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Found 124 results

  1. Well, after lots of sweat, tears, and glaze upon glaze, I offer you "The Picnic." This small diorama contains miniatures from Bombshell Miniatures, specifically Victoriana and HLpR Bot. This piece, especially Victoriana, has been the most difficult for me so far. Essentially, the HLpR Bot is my 10th mini to complete, and Victoriana my 11th. They're 32mm scale, a first for me, and while HLpR's chunky build wasn't too difficult, the elongated (and smaller!) features of Victoriana gave me fits! I will be thankful to get back to Reaper miniatures.... The base itself is a small wooden disk purchased from Michael's and stained with wood stain from Lowe's. The gear contained in the piece was purchased as part of a wooden decorative set from Hobby Lobby, in the jewelry department I believe. This piece was made for my wife to use in our Munchkin group from time to time, so she chose the gear. Most of the paints are Reaper MSP, while the base was painted with a combo of Reaper, Vallejo (brass and gold), and Scale 75 (the green set). The foliage is a combination of Army Painter tufts, flowers, and a small piece of ivy vine. The leaves are from Secret Weapon. The red mushroom is an experiment with greenstuff, and my first attempt at something other than pinhead mushrooms. Finally, the two backdrops are from Hangar 18, and the photographs were taken with my long-awaited phone upgrade, a Galaxy s5. Yes peeps, I will stop whining about cameras... In a bit! I tried using a borrowed Canon camera, but I couldn't get it to focus at all, either manually or automatically, which leads me to believe that something, somewhere isn't set right. I don't really have the time or urge to mess with it until it works, as I'm completely happy with the Galaxy s5 pics! I used Picasa to up/download pics and color correct them. Please leave comments on this piece and how I could improve it. I did find it difficult, but that means that I definitely learned something! I hope you all enjoy and thank you for taking time to view my little area of the forum. -K Backdrop: A3 Northern Sky from Hangar 18 Backdrop: A3 Green Gold P.S.: I need to play with the distance of the mini to the light sources, or start playing with a photo box. The light skin on Victoriana really washes out. She actually has a nice blush in person, and the HLrP Bot's eyepiece is much more green. Let me check the price of a box.... P.P.S.: I had some greenstuff that leaked under my masking tape job on the wooden disk. I considered trying to cut it off but figured I'd end up lifting the entire job up from the disk... Luckily, again, it's not as noticeable in "real life" but something I need to be wary of in the future. Of course, this is my first greenstuff base. P.P.S.S.: The agonizingly long WIP for this piece is found here. What can I say? I love to write... or talk to myself... or both! LOL!
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vorpaliagames/instant-dungeon-tactical?ref=category_newest Interesting take on the dungeon terrain topic ... I'm probably set concerning steampunk and dungeon, but the forest might interest me - and some add-ons.
  3. From my Through the Looking Glass WIP thread I bring you Steampunk Alice:- Decent photography continues to elude me Had super elaborate basing plans for this one, but they fell apart mainly because I was too cheap to buy a tiny mirror or frame (they probably would've fallen apart any ways, but I will never know now). So I fell back on my usual cork based ruins, though hopefully the chessboard pattern gives off enough Wonderland vibes. On the plus side, I'm really pleased with her hair and I didn't do too terrible a job painting her apron white. As always, any comments or criticisms are most appreciated.
  4. Another day, another new WIP thread (at least I finished one this time). Having a go at my Guild of Harmony steampunk set, Dorothy still intimidates me so I'm starting with Alice:- Her feet were way too tiny to pin, so it's gone up the back of her dress (no idea how I'm going to attach her to a base, but that's a problem for future Aku-chan to solve). First attempt to paint her face didn't go very well (her eyes are tiny, it's going to be a theme with this one I think), after a scrub down the second attempt went better:- Skin is Vallejo Flat Flesh, given a Flesh Shade Wash and highlighted with Flat Flesh and 1:1 Flat Flesh/Linen White, with Sapphire Blue eyes and Splattered Crimson lips. I'm using the Blonde 'Disney Alice' colour scheme, I can still only do dirty blonde though but it does seem to work well with whatever that hairstyle is. It's a base of Oiled Leather, then a coat of Palomino Gold (I had to cheat and drybrush some of it), a Sepia Wash then another coat of Palomino Gold.
  5. Here are some Guild minis that I painted up just a little while ago. I really felt that the skin tones should vary among the crew, and here are the results:
  6. Been desperate to start on my Wolsung stuff, unfortunately most of it needs to be based before I can start painting, and I can't base any of it because I'm waiting on some basing stamps (to make more awesome cobblestones than I can create with my current sculpting skills). But I did find a couple I could mount on corks, Ms. Suess and a Ghoul (both from the Ven Rier faction):- Currently waiting for the Primer to fully dry, so it'll probably be tomorrow before I make any more progress.
  7. Okay, if I were doing this properly, there are several stages I should have taken pictures at, but unfortunately this whole thing has been a "make it up as I go" business. Back-story: I'm running an Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign, and it mostly involves overland journeys punctuated by the occasional "dungeon" full of encounters. So far, the "dungeon" has typically been a big train full of cars (since Iron Kingdoms is a bit of a fantasy-steampunk hybrid), but now the PCs have reached the end of the rail and are venturing along an old road into the dreaded Thornwood. They'll need supplies, and since there's at least one steamjack in the party, a good portion of that will just be for all the COAL they have to haul along (and a way to cart the steamjack itself when it's not fired up). Toward that end, I'm working on making some wagons, Iron Kingdoms style. These aren't finished yet. This is just as far as I got over the weekend (time split up among various minis on my worktable as well). The Dancing Hut (WIP) This isn't really part of the wagon caravan, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the PCs might end up acquiring it at some point (unless they blow it up first, which is a very real possibility as well). So far, I've cobbled together the basic structure and slapped on the basic paints in a rush to have something that's "barely good enough for the table" in the event that I can't get any more work done on it before its time to come on stage in the campaign. The core body is made from a strange plastic mini Barbie house toy I found in a thrift store -- basically a hollow shell/facade that had a hinge where it would swivel open, but was totally empty inside, and had no floor. (So, it would be useless to serve as any type of container, it has no opening doors/windows, no interior decoration of any sort that would justify opening up as a "play set" and I'm no expert on Barbie -- nor can I guess at the magic keywords to get it to appear in a Google image search.) I used an inverted plastic Warhammer movement tray that just happened to be the right width to bridge the bottom of the house to serve as a support that I could attach the "chassis" and legs to. The legs themselves were made from pieces from yet another unidentified toy source -- some sort of construction set that looked vaguely ZOIDS-ish, but had a combination of joining types (square blocks that link together, plugs that fit together Micronauts-style for a degree of rotation, and clips that attach to bars to make swiveling joints), and not a brand or manufacturer or patent inscription to be found anywhere. But the important thing is, "Find small toy house, or vaguely house-like box-like shape. Affix giant robot legs. Find some sort of tubes or cylinders or domes or whatever to glue onto the back to look like a boiler." Tada! There are the basics. As for the rest, it's a mix of bits from a grab bag of Warhammer (Fantasy and 40K) and Platformer/Tehnolog/Robogear leftovers I acquired a while back, plus some craft sticks, with lots of epoxy putty for gap-filling, and a few brad nails for railing posts and such. For future steps: 1) Washes and dry-brushing so the red brick paint job isn't so "flat." I still intend to keep it roughly "Khador red" since this campaign is themed mostly on Khador (and Russian fairy tales). Also, it can use a bit of touch-up; some of the paint wore off during handling. 2) More bits and bobs and doodads. At the very least, I need some windows and maybe a hatch on the front. 3) Some "distress" for the roof. I'm thinking maybe some very light green applied as a wash in streaks in order to get a "verdigris" look, and some darker wash for "patina." 4) Some sort of paneling on the legs, along with some gunmetal and bronze dry-brushing here and there. 5) SOMETHING for the windows. Flat yellow panels just won't cut it. Either I need to gradient out to a golden brown near the frames, or cut out some sort of lattice-work screen to put down over them, or such. I don't think I'll try my hand at free-hand painting of any patterns, however. 6) Possibly some sort of a base. Presently it's shown standing on a terrain piece I put together from Hirst Arts "fieldstone" blocks from various molds, painted up in several layers of "dirty grey" dry-brushing and washes. Okay, for this wagon, I took the easy route: I actually found a plastic toy wagon in the thrift store. It only had two wheels (in the back), but I happened to find another pair of wheels with a metal rod axle, and hot-glued those up front. Unfortunately, I don't think I can count on finding more wagons (or passable facsimiles) in the thrift store on demand. This is the personal wagon and "home on wheels" for Tsarevitch Ivan, the kind-hearted, soft-headed, and a little bit vain and spoiled "protagonist" that our heroes are accompanying in sort of a big glorified "escort quest" that is the campaign (unless the players rebel, that is, which I must be mindful is always a possibility). In any case, it's the least practical of the designs -- its shape is actually loosely inspired by that of a pop-up camper that my family used to take up to Oshkosh for the EAA "Fly-In" (now "Airventure") when I was a kid. Or, rather, it's inspired by the shape of said camper when actually deployed; here, it's a rather unwieldy shape for actually taking on the road (and partly an excuse for why a week or so is passing in between each dungeon, giving the PCs time to heal up a bit, because it's a bear to get this thing down a partially overgrown forest road). The main body is made from foam-core illustration board held together with Tacky Glue adhesive, and more brad nails (the heads of which make passable rivets). The body of the wagon had a few plug-in holes that I imagine were once used for affixing some sort of Conestoga-type canopy top (not included), but I re-purposed them as spots to "pin" the housing in place. (Actually, both of these projects have an awful lot of pinning going on, as I don't want glued-on pieces popping off left and right as soon as things get handled.) Normally, I would've just gone with layered thin cardboard for the shingles, but this time around I decided to try a thin layer of epoxy putty, and just sculpt the shingles with a hobby knife and a dental tool. I still need to finish the rooftop "spine," though I am considering putting some rooftop spikes along there, if I can find any more of that Warhammer 40K "Chaos Tank Spiky Fencing" (not its official name, but that's what I think of it as) to put there. The rooftop hatch, platform, and hanging lanterns are Games Workshop terrain "bits" that I got in a grab-bag deal. The seat cushion is just epoxy putty where I took a hobby knife and made some diagonal impressions to suggest quilting. The flag is ... from a grab bag, so I'm really not sure what it's from, but it looks like someone went to the trouble of replacing the original flag post with a brass rod, so it's surprisingly sturdy. I printed off a sheet of "decals" at 600 dpi, including several Khador emblems, and used a couple of the emblems on the flag. As with the Dancing Hut, I'm considering taking some screen fabric and putting it into the side bay windows (even if it means I have to pop off the window pieces, and glue the screen down BEHIND them before replacing them). ... For the remaining wagons, I have a few goals: 1) Have something that looks like a wagon (two of them) done in time for this Saturday's game. It needn't necessarily be pretty. After all, players are players, and they could well decide to break down a wagon for kindling, or drive it off a cliff, or blow it up. Or, like the last time I spent all this work on a travel caravan for a fantasy setting (World of Warcraft campaign, papercraft wagons patterned after the Darkmoon Faire wagons), the druid whipped out this spell that nearly rendered overland journeys moot, because the entire party could step into a plant and then pop out of any other plant "of the same type" ON THE SAME PLANE, REGARDLESS OF DISTANCE, thus instantly bypassing whole intervening regions I'd worked on, because there was no good reason there WOULDN'T be a convenient tree of the same general type in the target location, and.... Grrr. What, me bitter over that after all these years? NAHHHHHH. ;) 2) One of the wagons needs to be able to carry a steamjack, preferably via a tilting platform in the back, as per the engineer's stated design plan (as in, the steamjack backs up onto this L-shaped thing, and then the whole thing tilts back to put the center of weight of the 'jack over the rear axle, so the whole thing won't upend when the support legs are retracted). I think I might use a few Tehnolog/Robogear/Platformer panels for this, since those have a very clunky '80s tech aesthetic (lots of frames, lots of rivets) that could be adapted to the steam-fantasy feel of IKRPG as long as I add some big gears and paint lots of bronze. 3) The other wagon needs to be a "portable confessional" for our traveling Priest of Menoth and his squishy followers (NPC minions). Just about anything will do, but bonus points if I can slap some symbols of Menoth and such on it. Various Warhammer 40K Space Marine bitz will probably work fairly nicely (what with those purity seals and scrolls and whatnot). Maybe even some bitz leftover from a Warhammer Fantasy "flagellant" pack. Alas, I'm kind of short on wheels right now, unless I cannibalize other wagon projects. I have an old (incomplete) Vampire Counts wagon, but I don't think anyone wants to ride around in what amounts to a coffin-shaped horse-drawn hearse. (And, besides, it really only seats the driver and ONE passenger.) I have a Mage Knight "Atlantean Ram" chariot that might be incorporated into a wagon; right now it only has two wheels, and they have very conical "hubcaps." Somewhere in my garage is a Mage Knight "Black Powder Rebellion War Wagon," but ... I have to actually FIND it, and after all these years (I think I put it out there a DECADE ago), prospects are not high. I expect that I may have to dig into my cache of spare HeroClix/Mage Knight bases (I've cut off bunches, as Clix minis made for my primary supply of cheap plastic minis before Bones came out) for alternative wagon wheels. The rims of those things have an interesting look, and as long as I come up with a suitable "hubcap," I think they might make for plausible wheels for a steampunk-ish wagon. That might be more of interest to other hobbyists than "Look at the thing I found in the thrift store that I repainted, and which I will probably never find again even if I wanted to," so I'll try to take some pictures of that along with a few items for improvised wagon wheel covers. Oh yeah. Tangential wish for Bones: WAGON WHEELS. Okay, so maybe selling wagon wheels alone would be too "niche," so maybe a Wooden Cart that just happens to come with four wagon wheels on it. Or, if it simply must be a creature ... an Oboroguruma! (Japanese cart-ghost.) Yeah, I could work with that. :)
  8. In the continuing effort to clear my paint table I have finshed the third and final partially painted Westwind figure. Introducing a Victorian Housemaid with candle. This provided a nice opportunity for a bit of OSL. As always comments welcome.
  9. These are two Itar's Workshop terrain pieces. The coppoer coiled steampunk-looking one is IWS-IND-003, "Engine", and the squared-off dark futuristic one with the inner green glow is IWS-IND-001, "Power Generator". There's a WIP thread here. They are painted with metallics and straight colors. Here's the power generator with an old Ral Partha Shadowrun troll to show the scale.
  10. In the continuing saga of clearing my shelf of shame prior to starting on Bones 2 models I would like to present Professor Erasmus, a limited edition model that comes with the EoTD Rulebook. For some reason I lost the inspiration to finish this model a while ago, but have pressed on to get it done to tabletop standard. The model is on a base I have made myself. As always comments welcome.
  11. The latest completed mini from my Restoring the Balance WIP thread:- Still not really seeing the 'Oz' connection, but he's a cool mini nevertheless. The highlights on the back of his coat could've used a bit more work to get them blended a bit better, but overall I'm happy with how he turned out. Any comments and criticisms are, as always, greatly appreciated.
  12. I still have quite a few models in the nearly done pile and this is one of the first to be completed. Hopefully their will be a few more by the end of the year. This is Dr Watson (Sherlock is in the pile). I am impressed with the fact I actually painted his eyes. The models are by Westwind. He is based on one of my home made bases as well. As always comments welcome.
  13. 'This style of boxing has been past down the Armstrong line for generations!' This is one of the three Wolsung minis I picked up to see what they looked like in the 'flesh' before all the ones from their recent Kickstarter arrive. Struggled a bit figuring out how to paint his trousers and hat, but I think I did okay overall. Comments and critiques are welcome.
  14. Here's a Wyrmgear that I got tp paint up a little while ago. The mini really has tons of options for composition since he's made up of so many different metallic parts that could be picked out in many different formations. Here is version. And I've posted him to CMON for anyone who cares to vote.
  15. Having assembled Wyrmgear a while ago, I've been considering what to do with him. I thought of one thing ... Test: Reaper's Wyrmgear Meets Happy Seppuku on a Plinth ... and I tested it out.
  16. Now for something completely different.... I'm putting together a piece for my wife while I wait for paints to finish out Jazzy's elf/fairy/lutanist/whatev! The Bladesinger ended up being too large for Munchkin usage, and she and Jazzy never could decide who the piece belonged to anyway so... Here's to round #2! This will probably be a 2-piece game piece starring Victoriana and her robot companion/butler/keeper of the cheese HLpR Bot, both of Bombshell Miniatures. My wife loves all things Jane Austin, all things Victorain, all things Tea Time... You get the idea. She likes to tease me about painting tiny things, then I remind her of the time I walked into her watching Pride and Prejudice on tv while crocheting a purse and sipping on herbal tea... ANYWAY! This should be right up her alley and she's excited about it. I'm considering several ideas for basing (I'm getting addicted to basing). I've asked and looked at examples of miniature rugs, wooden staircases, cobblestone streets, etc. However, I was digging through my ever-increasing bin of things I've ordered but haven't used yet, and came across my Army Painter field flowers. I may end up doing a picnic for a lovely spring day... All in the size of piece used for Munchkin (yeah! right!) At any rate, here are the pics of Victoriana and HLpR Bot in all their shiny metal glory! The Lovely Lady: The Fussy Assistant: Partners in Crime (and tea!): I'm going to mess around with a few ideas, and am going to have some fun with this. I've got some Sculpey I haven't used yet (the oak tree was Milliput), and I may try to whip something together. Here's an idea: I'm considering using Sculpey over these 2 wooden disks to build up a small mound with grass, flowers, and possibly some gingham blanket somewhere on the thing... Maybe just a small corner to indicate the picnic part. (For reference, the large disk is around 40mm) We'll see what happens!
  17. Sculpted by Shawn Lux from a design by Matt Beaumont. I assembled and painted this as a 21st wedding anniversary gift for my husband. Here's a scale shot with Reaper's 03135: B'thuhl, Bathalian Pirate. It's pretty big. It came with a resin head and body, separate hands, a puff of "steam" (which I left out as too difficult for me to pin), and the large smokestack; and metal ears, the small smokestack, and the whistle. This graffiti says "Om mani padme hum" in Sanskrit: I used just two metallic colors, a pure silver and a pure gold, layered with a lot of colors to suggest reflections, grime, rust, and patinas. The base is painted a sort of orchid purple, and those are reflections of it painted on the hands. There is a deluxe version of this figure with a steampunk yin-yang "lotus", but I got the basic version and made my own base from a sort of wooden doily from the craft store which resembled both a lotus and a gear. Comments are appreciated.
  18. ER. MA. GERD. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iqioi/blackmore-a-steampunk-adventure-game
  19. A while back, in a somewhat controversial issue of the comic Jonah Hex, we met a character named Stove Belly Jack. Jack was a bad man, and like bad men in a Western comic, he did not survive the length of the comic he appeared in. He has not appeared since, bein' dead and all. However, there was something about the character I liked. In reality, the idea of wearing enough armor to stop small arms fire in the Old West is ludicrous; a bullet to the head would knock you stupid, armor or no armor, and why did he feel the need to weld a metal top hat to the helmet, anyway? The character was a buffoon, of course, whose job was to die a violent death. But I thought he might make an interesting steampunk mini. My first attempt did not work out as well as it might have; I'm a lousy sculptor. But, then, I ran across a mini that offered possibilities... ...and so I did some dinkin' around, replacing a hand with a GUN hand... and using the head from the original Stove Belly John (about which, the less said the better). I think there might be some possibilities here... now I just need to figure out what they might be...
  20. This may be one to watch, especially for the Steampunk fans out there.... Merdian Miniatures Steampunk Army
  21. SO I am trying to find out more of the style of this year's reapercon. I understand goth and steampunk, Dark carnival seems appropriate for sophie, And I have seen a couple of other images along the same lines, but what do I call it?? I have tried googling 'Dark Carnival" and have found a couple of similar corseted women and a scary clown, but mostly a website for a Halloween party. The works of Tim Burton seem to apply/ influence.......... What magic search words do I need to unlock the theme/motif?? Thanks
  22. Well, Dita was going to be my first Mini... but it looks more like she will be my second. Or maybe third at this rate of progress... I've rebased her three times. I've reprimed her five or six times. I've lost count. So, I decided this time to play with white and black primer both. Why not? I'll probably be doing this again... I've also started step 1 of the Bette Davis Eyes tutorial... debating if maybe I should seal the eyes before step 2, to make clean up of mistakes easier. Also, Dita needed a cat. A steampunk cat. So I gave it goggles. With a itty bitty buckle on the back. To the Reaper sculptors who do this stuff for a living... you have my undying admiration. Just doing this tiny bit nearly drove me mad. At one point I was cursing the overly large tool I was using, then realized it was the point of a needle. The cat is from Edna and is in the 4 pack in the boneyard. I wanted something other than the stereotypical Halloween back arched cat.
  23. Wyrmgear is the large new steampunk dragon to be released as part of the Bones Kickstarter of 2012. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77177 It's a pretty fun figure, a Victorian-style mechanical dragon. Elsewhere people have been discussing how they plan to paint and decorate it when it arrives as part of the Bones Kickstarter next spring. While musing over decorating approaches I recalled a source I found of masses of teeny-tiny watch gears and parts. http://www.amazon.com/Lisa-Pavelka-2-Ounce-Crafting-Silver/dp/B0053GA0DI They are dismantled watch innards sold by the half-ounce for jewelry crafts. These are random assortments, but they usually include a lot of gears and some oddly shaped bits (not watch hands, generally). The scale of the parts is very small. In fact, some of the Amazon reviewers complained (rightly, I think) that the parts were too small for most jewelry applications. Which makes them the perfect scale for minis (Well, large minis like the dragon. They are probably still too big on average for human-sized minis.). I got some and I think the smallest gear in the assortment I got was 1mm across. I think 1/2" is about the biggest size gear I saw, although there occasionally may be parts up to 3/4". The watch parts are sometimes a bit tarnished or with some patina. I trust this will not put people off what really is a very useful gear and bits assortment for steampunk minis conversion.
  24. Chronoscope #50165, "Decker Lugstampf, Steampunk Hero," painted up as a steampunk "White Knight" for a "Wonderland No More" scenario. Just for pure silliness, I took a spare plastic Warhammer Fantasy barded horse head from my "bitz" box, and hollowed out the base with a conical Dremel cutter tool, so that I could fit the head as a helmet over the "White Knight's" head. I left it as a separate, removable piece, though of course all it takes is a light bump of the table and off it falls! (I suppose that's not entirely out of character, considering the White Knight's canonical depiction in Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. But then, there really isn't anything else "canonical" about this guy.) I used this fellow for my "Avarice in Plunderland" scenario for Necronomicon 2012 (in St. Petersburg, Florida -- http://www.stonehill.org/necro.htm), ostensibly acting as the "ship's engineer" for the sailing vessel Snark Rider. No, this particular sailing vessel did not actually have an engine. I suppose, given enough time, the White Knight could cobble one together, so that he could justify his own employment, but otherwise he was quite capable of earning his own keep by whacking enemies with that wrench of his, or simply taking over one of the ship's cannons. The base is a resin War Cast Studios "industrial" 25mm round base (http://www.warcaststudios.com) that I opted to paint up in a red-and-white checker-square pattern, in an attempt to tie into the "Chessman" theme.
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