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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doom-army/doom-chaos-miniatures-to-print-and-play/description No time for the usual, since I need to head to work. There are timed early birds, if you want to save a few $$.
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stormcrowmansion/stormcrow-mansion Popped up in my recommandations feed. Looks pretty nice, but I have already far too many models to print (let alone paint). Also, that thing is huge. Still tempting, though.
  3. Stumbled across this KS for a set of printable models for a dwarven steampunk skycity. It's oddly specific and I'm not into AoS, but I guess it might be of interest to others. There's already some unlocked stretch goals and the base pledge is 60 AUD. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tiredworldstudio/zilvren-skyhold
  4. Not on KS, so no link. I'm not the biggest fan of the MMF's crowdfunding, but it's another huge collection of printable plant and rock scatter pieces. There's currently a 72h early bird level, with a bigger discount if you're part of his tribe or were part of his previous campaigns (he sent discount codes there).
  5. Daughters of the Moon Our first project "Misa, a Night to Remember" was a great success, and a journey full of passion! We have thus had the opportunity to introduce you to our style, with which we make our miniatures. The goal of this project is not high, given that the work is all the work of our sack, of our experience and passion for the world of board games and miniatures. Now it's time to let you know more about the origins of Misa, by going to discover The Daughters of the Moon, a guild of thieves and murderers, as beautiful as they are dangerous. On this journey you will meet each member of the guild, and delve into the depths of their home, "The White Spire", the dark secrets of the Daughters of the Moon!
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/townsmith/townbuilder-desktop-app/ Townsmith as an offline application. Current EB is 20€. It would be nice if DesktopHero/Titancraft would offer something similar.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/medusaminiatures/flesh-clay-stone-and-iron-golems-pre-supported-stl-files/description Another Medusa Miniatures KS, eight golems for 4 gbp, 6 gbp for the presupported files.
  8. SCI-FI INFINITY WARS This just reached its funding goal.
  9. We present to ZINDOC Miniatures our new publisher specialized in STL files in collaboration of Sinestesia 3D Studio January 3, 2022 at 6 PM CEST on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zindoc/dungeon-3d-classics-stl-miniatures/ Dungeon 3D Classics brings a set of classic characters and scenery to your 3D printer, for you to use when playing board games, role-playing games, or just to increase your miniatures collection. This campaign introduces the first 8 heroes, composed by barbarians, elves, dwarves and sorcerers, and 32 different scenery models to spice up your games. 40 STL models for 29€ I wish you like the models for your 3D printers 🙂 and wish you a happy year 2022!
  10. Herd of Beasts
  11. Snow Rest for the Wicked
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joinordie/the-willing-of-the-sleepers-betrayal Another project by 3DBreed Miniatures. Two armies, imperial soldiers vs tribal raptor riders. Multipart 32mm models, far less stumpy than their March to Hell models (which were also for 15mm scale).
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/printmyminis/world-of-dragons-stls-for-3d-printing
  14. Hello again everyone! i am really proud to show you my second Kickstarter Campaign, which was funded in just 5 hours and has already 4 stretchgoals unlocked! This time its all about Elementals. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and just unlocked Ice. If you are interested in high quality Elemental models check it out following this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/noblewolf/elementals-0
  15. conceptualized by film industry concept artist Johnny Fraser-Allen, The Rise of the halflings is Printable Scenery's first delve into a brand new fantasy world. After the Great Wyrm devastated the Halfling town of Wollockshire, forcing its residents to hide in the warrens below their homes, the mysterious Great Warlock appeared and tamed the beast using its true name. Becoming the Halfling’s savior, he utilized the knowledge of the Wyrm to shape a new society, crafting Archanical devices fueled by the Wyrm’s own bile to industrialize their world. However, some of the halflings find the Warlocks victory too good to be believed, and have taken to what is left of the forests to lead a resistance to his rule. Johnny has created some amazing and characterful artwork for the world, as well as deep backstories for every building and miniature in the world. Printable Scenery is taking this rich lore and turning them into awesome 3D printable models. With a mixture of incredibly detailed terrain and, for the first time in a Printable Scenery Kickstarter, Awesome looking miniatures, we hope to bring the world of the Reign of Arcane to life!
  16. by Brayan Nafarrate https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/266656159/christmas-pack-3d-printable-models & more!! All for a pledge of around 1 US dollar! He even has bundles with his previous KS. Which I must are awesome assortments. I think I'll pick one up as I didn't have the free cash for it when it happened before.
  17. Lots and lots of dragonborn. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/velrockart/velrock-art-miniatures-company-of-dragons?ref=recommendation-projectpage-footer-4 Story: With the release of the most recent D&D book detailing new ways to play dragon-folk characters and even covering dragons themselves in greater detail, I figured people would need some miniatures to compliment their gaming tables! My very first D&D character was a Dragonborn, and I've been a big fan of them ever since, so this is quite a fun project for me to undertake. These miniatures will cover a wide variety of archetypes to suit any class, and if stretch goals are met, even more options will open up! Backers will receive 14 pre-supported miniature STLs (DIGITAL FILES ONLY) at 32mm scale, which will be added to their Myminifactory libraries so that they will always have the file available to download. Backers will also receive the following stretch goal rewards (if they are met) as part of their initial chosen tier!
  18. Pretty straightforward, a lady with more or less clothes. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/resinproject/misa-a-night-to-remember-miniature-for-3d-printing?ref=recommendation-projectpage-footer-2 Introducing "Misa, a Night to Remember"! On our store there is already an alternative version of Misa. In this project we decided to make it with more accessories, and through the objects, a different pose and always ... less dressed! She will be available in 75mm as well as 32mm scale, base and fullbody. By pledging you will receive the .STL files (unsupported and pre-supported) once the campaign has ended. So Happy 3D Printing everyone!
  19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adaevycreations/the-yokai-encounter?ref=recommendation-projectpage-footer-1 Hi everyone! My name is David R. Sainz, a sculptor at Adaevy Creations. Welcome to my second Kickstarter campaign. In this second trip we will delve into Japanese folklore at the hands of the yokai, enigmatic creatures deeply rooted in the Japanese community. A selection of 8 creatures will form the basic set, which can be used for board games. The basic set of this collection consists of: OTOROSHI ONI KAPPA KARAKASA CHOCHIN OBAKE AKAME DOROTABO ASHINAGA & TENAGA Each miniature has its own personalized base. All the miniatures are scaled 32mm and 75 mm with high detail, so you can print it in any scale you want.
  20. They will be as dark as you paint them... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jobhermes/abyss-dwellers?ref=recommendation-projectpage-footer-3 About the project: In this project, I created a set of 14 dark miniatures of creatures and demons all with it's own base. all of these miniatures are test printed on a resin printer and come Pre-supported and will be delivered as digital .Stl files. (Unsupported, supported and the chitubox project files)
  21. Hi, I want to start this to get me motivated to get some accountability and hopefully guilt myself into working. So here is the very first of hopefully many steps. The first step is to prime the miniature, I've done that, the 2nd step? To photograph the miniature to capture the volumes of real light that shows where I want my light source. For this I want two light sources. So really that means I just used my computer screen and my ceiling light, adjust the miniature to taste and get the angle I want to set the light. The screen light is whiter and will be the light from outside the window, the yellower ceiling light will be my tavern fire light and will be the primary light source. The skin will be fairly shiny so this is pretty much a mandatory process to get those realistic sheens....because I'm literally stealing form reality it helps a lot. If I were a better painter I could fake the light sources with enough knowledge. Thankfully I have some serious shadows on the model, and my mid tones will have a lot of room for blending. The problem now? Picking my colors. What do I know? I know the floor is wood colored and the axe/haft materials I know that I'm going to want off white and pinks for eye whites and gums teeth etc. The gold of the primer is actually a really beautiful color for a fantasy creature, so I might see if I can't keep that. So Gold, pink, whites/off whites, and browns, I don't know if I want a two toned or patterned beholder. I think this is gonna be a challenge whatever I do. I think I want to go for a fleshy color
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