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Found 15 results

  1. @Fire_Eyes sent me this amazing set of a vampire and a hero chick under a tree! I love the pink theme going on here. This girl is certainly going to turn around and kick this vamp's patoot! Thank you so much, I love them
  2. This is my Spring Exchange mini - per some discussion with my exchange partner, I decided to give her a 'wand' of sorts, instead of a sword. I dunno why but the snake just happened. It seemed to fit. Anyway, to convert her sword arm to a wand, I basically cut and rotated the arm at the wrist, GSd a bunch of the now gaps (including one that happened on the back of her cloak). I whittled down the sword, cut off the hand guard and ended up making a kind of wooden hilt/handle for it (not sure the wood grain comes across). I'm not 100% enthused with how her cloak came out, still trying to really master blending and highlighting. I am pleased with her eyes though, as it's really the best I've managed so far, her skin is ok at a distance, but isn't as blended as smoothly as I'd like closer in. I kinda went with 'better part of valor'* at this point, and decided not to mess with it anymore, for fear of making it worse. The base I decided on a simple overgrown dungeony type, to fit in with her being a RPG mini. Spoiled incase intended recipient would rather have a surprise ;) And also because not sure if her bare one cheek is PG enough or no for the forums.
  3. So the mini I ended up choosing for my Partner was Alastriel #02967 I actually had kinda wanted a different one but this was one of the choices I'd narrowed down and I erm accidentally forgot to order the other when ordering this one. I don't have a lot of "girl" minis so I had decided to get several and see how they looked in person. Anyway, this one was a contender and it's a quite interesting model. My partner wanted a kind of wand/mace in her hand, and I'd thought about getting rid of the staff, but it's just too nice. So I decided to 'convert' the sword she's holding to a 'wand'. Somehow a snake ended up around it (yes, that's meant to be a snake, be kind :P I'm not a sculptor). It seemed to fit pretty good actually. A minor note, the poor little head fell down a bit while it's curing and now I can't move it :( so it's not quite in the plane I wanted it to be in. (If anyone has any suggestion of how to fix it, I'm all ears) So anyways, here's the WIP shot: I did a little work on the flesh and the hair atm. And while it's hard to see, her eyes. With the way she was holding the sword originally I had to cut her hand and rotate it, so she's got a bit of GS at the wrist, which I'm hoping will blend in ok. And (not shown) I also extended her cloak on the back a bit, to reattach to the wand hand as it was now a bit higher.
  4. This mini has been sitting on my shelf for a while waiting for the right opportunity to show itself. because it is supposed to be coming out of the ground it requires a diorama and I have not be really up to putting a lot of work into my figures. but then I got Gundyloo as my exchange partner and this piece called out to me. The gnome was also originally supposed to be fighting the horror but then it fell in the mouth and stuck in one of the gaps in the horrors teeth and so a truly desperate situation was born. I decided to use a color scheme similar to the original bullette in D&D (blue with a silver land fin) and I tried to make his texturing pop. His eyes are rather small for such a large mini but I like the way they came out. Anyway, thanks for looking. C&C is always welcome, in particular how I might highlight higher without making the whole mini lighter.
  5. This is 77299 Female Antipaladin that I received from fanguad for the Spring Exchange. My "instructions" for my partner were to paint something that would fit either "Something wicked this way comes" or "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Fanguad did great on both counts. She is definitely up to no good with her giant axe. He threw in a couple other sinister figures that are most certainly wicked! (89010: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist & 77123: Zalash, Dark Elf Assassin) She is beautifully highlighted and shaded and I am going to look at her when I next paint skin as hers is gorgeous! I love her face! We also happen to have the same color hair! Ha! Thank you, fanguad! I love her so much! My pictures do not do her justice. Fanguad, if you took better pictures, please add them on here!
  6. This is the mini I painted for Auberon for the Spring Exchange. She is Henn of Gar from Hasselfree Minis. The green looks really bright in the photos, it didn't look that bright in hand. The is the first major freehand I have tried on anything. It doesn't look bad if you don't look too closely at it! Her cloak is based on Ned Stark's cloak on GoT. Her sword is weird and it isn't the one in the picture on Hasslefree's website. /shrug Don't know what is up with that. Anyway, here she is.
  7. I had never painted a mousling before, but when my partner requested them I decided immediately to pair one with a Mice&Mystics figure (I have the minis but not the game. ) The archer looked like a good match, and I was thinking of some kind of duel, but didin't realize how small the mouslings are. So when they came I thought there is no way they would be fighting. So the family archery lesson was born. First I made and archery butt but that didn't look as good as I hoped. So I kept working on the meadow. One morning I woke up with the idea of shooting at a Micky Mouse wanted poster on a tree. But then I had to sculpt my first tree, and a poster. The tree was easier than I had feared and sculpting was done by the end of the day. I did an index card with 4 tiny posters to practice the writing. I have a picture of it somewhere... and with that the second title: "That doesn't look like you at all." the family: I cut the arrows out of the boys quiver and made a few extras with green stuff and scattered them as missed shots. The scale isn't perfect. This picture was taken before adding greenery branches or mom's arrow to the tree. Both me and the mosuling need more practice.
  8. So, I thought I'd go ahead and post these, as my exchange partner received them. Just hoping they arrived ok! only have USPS confirmation. I taped up the sword between two pieces of cardboard as it was very bendy I found and I was worried it'd break in post. But anyway I took pics first before shipping so here they are :) Yes, I took a lot lol since I wouldn't see it again I wanted to make sure I had a record in case I wanted to do something like it again :) few words about them: the wolf is supposed to be a timber wolf - I got some reference pictures and tried to duplicate that pattern. His eyes are quite dark because I just dislike the white showing when on most animals you won't see it at all (I realize there's a lot of exaggeration in miniatures but I just didn't feel right doing it on the wolf). The bases are a bit simple because my partner had expressed a preference for ones that would be useful in gaming and since there are two minis on this, I put them on a 40X40mm base I believe, but left them not actually attached, in case he'd wanted to put them on their own. I just used some paint and flock, pretty basic, to help them "match" each other and the base, itself. I'm pretty happy with a lot of the way the details came out, really this is one of my better minis. It's not on par maybe with some of yall's stuffs but I'm proud of this little bugger.
  9. Hey! These pics are long overdue! This is the Spring Exchange I received from Fire Elemental. It's the Wood Elf King, along with one of Edna, Crazy Cat Lady's cats! It really is an awesome piece with lots of little details that are possible to miss. My favorite part is the little kitty playing! I hate that this took so long to get up! It's mainly as it took so long for me to finish up several projects to drag the camera rig out and take photos of everything! I normally do dioramas, but the latest have been single figures.... At any rate, thank you SO MUCH to Fire Elemental for such an AWESOME exchange! The King resides on my top shelf in his rightful place with other works of awesomeness!
  10. This is the exchange mini I received. Awesome gift and great paint job by Generic Fighter.
  11. Ok finally got the Spring Exchange mini completed. It has no base because Buckyballs requested it be non-based as he will just clear base it anyway for gaming. I am terrible at painting ladies and this one had a lot of fiddly bits. I didn't do a great job but for a tabletop gaming piece I think it will do the trick. I just hope my partner likes it. Better pics taken with an actual camera! Original pics from the cell phone using the light box.
  12. Here are some pretty blurry pic of the spring exchange piece I made for MiniBart. He requested a winter scene and I immediately thought of this mini. Happy you like it buddy. :-)
  13. Here's my exchange mini, sent to Jasper the 2nd. He seems to like it okay, so woot! Now I've got some experience for a few new things and hopefully the next exchange mini will be even better. This was my first attempt at doing anything with a base, so I had a lot of hits and misses. You can probably get a sense of how bad my mistakes were if the base on the proof-of-concept mini is one of the good ones! Here's the final result:
  14. For my Spring Exchange, I had RomulanCmdr and knowing she likes sci-fi stuff, I embarked upon a journey to paint up a piece that I thought she'd like. I had gotten Sally Starfield a while back (she's a bombshell babe sculpted by Patrick Keith) and this particular figure inspired me to think about where she'd be and what she'd be doing. Figures: Sally Starfield by Bombshell Miniatures - SKU# 10002 Bones Chthon by Reaper Miniatures - SKU# 92639 Without further ado, here's the story of Sally Starfield and her encounter upon Planet 045Z-Beta. Encounter on Planet 045Z-Beta Sally Starfield, being the lead scout, was selected to visit Planet 045Z-Beta to search for any intelligent life upon the service as the scans from orbit indicated that in the absence of life, the planet was rich in resources. Scans couldn't penetrate the strange radiation coming from the planet to determine life though, so Sally was selected to go forth and explore. She walked along the desolate surface for a while when suddenly a hideous creature sprang forth from the ground. It was clicking and clacking it's huge mandibles and a green ooze was emanating forth from its body. Sally quickly drew forth her laser pistols and took aim...
  15. This is my spring exchange for EvilHalfling. He asked for a diorama piece using some advanced basing techniques. So after some soul searching (that would be digging through my drawers of miniatures looking for that perfect one.) I found it in Kyrie the Barbarian. I have a couple of copies and have been looking for an excuse to paint her. Then Bones II showed up and I decided to let the forest dragon and the swamp dragon play with her. During the last moments of development the pixie and the fox snuck into the picture to watch the show! I tried a lot of new things in this little scene: Tattoos on the barbarian, the whole river thing, and then the adventure of shipping a very fragile set of trees. The water is magic water effects and is pretty unique in the fake waters in that it will create actual depth instead of drying to a thin film. hope everyone enjoys the piece. I know I had a lot of fun creating it!
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