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Found 3 results

  1. Due to a certain person working up my interest in Battlefleet gothic, (okay, really all you have to do is wave a new ship under my nose, its not really a challenge) I went into my archives to see what I could paint to scratch the itch. So out of the archives I dug these ancients out of hiding to go from prime to painted. I am not really sure of their vintage but they are old enough to be something I bought when I was 15 and they are actual lead GW minis, which I thought didn't actually exist! Anyway, I thought others would enjoy them. They are the same color scheme as my favorite imperium fleet (I might have a few...) and I was trying for that sharp bright color scheme. I think I succeeded but to each his own. I think these are a pair of old crusiers and a battleship but if anyone wants to try their google fu and identify them, have at! enough said, enjoy a little fleet action on a Monday!
  2. FINALLY back in a WarShip frame of mind, so here we go! First up is the Essex-class CDS Architeuthis: Up next is Alliance Naval Star, consisting of the Nightlord-class CSR Lynn McKenna, Essex-class CSR Marshal Ney and CSR Mulhacén, Whirlwind-class CSR William Adams, and Fredasa-class CSR Kutkh.
  3. So after twice using plastic model kits as examples of things I didn't think belonged here, and twice being Officially Told that I was wrong, here is my starship project. To be honest, this still feels a bit weird. But whatever. This is the Polar Lights 1/1000 refit (old movie era) Enterprise, done up as (non-canon) USS Lexington. Since the remastered TOS came out, this ship's registry is established as NCC-1709. However, back in the mid-80's when I built my first Lexington, the going number was 1703. So I have decided that this (the Franz Joseph system) will be my basis for this and any additional Constitution Class refits. In addition to the millions of decals included in the kit, I also added a Polar Lights supplementary sheet*, and a nacelle/deflector decal sheet from Modular Models to save painting those bits. *The supplementary decals require the kit decals as well - combined it gives names and registries for: Enterprise, Constellation, Constitution, Lexington, Farragut, Yorktown, Excalibur, Potemkin, Republic, Intrepid, Hood, Defiant, and Exeter. So rather a lot, if you feel like building a fleet. This WIP will have very little painting. It may be a tour de force in decal application. Without further ado, onto some of what little painting there is: So that looks a little stark, but a lot is going over on top of that so I think it'll look okay. All of the fancy panel lines you can see in the beauty shots in the movies (the aztec scheme) is done with decals. I decided that I'd like the sensor grid to be a bit visible, so I'm doing this in Reaper Master Series Rainy Grey. By the time Future goes over this to gloss it up for decals, the decals go on, another coat of Future to seal the decals, and some Testors dullcote on top of all that I don't think it will be quite so stark looking. But I don't really know, so that's something fun we can find out together. If it's stronger than I expect, I guess I'll just say all the deep crevices are filled with weathering. Or space gunk. Or whatever. That needs a second going-over. Lest you think I've developed astonishing freehand skills, this was done with the simple expedient of slobbering paint along the lines and then wiping it off with a damp cloth. I also started in on the bottom of the saucer. And there's a reaper bones troll for scale. I suppose I should have used Sir Forscale for scale. But you get the idea.
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