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Found 50 results

  1. I am trying to gather together all Sophie lore. I already know about Sophie Speaks from Casket Works issue 8, 2002 I have heard that Sophie seduces people into buying miniatures and paints, and that Rauthurose is her uncle (or something like that), although I don't have sources for either of those bits of information. I want to make Sophie into an NPC in a Pathfinder game I am running, so I want to find out as much about her as I can. If people can include links to sources that would be great, but I will take any lore I can get. Thanks.
  2. Another day, another miniature for me to post. This one I was a little unsure of if I should post, but with how nice everyone has been I think I should! This one is the Pirate Sophie miniature, I saw it on Ebay and knew I had to have it! I have tried to make the parrot as realistic as I could, and for the photos I took heed of the advice given by Chaoswolf in the thread about my Wyvern, and have tried to get better light, though it has not been easy with my resources! Anyway here's the pictures, comments and advice are gratefully received!!
  3. I finally got my light box put back up. Here are the photos I took of the awesome 2002 Christmas Sophie that Miss Melons sent me for Secret Sophie:
  4. One of last week's accomplishments. The armor was a PITA, the detail is so soft in places I couldn't tell what I was painting.
  5. So, as is my tradition of sorts, every winter I paint up a Winter Sophie. This year we take the wayback to 2001 and this fine example of Klockenbooty by the legendary master Werner Klocke. Here we see the legendary Sophie the Succubus proving that she can make even a Snowman blush Comments, Criticism, and questions all appreciated.
  6. Merry Christmas, everyone! I painted up my Sophie Christmas Ornament and had an absolute blast (the positioning of the "2014" is my only truly heartfelt regret). Hope your day is great, whatever you're doing.
  7. these are the Miniatures I painted for the fall exchange. This is the 2013 reapercon Sophie and a small dragon from Valiant. I wanted a group of a dragontamer and her pet dragon. What I forgot to take pictures of is the fact that the sophie is magnetic and there is an additional 30 mm base tucked up under the plinth so that she can be used for play when not on display. Sorry about the perspective on the Sophie, i didn't realize that i was so low when taking the pictures. Note also that the dragon has a squishy ball for his nerves. the dragon is not the best cast in the world but it was fun for a quick paint. C&C always welcome
  8. Here's my contest entry for the single figure Be A Spaceship Superstar contest. I was originally not going to do an entry, but then I read the premise of the contest and thought that I had the same idea about most of my sci-fi stuff; give it to Anne or paint some of it. I decided to paint up Sophie whom I acquired during the annual Reaper X-mas days of Christmas adventure back in 2011 (I think). I opted for more of a modern (dull) NMM armor. I also gave her one terminator eye. The colors I used were all Reaper MSP and include: Carnival purple, Blue liner, yellowed bone, brains pink, maggot white, redstone shadow, blackened brown, dark elf shadow, gory red, sun yellow, woodstain brown and breonne blue.
  9. How big is she? Is she standard mini sized or bigger? I am not at reapercon and was planning to order her but her price seems kind of high for a standard size mini and she doesn't have any Bryangles in the picture.
  10. I like the new ReaperCon Sophie. Will she available during the ReaperCon in the webshop to order her? From Germany it is not easy to be at the ReaperCon's.
  11. The USPS pulled a UPS on me Thankfully the mini itself wasn't damaged. The base looked like this guy stepped on it. The wing is a bit bent as is the pole, but those will be easy to fix. The problem I'm having is unbending the base. It's so thick I can't flatten it out. Any advice?
  12. Dresses in Red, Sneaks into Houses at night, Has a list of all the naughty and nice, and has a penchant for hot chocolate. Yup, it's Sophie WIP can be found here http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52609-2002-christmas-sophie/
  13. Well, I wasn't going to do a WIP. Wasn't even going to start this until Monday, but like in a lot of things, I blame Buglips. More than that, I blame how his was coming which is why I went ahead and after primer slobbered on brown liner in a very Goblin-like fashion. As I said, I wasn't going to do a WIP, but the sun was getting in my eyes at my work table so I had to take a break anyway, and decided to snap a few pictures
  14. My exchange mini finally arrived safely to my partner, since Orion knows who I am I doubt they'll mind me sharing photos. If I painted a Christmas-themed mini it was requested I use a blue colour scheme. I also sculpted some mistletoe to add to the border out of green stuff. Some work in progress photos:
  15. Hello Reaper Peoples. I am looking for pictures of Sophie the Suculent.....errr Succubus and having a terrible time of it. I'm looking for the artwork, other then the wallpapers available on site, which I already have. I would really like to find the reclining Sophie from the packages, but any good pieces would do. Please help.
  16. Heya I was wondering if Reaper will be releasing Halloween figures? A new Halloween Sophie perhaps or a new mousling set? I want to run a local paint contest now that I am back in my FLGS area and the prizes are usually the new Halloween figures.. Any info would be spectacular! :)
  17. I started painting my ringmaster Sophie last night and put a little more work in tonight. Still working on base coating. I thought I did a really great job with the eyes... then I took a look at my photo. I think the right eye (her left) needs to get redone. Colors used so far: Carnival Purple, Big Top Red, Palamino Gold, Noir Black, Caucasian Flesh
  18. well, the sun came out (still raining, but the sun is bright. I love this country) So i was able to get some decent pictures of my lady. Comment, critiques, cash and checks all gladly accepted.
  19. Ladies, Gentlemen, Goblins of all ages. Come one, come all. To see the daring deeds of ShadowRaven as he attempts to make Reapercon Sophie look good. In the first ring, we have primed, lined, and skintones to dazzle and amaze (at least I am somewhat amazed at how nice they are coming) For her skin, I began with a base of tanned skin, then highlighted with tan highlight, a blend of tanned highlight and rosey skin, followed by straight rosy skin. I am not happy with her eyes, but I hope I can straighten them out with a bit more of the flesh tone. Comment and critique, Please. And if you see anything you think I should do to help as this goes on, please let me know.
  20. The sophie box art on the back of the Dark Heaven Legends boxes is great, is there a larger image available for a wallpaper? I didn't see it in the site's gallery. Thanks!
  21. Back in October I got a fantastic idea for a little scene with a witch, a cauldron, and a dead-ish tree. Very Halloweenish and all. Since Halloween Witch Sophie wasn't available at the time (or rather I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for her) I settled on Elise the Witch (65015) for the witch and was going to get a spiffy cauldron from Mega Miniatures. I got the base from my FLGS, shaved off a portion of it to put in a swamp and built a tree on it using this weird squishy air-drying molding clay on the inside, and green stuff on the outside. And that's as far as I got. Come December and the 12 Days of Reaper I got myself a Halloween Witch Sophie (yay!). So here's what I have so far: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/15/witchwip.jpg/'> I'd like some advice on pumpkin placement. The flat space in the front is where I'm going to have the swamp and I'd like Sophie about where she is now. I'm not sure if I want to make vines for the uncarved pumpkins and have a patch, or if I want them scattered randomly about like they are now. My sweet husband isn't helpful, he says do whatever you like best, but I want to know what would LOOK best.
  22. I had meant to finish her at the end of 2012, but the fact that she's still lingering on the workbench makes her my first completed mini of 2013. I'm still not sure what to write on that scroll...if it's still bothering me that it's blank by the time I need to display her for the 2013 holiday season, I'll go ahead and put something on there. But for now, for the sake of moving on to another project, blank it is. C&C welcome - this is the year that I try to be more consistent both in the amount of painting I do, and in the documenting of said painting :)
  23. Like the Canadian shipment thread for Kickstarter Sophie's, I thought this might be the place to comment for Aussie destined Kickstarter Sophie's. I find tacking information to be a little vague at most. Once they hit Sydney parcel sorting, the tracking trail tends to end. I doubt they will arrive at our doorsteps before Christmas, one hopes though :)
  24. Like the thread title says, I pledged the Reaper Miniatures kickstarter campaign (one of the most successful in kickstarter history) at the "Vampire" level, and I just got my Kickstarter Sophie the succubus in the mail. Sophie the Succubus is a bonus limited edition figure available to donors who donated at the "Vampire" level and above. I opened it up (maybe that was a mistake, not keeping it in mint condition...) and it's a great little figure, let down by some unfortunate assembly quirks. On the good side, the figure is very characterful. The wings fit very snugly, and want to stay even without glue, although obviously you'll need to glue it to join them to the body permanently, but the join is very snug. Some complaints though; the point of contact for the wheel to attach to the bike forks is frustratingly small, and there's no good point of contact. I don't think the wheel will stay glued to the forks, You're going to have to glue this model to a base, it's not staying together any other way. Sophie also doesn't seem to have a set point of contact to sit on the bike. I mean, you can make a good guess, but it's not exact. A small peg and hole to join the two parts would have been helpful. Finally the handlebars. In a word, they stink. Sophie is waving her hands in two different directions, neither of which is conducive to getting her to grip the handle bars. It's not a question of turning the handlebars either. Either you have to bend her arms, or the forks, or something, Very disappointed. A very good limited edition figure, let down by poor assembly. What about you guys, how are your Kickstarter Sophies coming along? --Chris www.chrisvalera.com
  25. Just got my Sophie, comes in six parts: front wheel, front of bike, back of bike, Sophie's main body, and the two wings - should be easy to green stuff in the wing slots if you just want a "biker girl." Model looks great, but there is a fairly large gap where the wheel part meets the front of the bike part that will need some green stuff to fill in so that the tire segments line up correctly. The model can stand without a base even if you use just the bike and Sophie body without wings (but the wings help). You might need to gently push the handle bars around a bit to get Sophie into the proper seating position. Overall, a great model, can't wait to start painting it! Here is a size comparison:
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