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Found 44 results

  1. This is the Shaerileth figure. I wanted to do a black & white/greyscale figure, set off with a single accent colour. Well, in this case it was red blood! Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca Edit: Ah, as a new user, I've just discovered that you can't show a nude figure here. No problem. If you'd like to see other images of this figure (from the front, for example) you can just travel to my blog, linked in my signature. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi everyone, Recently I picked up my hobby of painting minis and building dioramas. I have a lot of ideas in my head and have a load of new minis to paint. Among them I have 2 bones shaerileth spiders. I was searching on the net for some inspiration on what color scheme to use, when i found a building instuction of the metal variant here on the reaper website. When I took out my spider from its blister I noticed its legs were a bit off.. The legs were not in the proper place. The 2 longer hind legs were in the middle and front. I cut them of and pinned them so i could place them in their proper location. Put on some very old green stuff, (already ordered me a fresh batch) to tidy up the new connections. I have only started on one spider to see if it would work out the way I like and this is where I am at now with my progress. At the moment I have not decided on a color scheme yet, to much ideas in my head. Am I going to use a brush for paint or am I going to get my airbrusch into it? I will fix the second spiders legs first before I decide on colors and technique. Maybe some of you have a suggestion for me on a color scheme?
  3. Here's a 77025: Giant Spider I painted today.
  4. You may know that I am new and joined yesterday. I want to show you a spider I have painted. Please know I have a very bad camera and intend to get a better one soon. The camera I used was a Vivicam F126 What do you think?
  5. I've gone back and forth about starting this thread since I started painting these last April. Shaerileth and the female spider-centaur are topless, so I need to link pictures owing to nudity. But heck, I guess talking about how I'm painting them can help people so I'm giving it a go anyway. The male spider-centaurs, faces, and backs will be shown. Any front female torsos will be linked to, as per Reaper's forum policy. So anyhow, these are Bones plastic, so fairly lightweight. I primed them all with Reaper's "Brown Liner", the acrylic paint that sticks to Bones no matter what, thinned down somewhat. http://i1067.photobucket.com/albums/u439/PingoPaints/Miniatures/2015/Driders/0418-007-Lolth_zpsmptc3gnm.jpg http://i1067.photobucket.com/albums/u439/PingoPaints/Miniatures/2015/Driders/0418-010-driders_zpsoicoszxa.jpg
  6. Pretty quick paint! Base done with happy seppuku stamp and sand. Based in walnut brown, and drybrushed with some white. Layers with some feathering of mahogany brown, AP fur brown, new HD woodland brown. HD Crimson and garnet reds for under abdomen.
  7. I use lots of monsters. Here are a couple I did last week.
  8. Sorry for shadows, older pic. Original paint scheme by Marike Reimer
  9. Been meaning to work on this for a few years. Amsco brand had this cool spider with a bag of webs with armored and spiky looking legs. With a few more pointy bits, I think it will make a passable if small "Plated Spider" gatherer.wizards.com/Handlers/Image.ashx?multiverseid=26661&type=card
  10. Nissiana and I are quite happy to have picked up a commission, and even more excited to share it with y'all! These are the gamepieces for the Mice & Mystics base game and the first expansion. I'm sad I've never had the chance to play, but I'm fairly certain I can remedy that the next time we host a board game night. And I'll eventually want to buy a set for us, because these minis are great! The minis themselves are a soft plastic similar to Bonesium, but cast in a tan color. There were a few mold lines and injection points that needed a little cleanup, but really these are pretty high quality casts. The extent of prep was trim a bit of flash (super simple with a scalpel, just like Bones), wash in some dishsoapy water, and prime. Nice sculpts, too, with good detail and a lot of character. The aesthetic is a good bit more "realistic" (realism being relative, we're talking anthropomorphic rodents, after all) than Reaper's mouselings, but I still think the mice are totes adorbs, as the kids say. And the villains, a host of creepy-crawlies and less savory rodents, are sufficiently menacing. But enough yammer. Photos! The bunch primed up: Various scalawags and neer-do-wells: Rats: A spider, a centipede, an ant-warlock and a slew of roaches: I'll be painting all the arthropods. I'm actually really looking forward to the cockroaches, believe it or not. And a group shot of the Heroes: Nissiana will be painting up the rodents. You can see she's already got a good start on several of them; I'll let her talk about that once she gets home from rehearsal tonight (or tomorrow during the day sometime). We'll be painting these to a "tabletop" standard; the end result should be easy to differentiate on the table and attractive in the hand, but we don't hope to win any Sophie Trophies with the lot. Let us know what you think as we move along!
  11. Here are some speed painted spiders for table top use. First, the Reaper Bones (77025) and P65 (65082) large spiders, you can guess which pair is which: Next, the small Bones Vermin Spiders (77126) And last, some Ral Partha spiders (11-514) from their excellent AD&D line:
  12. Painted up the Bones Giant Spider. One of his eyes was missing and i tried rather poorly to put it in
  13. I need a large sized spider for a boss battle soon in Pathfinder. Any suggestions. Also I will need a good half dragon ogre or something that could look like one
  14. My continuing adventures: This guy was my first adventure with a blue wash. I was trying out new colors, new brushes, blah blah blah. I don't hate him, but IIIIIIIIIIII dunno. And then: I love this guy, despite his Egyptian-walk pose. I couldn't get him to show up very well in any of the pictures I took, unfortunately. Guess I need to quit being shoddy and set up a proper background. But I tried some orange shading with the brown robe, like I was asking about elsewhere, and it looks kind of neat in person. A worthwhile experiment, if nothing else. I also tried adding the yellow on his belting specifically to ccontrast with the purple. Which at least shows I'm thinking, right? Right. Moving along: Didn't try to do a lot with this guy. Aimed to keep it simple. He freaks my wife out, and that'll do, pig. That'll do. Thanks for looking. Totally open as always to advice and all.
  15. So, I'm really bored tonight and was looking at the KS rewards and the name Spider Centaurs kept catching my attention. I can't get the image of centaurs (regular, horse-human ones) dressed up in red and blue and swinging around their forest on spider webs after being bitten by magical spiders. I propose that henceforth these model be referenced (at least unofficially) as Arachnitaurs. That is all.
  16. suggestions welcome, for future tasks of for improving these. I know the monk has a couple of dots on his hem to fix. 03577: Asiago Jones, Mousling Adventurer sculpted by Gene Van Horne. I have tried for the Indiana Jones look (for what are I consider obvious reasons). I still need more brush control but I'm happy. Mouseling Monk - I can't find his number. He was a spacial purchase, I think, at Christmas. I imagine this monl to be somewhat like Cadfael, for any who have seen the wonderful series or read the books. He is in his garden, but not to be trifled with. Spider 77126: Vermin: Spiders (set of 2) sculpted by Kevin Williams A quick job which I chose not to base. As a quick image out fo the corner of your eye in a dungeon or old ruin this spider would be effective. In the glaring light of day maybe not so.
  17. WARNING! HEAVY ON SPIDER IMAGES! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! THIS IS NOT A DAFFODIL! So, I've been thinking about painting up a set of spiders for awhile. This is caused by three factors: I already have a tiddly little rat swarm going on, and spiders + rats = happy fun times for low level adventurers. I also like having a small horde of a specific creature type, and with the spiders coming with my Vampire pack I've got a decent little spider brood coming along. I have an awesome spider sculpt in my Shelf of Ancestral Shame I have a weakness for New Zealand's only poisonous X - The Katipo Spider, a close relative of the Australian Redback. So close in fact that it's possible to (very, very, nervously) cross breed Katipo females and Redback males. You can't do it the other way around - Katipo males are big enough to trigger a prey reflex from the female Redback. So. Firstly, for reference, here's a couple of shots of the spider I'm going to try and replicate: As you can see, the female is quite large, a fairly shiny black with a really striking red stripe down the back. The male is smaller, brown, and while striking is more camoflaged than the female. The trick, as I see it, is going to be getting the symbol on the female freehanded onto one model, and replicating the patterning of the male on the other. Now we get to the figures I'm using. I've got the Bone Spider from the pre-Kickstarter Bones - this will be the male. And the other figure... well, it's not really a black widow spider. In fact, it looks more like a tarantula and weighs enough that it might just win a battle versus Takismat. But I think it's a gorgeous sculpt, and I remember my dad pulling it out when we were D&Ding together 3 decades ago. Here's a shot from the front looking directly at the figures As you can see, I've base coated them - the female Pure Black, the male Walnut Brown. I'm probably going to highlight the female deep blue, shading to white, and the male light brown, shading to white. The male pattern I think I'm just going to adapt to the ridges already molded in the back - it's close enough to the positioning of the brown and white patterns that I think it'll work well enough. The female though - would it be better to place the pattern in white first, then fill out the red? Or do red then outline in white?
  18. Here's my last 2 Bones models until the Kickstarter package arrives. Not my best work I don't think, but overall I'm still happy with them. 77026 - Young Dragon This guy gave me a lot of trouble with shading/highlighting. I don't think I have a handle on red yet. I learned a few things, which is good, since this guy was mainly meant as a practice run before the large dragons in the Kickstarter. I'm happy with the overall color scheme, but my red shading is going to need some work. It looks a little better in person than it does here, as I ended up with too much glare from my light. His base is supposed to have a cooled molten lava rock look.
  19. This is a vignette from my private collection. I thought that this was a very cute piece when I saw it and that it would lend itself well to a cute vignette in the fantasy style.
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