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  1. Here is a link to my blog where I posted all the photos. I didn't want to just stick them all here since there are quite a few and didn't want to overload people with photos. The photography and lighting definitely isn't the best but I'm working on that. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome. https://sparrowmarieminis.wordpress.com/2017/04/20/shadows-of-brimstone-resin-minis/
  2. Freshly washed, only 4 of the 20 heroes need repaired. The 3 villains still need assembled but I thought it best to scrub them down before gluing. Next up: primer test.
  3. As part of this month's getting to know you thread a challenge was proposed, try a technique you've never done before. For me that was OSL. So I used the Mousling Druid to attempt this. For a first try I don't think it turned out too bad. The lighting in my room isn't great so I hope it reads okay.
  4. Going to use this guy as my first attempt at OSL. This was inspired by Talespinner's challenge in the getting to know each other thread.
  5. I painted up some angels, this is the first time I've painted feathers that I can recall. This is also my first attempt at painting marble. My eyes are slowly getting better. Edit: There are some better pics of the second and third angels a few posts down. Deva: Angel of Shadow: Angel of Protection:
  6. This was my project for the morning, spent maybe 4 hours on it. The spots on the hat are my attempt at stars.
  7. Colors are a little off from my lighting, he's more red than orange and not as shiny in person. My light box isn't quite big enough to fit him.
  8. I started painting up DDS2 while I decide on what I want to do with Khanjira. I'm trying to decide which color I want to go with on the wings in the last picture, I like them both.
  9. So I'm going to try to keep up with a new WIP. I started painting Yephima yesterday and I hope to finish her by the end of the month. Here is my progress so far: I first put down a thin layer blue liner and then based her skin in MSP Ashen Blue and her armor and hair pieces are MSP Ancient Bronze. I missed a couple of bits of armor that I need to go back and do. I haven't yet decided what other colors I want to do on the rest of her. I'll normally plan this out ahead of time but when I went to my notebook nothing was written down on her page. Oops. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  10. I posted all of my photos over on my blog because I couldn't figure out a way to post all of them here without it being a photo overload. They aren't in any particular order since I couldn't remember which order I painted them in since I had to play catch up. After I took photos and adjusted the white balance on them I realized I have a lot of places that need touching up. So I'm going to make that a goal of this month along with the few others I have. https://sparrowmarieminis.wordpress.com/2016/12/03/minivember-photos/
  11. So. I've decided that this year instead of participating in National Novel Writing Month, which I have never successfully finished, I'm going to paint a mini a day. I've still got a ton of bones laying around from the Bones 2 kickstarter that I want to get done before Bones 3 gets to me. I also want to finish painting up what I have of Shadows of Brimstone before the rest of it gets here as well. If all else fails I plan to paint at least 30 unique minis by the end of the month. I've laid out a calendar and some rules for myself. Rules: 1.) Must be roughly human sized, 28-33 mm or larger (horizontally or vertically) 2.) 1 sculpt counts as 1 mini. 3.) Prep beforehand is totally permitted (washing, boiling, priming, gap filling, removing mold lines, etc) 4.) More than one model a day is great! But it doesn't count towards future days. 5.) 24 hours for one mini only 6.) Take pictures of time and date before and after finishing each mini. Must include mini in both pictures. EDIT: This will be a very picture heavy thread. EDIT 2: Here is where I will be putting my show off threads once I get around to making them.
  12. This was my mini that I worked on yesterday (11/6). I think he turned out pretty good for a few hours of work. He could definitely use a few touch ups though now that I see better pictures.
  13. Here is my mini from 11/4. I still have 2 more of these to paint up and am hoping I can replicate the results.
  14. This is from yesterday (11/5). He was a super quick paint job, less than 2 hours. I was hoping to get all 6 of them done yesterday but that didn't happen because of my cold.
  15. Here is my mini that I painted for day 1 of Minivember. For the amount of time I spent on him I'm pretty happy with it.
  16. I painted this guy a few weeks ago. I spent maybe 4 days off and on on him. I'm much happier with the front than the back. C&C welcome and appreciated! Also, I'm not sure if I like the grey background, I have a white and a black as well but I'm not sure if one of the others would work better.
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