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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diceheads/zoontalis-battle-royale?ref=9ed5zt Cute minis, terrain, etc, all 3d printable. a family friendly skirmish game, the rulebook is available now, though cards are only part of the pledge. Check out this cute wizard: Pledge structure is a little confusing since they have several levels that are for Tribes memebers only (Wonder what they do if a non-triber subs at that level?) but the lowest tier with the game is the £40 tier, which has the minis and the game, but no terrain. All in is only £50 though. Also worth mentioning, there's a backer streatch goal frog prince sculpted by our very own CVP
  2. Hi guys, Iain Lovecraft has started another campaign on Kickstarter. This time updating and expanding on the Viking theme. As usually top quality miniatures, buildings and vehicles (obviously ships this time round) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iain-lovecraft/viking-saga Some screenshot teases:
  3. Has anyone backed this creator? They have three KS fulfilled, the last one with resin prints. Wife/husband team from Germany. SG's look pretty substantial, and a base-only pledge is available. Free sample prints available in the updates. Shipping is included in the pledge! 🤑 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diohistory6mm3d/war-of-the-teddys/description
  4. Hi guys, Kickstarter campaign from Mammoth Factory. First eight Patreon months (I think) in reasonable prices. Some early bird tiers as well. 131 Premium STL miniatures made for 8 High-quality 5E adventures https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mammothfactory/mammoth-chronicles-vol1-8-epic-miniatures-and-adventures One of the collections as a teaser:
  5. 3 STL Sceneries for 3D Printers for your Mythos of Cthulhu and Arkham Horror Board Games & RPG https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wycheselves/the-mausoleum-of-allan-halsey-a-cthulhu-reanimator-story?
  6. Vesper Project Chapter 3 We'll call it a night with this one. Part three of an ongoing project.
  7. The Awakening of the Dragon Queen I'm not really up on my 5E adventures, but this campaign is to get your miniature needs covered for one.
  8. Odyssey through the Planes A mix of beasts and terrain. There are separate pledge levels if you don't need both.
  9. Female Orc Minatures One of them took one to the chest. Makes for a dynamic casualty marker.
  10. DawnGuards Army - Digital STL & Physical Miniatures In the distant future, the human world is in unthinkable danger. Many armies fight on the side of humanity, but only DawnGuards are well known by their unwavering determination, sincere faith and the most deadly weapons.
  11. Where Legends Fall: March of the Lizardmen Because your lizardman need a walking tank.
  12. SAKYUBA - Oriental succubus Still a few EB left, if she's what you need.
  13. Ska'darar Space Mercenaries Some well trained mercenaries to supplement your army.
  14. Women & SCIFI vol.4 A selection of women to expand their line from parts 1-3.
  15. ORC Figure - Gnadug The Bonebreaker He looks happy to meet you.
  16. The Forceful 'Vala StormRaven' - Female Elf Warrior 75mm, early bird still up. While the campaign is for stl, the may release it in resin at a later date.
  17. Dark Elf I'm not sure what makes her a dark elf rather than just a fantasy elf. She comes pre-sized in 75mm and 295mm. The early bird is still up for one more day.
  18. Sci-Fi Desert Suburb 3D Printable STLs The PWYW is just for part of the set. As pictured it's a $26 pledge.
  19. WoWBuildings Goes all INDUSTRIAL Some modern era buildings.
  20. Roots of Revenge: The Fatal Forest Some terrain designed to fit your minis on. If you lack a printer there is the option for printed versions.
  21. Riddle: Tesla Town - Amazing 3D Printable Scenery Some buildings and terrain for the world of 100 years ago.
  22. Cursed Town I've never backed the Maker's Anvil Patreon, but they've been at it long enough I would expect no issues with their KS.
  23. Bases and Scenery for 3d printing A selection of bases as well as terrain assets.
  24. Neo Osaka - 3D Printable Scifi Modular Terrains & Props If I actually played games like Infinity, this would see some use.
  25. Sundered Union: American Civil War 1861-1865 Stl or resin option for those without a printer.
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