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Found 23 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm still painting decorative elements for future D&D sessions. Here is a 77722, Sealed Sarcophagus sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. Pretty sure something ancient or someone evil is trapped in this sarcophagus. Sometimes certain things should not be disturbed.
  2. Here is the Arcane Circle, Reaper Bones #77988. I used white ink with sorcerous mist and glacial mist on the runes and the carved inner circle. I don't think it's a good idea to cast a spell when there are cracks in the circle, though.
  3. I was experimenting with different tones of grey with airbrush zenithals, and oil washes, to try and get the skin looking stone giant-y, yet subtly different and more 'living' than rock. The green gem necklac was a bit of a throwaway idea and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. . . .
  4. Been staring at the Bones Stone Golems, 77171, and wondering what to do with them. Ran ideas around and round ... starting with the Jade Golem from vulture ... pulled some greens to consider as well as other alternate colors for golems. Onyx, Jade, Rudy, Topaz ... gem stones? Hmmm. Rock. Rock facets. So I start looking about the Interwebs for how to paint the worn rock edging. I pull up stone golem images and I run across: Ben Grimm, The Thing. And I recall how my group refers to miniatures. We always compare them to various media figures, so why not start there. I present to you, Three Marvel Golems: The Thing The Hulk TBD The last one ... I'm looking for a solid-colored, "massive" Marvel character. Colossus, perhaps? Or can I just represent Captain America? Or go with "strength" and make a "Thor" sans cape? Throw down your thoughts. I plan to start with The Thing. Suggestions on techniques to get the best version of Thing's orange rock feel are welcome. Thanks, T
  5. Trying something a little different this time. I've got a friend who loves JRR Tolkein and I thought he'd really appreciate a little diorama. Since I have to ship this, I need it small and durable. Now, I get it that Bilbo's sword Sting glows bright when Goblins are near, but let's just say for this story it's glowing because danger is close. I have him in the stone henge area with a Wraith King coming around the bend. Let's just say this is about to get real... Starting this on some foam board. I was going to use some chip board, but didn't want the glue and stuff I'd be using for the base to get soaked in and bend. Using the extruded foam core for the stones. Carving them down was pretty fun. I'm thinking I might add some runes or something into them. I haven't primed them yet, so I still have time. The ground terrain is kind of fun - I used spackle, glue, sand, and some burnt umber paint. I'll do some grass and floral additions to it. You can see on one of the pillars that I used a different mix to surround the stone. That was the filler without the paint added. For the circles, I'll be leaving those open to put the minis into and can be taken out on their own. I'll be basing them to match the surrounding area, but Iike the idea of taking them out of the diorama when wanted. Open for any and all suggestions here. We're still far from done.
  6. I've been working on him off and on for a few months now. My goal was to get him as close as possible to the promotional art of him, (which Chrome is fighting me on posting, as my ref pics aren't on google drive...) which was an intimitating mix of red, brown and grey that reads as black. The browns are Ebony Skin mixed with Stormy Gray in varying amounts, the lighter spots are a light drybrush of Buckskin Pale to represent dust.
  7. Things have been a little rough for me lately and I haven't been painting, but last week my dear husband got some paints out and I started working on random stuff. This is the original Ellen Stone with no face, from the Vampire box. I'm pretty happy with how she came out.
  8. Hi All, Here's a very old Citadel mini from my collection - FS31 Magic Fountain. I did this as kind of an exercise in creating a verdigris effect on the spouting beasties, which I'm quite happy with. There is some Vallejo "Still Water" in the base of the fountain but it's hard to see in the pics. Comments are always welcome, thanks for looking!
  9. So I entered this at reapercon in the painter's category, at the time I painted it I was happy-ish, now not so much. But, I can't really tell what I don't like. Rhonda Bender told me I was losing the mid-tone and I agree, however I'd still like to hear y'all's thoughts. C&C appreciated and very much wanted!
  10. While my house was empty of family I actually finished two minis in a week, which for me is a record breaking effort because I'm REALLY slow. Neither of this is really quite this shiny in person, I have poor photography skills and my cell phone is the "best" camera in the house. Stone - 91001 was painted for a teenage boy who at first wanted every piece of clothing, including the hat and boots, done in black. I convinced him to let me use some browns so it wouldn't look like a blob, and a tiny bit of red. I'm fairly happy with it, given in my opinion brown/black/brown/black is a challenge. Male Thunderknight - 77304 was painted with a very specifically requested color scheme from my 6 year old Godson. I could have gotten more contrast in the red, and the eyes are so-so, but again, I'm fairly pleased with my progress.
  11. Hey guys back again! Got this giant in the post the other day and seeing him had a vision of him being a marble skinned giant! I really hope I have captured this effect and am presenting him for your viewing pleasure! All comments are wanted and appreciated!!
  12. Quick Stone golem, this one was done as a body guard to a very vain and particular sorceress, hence the clothes and whatnot and not just solid stone look.
  13. I'm currently painting up my Stones dungeon terrain tiles, and one of the things I want to do to give some of the individual tiles some character is have various stains on some of the tiles - blood, rust, oil, etc. What I've been doing on my test piece that is painted the same way I'm painting my Stones (Black base coat, drybrushed with three shades of Grey (Dark is 3:1 Black to white, mid is 1:1 Black to white and Light is 3:1 White to Black) is using thinned paint and letting it evaporate/dry. I'm making the stains by putting a drop of paint mixed at about 10:1 on the tile, then blowing on it to "scatter" the drop organically, then letting it dry. So far, this technique is giving me stains that look natural for rust and oil, but not so much for blood. For rust, I'm using MSP Pumpkin orange - I didn't count the drops, but I think it's thinned between 9-12 ratio. For oil, I'm using MSP Brown Liner - that was 10:1. I've tried several different colors for blood now, and am having no luck. The best one so far is 1:1:15 MSP Carnage Red, MSP Dark Skin and water, but even that looks off. I did discover that MSP paints work better for this than any of my other paints, but I don't have a huge palette of MSP colors to try. thoughts? ideas?
  14. Hi all, first Show-Off post here! Been painting since the first Bones Kickstarter but wasn't satisfied with the results enough for sharing until recently but now I'm diving in. I had a lot of fun painting all the Bones golems together/in succession. It really gave me a chance to differentiate the appearances I wanted as they developed. I gave myself the liberty to experiment a bit and created more than one version of some. For the ice golem I wanted to preserve as much of the translucency as possible as he's already a nice glacial blue, so I kinda went to town on the basing instead. I like the stone golem but it always reminds me of Frankenstein's monster. The clay golem, aka, "Do you even uplift, bro?" - I know, geology jokes . . . I needed the second one to serve as a blood golem. I really like the flesh golem because he can also double as a larger zombie at the gaming table. Finally, the battleguard golem. Makes a great warforged character or iron golem. I wanted a tarnished look on this one because let's face it - iron makes for a really poor choice for golem materials in any fantasy setting with ice sorceress's (ice sorcerese?), weather altering druids, dank caverns, etc. Feel free to provide feedback too! In addition to learning the painting itself, I'm still understanding the nuances of photographing these little monsters I built a DIY light box and have a decent non-phone digital camera but it's still finicky. For example the flesh golem appears noticeably less vibrant red in person, while the brown clay golem is actually a bit more red-brown than this image. Despite having the same backdrop, as I know that subtly changes things. Anyway, enjoy!
  15. Another quick star wars PC. This time a duros scoundrel, in bones. Body, stone. Head, alien commander. Hands guns space marine bits. Please C&C
  16. What a Stone Giant should look like. I'm looking at you "The Hobbit"....
  17. Hi everyone, Here are the first pictures of a Throne Base I've been working on lately. I wish to use this same base to display different models. So, I'll be casting resin models out of the original model I'm creating. After the silicon mold is made, I want to cast a copy to use it as a base for my Cinder. Then, I'll cast some more throne base for the Swine Prince, Van Storme the Vampire and so on. The tiles are one inch wide, to suit regular miniatures bases. So, the top surface of the base will be 3 x 4 inch and about 7/8 inch high. The peice of wood I'm using was not totaly parallel and wide enough. I had to fill one side with Milliput. I screwed a stick on the plank to help fill the gap and hold the putty in place. I hope you'll enjoy and it will be useful for some of you. I'll be glad to receive your comments and learn your personal tricks on the subject.
  18. I don't know anything about this, other than that I rescued it from the melt table at this year's Reapercon. There's no marking on the bottom, so if anyone knows who made this feel free to let me know. C&C is always welcome.
  19. I bought 4 sets of dice from these folks on their first kickstarter and they are some of my favorite dice to use. Good weight and size (full 16mm). They are not absolutely perfect, but neither are any other stone dice I have seen. They also have a much better pricepoint than other stone dice I have seen. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/579878362/v2-precious-stone-polyhedral-dice They had a bit of a hiccup in shipping during their first campaign because one of the stones (blue sandstone) was desired more than the others, but most orders were delivered on time and the rest well tracked and delivered right on their revised timeline. Their communication was excellent throughout the first KS. this time they are offering their original stones 1) Blue Sandstone 2) Green Aventurine 3) Red Jasper 4) Rose Quartz 5) Clear Quartz 6) Hematite 7) Synthetic Opalite plus Amethyst Lapis Lazuli Tiger's Eye Goldstone Black Obsidian One thing to note is that the numbers are printed on the die surface, not carved into the die. I have been using them for 3 months now with no signs of wear or chipping but It is an item to note. Another thing to note is they are doing pipped D6 this time as well.
  20. These are Naloomi's Workshop NAW7000-R, "Ceremonial Standing Stones" in resin. They seem like they will be useful. The obelisk seems round and blobby, like something I could sculpt myself with my fingers and a toothpick. But the other monuments were nice and monumental. Anyhow, as the Doctor once said, "Oh, look, rocks!" Reaper 77134: Hajad, Pirate, included for scale. One quarter turn clockwise in each picture.
  21. So when I first began painting in the mid 90's I came across a figure of a robed female and a dragon and it had a stone with celtic knotwork carved into it. I am trying to find out who made this figure so I can obtain another one. This was now17 years ago that I bought it so the lady's clothing I am unsure about, but the stone and the dragon I remember. It also came in a blue box and may have been 50mmish. I thought it was a Reaper figure but I don't see it in the NIC catalog. There is a figure similar to the one I'm remembering but it doesn't have the stone. It does have a lady and a dragon though. It's this one: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/02452/sku-down/02452 Has anyone seen a figure like this? It may have been a limited edition but I can't remember much more about it now. Thanks!
  22. So ... I have a few thin slabs of slate I thought might serve for basing some of the bigger Bones, maybe. One is about 6.5 inches long and 4 inches wide, two more are about 6 inches by 3. They all are rather irregularly shaped, but they are nice and flat with a smooth toothy texture and some pretty sparkly inclusions. Is this a sensible idea? I do not think I could drill them for pinning, but they are well cleaned and I suppose I could epoxy Bone figures down to them. One of the smaller slabs was a little thick and I could see three clear layers in it. I tried splitting it, but I don't have the proper tools, just a hammer and screwdriver and safety goggles. I knocked a few bites off of one layer or another, which actually made the slab more interesting looking and gave me some smaller pieces I think could be useful as scenery on little bases. Have people done things like this? Is there information somewhere so I don't have to reinvent the wheel?
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