champions, were dead. Aside (unofficial motto of the united champions) [When faced with extinction, any alternative is preferable.] As Kaladrax died, the souls he had consumed blasted out from him like an arural kaleidoscope, ripping open portals to their appropriate afterlives. Sophie saw a portal to the Abyss and was about to go through when she looked back and saw a portal to Heaven. She saw a face she knew and ran to the Heavenly portal to beg Marcel to lift the curse he had put on her. Marcel explained that he had not cursed her; Sophie had broken her own heart and that even though she had wronged him, he bore no malice towards her. Marcel told Sophie that he still loved her and that if she wanted to be with him and would change her wicked ways, he would wait for her. Sophie felt very conflicted but with the portals shrinking she was forced to return to the Abyss rather than stay and talk more with Marcel. Aside (conversation with Marcel) [sophie, “Marcel, please, lift the curse you placed on me. If you had joined me, you wouldn’t have been killed. I did everything I could to save you. If I had refused, they would have killed me and just sent someone else to try to seduce you, so I really didn’t have any choice.†Marcel, “Sophie, you always had a choice. I was good to you and you did me wrong, but I forgive you; I bear no malice against you and I never cursed you. If your heart pains you, it is because you have broken it yourself.†Sophie, “I am forced to think of you every day. How can I be free of these memories?†Marcel, “You think of me often because you love me, and you are pained because you betrayed your heart. I still love you too, but I can’t support the evil decisions you are making.†Sophie, “I need to be loyal to my mom, but I also want to be loyal to you. What should I do?†Marcel, “If you turn from your wicked ways and do good things, I will wait for you. No matter how long it takes, if you keeping working on becoming a good person, I will keep waiting for you in Heaven.†Sophie, “. . .â€] Chapter 7: A New Life Sophie received great praise from Noctua for playing a key role in releasing many ****ed souls that Kaladrax has consumed, slaying many evil champions that became fine additions to Noctua’s realm, and promoting favorable relations between humans and demons. When Noctua asked what Sophie wanted as a reward, she only asked that she be given more freedom over what missions to take. Sophie also noted that Kaladrax was a powerful undead, and powerful undead can often revive themselves; therefore, Kaladrax could be a threat again unless steps were taken to re-slay Kaladrax as soon as he revives, when he would be very weak. An immortal who was more skilled in magic and martial prowess than Sophie may be needed to guard Kaladrax’s grave. Noctua consented to Sophie’s request and assigned Nephal to the lonely job of guarding Kaladrax’s grave and slaying him every time he began to revive himself, and assigned a new overseer to the Fountains of Youth who would be better at promoting loyalty than Nephal. Sophie wasn’t sure if a long-distance relationship with an angel would work, but she was willing to try. From then on Sophie opted away from missions that directly hurt people and instead chose public relations missions to promote demonology. After searching across worlds, she found an interesting opportunity. She found a mortal world with a company that had her own last name that was looking for someone with modeling and public relations experience. Sophie applied for and quickly got a job with Reaper. She became a company favorite, especially as she shared sketches of people she knew, leading to many miniatures of friends and family. Sophie has come to feel loyal to Reaper and the friends she has made there. Sometimes Sophie feels lonely on a world where demons are rare, but she invokes her old friends when possible and occasionally summons a group of her sisters for long weekends to visit malls, buy fine things, and flirt with anything with a Y chromosome. But when time are hard and the veil between this world and the next grows thickest so that she loses touch with Marcel and her family for extended periods of time, she takes comfort in her new friends that love and respect her. But when times are hard and the connection between her worlds thins, Sophie realizes she has come to feel more comfortable with her new friends in this world.
  2. I'm back! I had a long time of not being able to paint owing to being extremely busy, but after months, I've finally found the time to paint again So, on to the mini ^^ I felt quite rusty painting Sophie, but I think she came out well in the end. I'm particularly pleased with the colour on her wings Getting an angle on her face was hard... Photos arent amazing quality as I have a new phone that I'm still getting used to ^^;
  3. For those that don't do Facebook. From Reapers FB page: Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi based on art by Izzy "Talin" Collier and available at ReaperCon in October.
  4. I have been wanting to paint on of these things for a while. every time I see one of these in the store it is bent and deformed and I just don't want to hassle with straightening it. I found one and it was in a little plastic bag and I figured it was from someone's kickstarter and they just didn't want to paint it. I got it home and removed the bag and was horrified by the mold lines and flash left on the mini. I figured I will paint it anyway. this was the hardest and most frustrating mini I have ever painted. every time I went to put paint on it, it beaded up. washing didn't help much. primed it and then painted some and decided to remove the mold lines this took me hours. (I am not used to doing this so I had to train my self how.) I trimmed and cut and sometimes even had to remove detail, like the decoration on the left top of the boot. gone couldn't make it work. the right arm had some mold slippage and was extra thick so it was now armored. I eventually had to cut the wings off to paint the back. face just got some shadows and highlights due to lack of detail. swapped out the sword for a GW dark elf sword. he will never miss it. some people might be thinking why didn't I just send the mini back to reaper and get a new one. well it's simple reaper looses money doing this. I like their products and I want them to be around for a long time, so if I buy it I paint it. thanks. here is my table top Troll Slayer Sophie.
  5. I am trying to gather together all Sophie lore. I already know about Sophie Speaks from Casket Works issue 8, 2002 I have heard that Sophie seduces people into buying miniatures and paints, and that Rauthurose is her uncle (or something like that), although I don't have sources for either of those bits of information. I want to make Sophie into an NPC in a Pathfinder game I am running, so I want to find out as much about her as I can. If people can include links to sources that would be great, but I will take any lore I can get. Thanks.
  6. Another day, another miniature for me to post. This one I was a little unsure of if I should post, but with how nice everyone has been I think I should! This one is the Pirate Sophie miniature, I saw it on Ebay and knew I had to have it! I have tried to make the parrot as realistic as I could, and for the photos I took heed of the advice given by Chaoswolf in the thread about my Wyvern, and have tried to get better light, though it has not been easy with my resources! Anyway here's the pictures, comments and advice are gratefully received!!
  7. I finally got my light box put back up. Here are the photos I took of the awesome 2002 Christmas Sophie that Miss Melons sent me for Secret Sophie:
  8. One of last week's accomplishments. The armor was a PITA, the detail is so soft in places I couldn't tell what I was painting.
  9. So, as is my tradition of sorts, every winter I paint up a Winter Sophie. This year we take the wayback to 2001 and this fine example of Klockenbooty by the legendary master Werner Klocke. Here we see the legendary Sophie the Succubus proving that she can make even a Snowman blush Comments, Criticism, and questions all appreciated.
  10. Merry Christmas, everyone! I painted up my Sophie Christmas Ornament and had an absolute blast (the positioning of the "2014" is my only truly heartfelt regret). Hope your day is great, whatever you're doing.
  11. these are the Miniatures I painted for the fall exchange. This is the 2013 reapercon Sophie and a small dragon from Valiant. I wanted a group of a dragontamer and her pet dragon. What I forgot to take pictures of is the fact that the sophie is magnetic and there is an additional 30 mm base tucked up under the plinth so that she can be used for play when not on display. Sorry about the perspective on the Sophie, i didn't realize that i was so low when taking the pictures. Note also that the dragon has a squishy ball for his nerves. the dragon is not the best cast in the world but it was fun for a quick paint. C&C always welcome
  12. Here's my contest entry for the single figure Be A Spaceship Superstar contest. I was originally not going to do an entry, but then I read the premise of the contest and thought that I had the same idea about most of my sci-fi stuff; give it to Anne or paint some of it. I decided to paint up Sophie whom I acquired during the annual Reaper X-mas days of Christmas adventure back in 2011 (I think). I opted for more of a modern (dull) NMM armor. I also gave her one terminator eye. The colors I used were all Reaper MSP and include: Carnival purple, Blue liner, yellowed bone, brains pink, maggot white, redstone shadow, blackened brown, dark elf shadow, gory red, sun yellow, woodstain brown and breonne blue.
  13. How big is she? Is she standard mini sized or bigger? I am not at reapercon and was planning to order her but her price seems kind of high for a standard size mini and she doesn't have any Bryangles in the picture.
  14. I like the new ReaperCon Sophie. Will she available during the ReaperCon in the webshop to order her? From Germany it is not easy to be at the ReaperCon's.
  15. The USPS pulled a UPS on me Thankfully the mini itself wasn't damaged. The base looked like this guy stepped on it. The wing is a bit bent as is the pole, but those will be easy to fix. The problem I'm having is unbending the base. It's so thick I can't flatten it out. Any advice?
  16. Dresses in Red, Sneaks into Houses at night, Has a list of all the naughty and nice, and has a penchant for hot chocolate. Yup, it's Sophie WIP can be found here http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52609-2002-christmas-sophie/
  17. Well, I wasn't going to do a WIP. Wasn't even going to start this until Monday, but like in a lot of things, I blame Buglips. More than that, I blame how his was coming which is why I went ahead and after primer slobbered on brown liner in a very Goblin-like fashion. As I said, I wasn't going to do a WIP, but the sun was getting in my eyes at my work table so I had to take a break anyway, and decided to snap a few pictures
  18. My exchange mini finally arrived safely to my partner, since Orion knows who I am I doubt they'll mind me sharing photos. If I painted a Christmas-themed mini it was requested I use a blue colour scheme. I also sculpted some mistletoe to add to the border out of green stuff. Some work in progress photos:
  19. Hello Reaper Peoples. I am looking for pictures of Sophie the Suculent.....errr Succubus and having a terrible time of it. I'm looking for the artwork, other then the wallpapers available on site, which I already have. I would really like to find the reclining Sophie from the packages, but any good pieces would do. Please help.
  20. Heya I was wondering if Reaper will be releasing Halloween figures? A new Halloween Sophie perhaps or a new mousling set? I want to run a local paint contest now that I am back in my FLGS area and the prizes are usually the new Halloween figures.. Any info would be spectacular! :)
  21. well, the sun came out (still raining, but the sun is bright. I love this country) So i was able to get some decent pictures of my lady. Comment, critiques, cash and checks all gladly accepted.
  22. Ladies, Gentlemen, Goblins of all ages. Come one, come all. To see the daring deeds of ShadowRaven as he attempts to make Reapercon Sophie look good. In the first ring, we have primed, lined, and skintones to dazzle and amaze (at least I am somewhat amazed at how nice they are coming) For her skin, I began with a base of tanned skin, then highlighted with tan highlight, a blend of tanned highlight and rosey skin, followed by straight rosy skin. I am not happy with her eyes, but I hope I can straighten them out with a bit more of the flesh tone. Comment and critique, Please. And if you see anything you think I should do to help as this goes on, please let me know.
  23. The sophie box art on the back of the Dark Heaven Legends boxes is great, is there a larger image available for a wallpaper? I didn't see it in the site's gallery. Thanks!
  24. Hi there, I did a quick browse of the forum, and didn't see anyone asking this (but this being the internet and all, I'm surprised I'm the first one wondering aloud if my order has been messed up). So I got the email on December 4th that my metal Sophie was finally on its way to Canada. I know the history and this post isn't any complaining about that. My problem is that per the tracking link in the email, the package was "shipment accepted" on December 5th and then... it stopped. It hasn't done anything else since then. Is it really still sitting in a Texas mail depot? Is this normal for USPS First-Class Mail International? Should I be writing the Postmaster General of the US? Is it just that Canadian package tracking never works as well as it does for Americans and it'll show up on my doorstep 5 hours from now without the status ever changing? Can any Canadians confirm that their Sophie has arrived? If it matters, this is my link: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?origTrackNum=LN371609892US Also, there's the small fact that I put an old postal code but my new address into the pledge manager. I only discovered this after I started to wonder what the hold up is (and corrected it immediately!). Will that Sophie now sit in Texas forever since they can't resolve the street address with the postal code?
  25. Back in October I got a fantastic idea for a little scene with a witch, a cauldron, and a dead-ish tree. Very Halloweenish and all. Since Halloween Witch Sophie wasn't available at the time (or rather I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for her) I settled on Elise the Witch (65015) for the witch and was going to get a spiffy cauldron from Mega Miniatures. I got the base from my FLGS, shaved off a portion of it to put in a swamp and built a tree on it using this weird squishy air-drying molding clay on the inside, and green stuff on the outside. And that's as far as I got. Come December and the 12 Days of Reaper I got myself a Halloween Witch Sophie (yay!). So here's what I have so far: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/15/witchwip.jpg/'> I'd like some advice on pumpkin placement. The flat space in the front is where I'm going to have the swamp and I'd like Sophie about where she is now. I'm not sure if I want to make vines for the uncarved pumpkins and have a patch, or if I want them scattered randomly about like they are now. My sweet husband isn't helpful, he says do whatever you like best, but I want to know what would LOOK best.
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