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Found 11 results

  1. Hello All, Here are photos of a 77336 Dark Heaven Bones "Stone Giant" I completed early last year. Thank you for looking.
  2. I was experimenting with different tones of grey with airbrush zenithals, and oil washes, to try and get the skin looking stone giant-y, yet subtly different and more 'living' than rock. The green gem necklac was a bit of a throwaway idea and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. . . .
  3. Alright, so this lady took quite some time to paint! This is the Blacklist FS1 Giant. I painted her as a Stone Giant despite having hair, as there is some precedence for them having that in D&D lore. (Stone Giant description in 1st Ed. Monster Manual, and Stone Giant Elders art in City of the Spider Queen adventure for 3rd Ed.) It may not be much, but it's enough for me, personally, to include some Stone Giants with hair in my own campaign world. 😉 Painted mainly with Reaper MSP, though some other. I don't remember half of them, though. xD I've tried to paint all her jewelry as made from different types of mostly semi precious stone. I'm not sure I necessarily succeeded in that, but she does look fancy! I imagine she might be an Elder. (Hey, maybe they only start growing hair after they reach about 600 years? 😆 )
  4. Naturally, the giants of the Lost Valley are Stone Giants, seeing as the Lost Valley is in the Stone Age. FeeFie, Fo and Fum the three Stone Giants. I rebased them on 60mm bases. click to see more pics
  5. I'm pretty excited about finishing this guy. Stone giant (HT8c) from Otherworld Miniatures. I used Badger's gray airbrush primer, Reaper 09086 Stone Grey and 09087 Weathered Stone 09476 Woodland Brown, Army Painter Dark Tone wash. Comments are welcome!
  6. He's about a year old now, but hey, I have to start with something here! Happily accepting critique (especially on photographing the finished work!) Happy Painting, y'all!
  7. Very quick paintjob, good just for tabletop. I've used some gs to 'blend' the integral base into the round base I'v put it onto. WiP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69574-stone-giants-base/
  8. I've just modeled some rocks trying to 'blend' thje Stone Giant's base into a 50mm round base I have put it onto. Plan is, after gs is cured, to sand it a bit, add sand to the base (actually, coffee ) then once painted, finish it with some static grass between the rocks. What do you think? Removing the figure entirely from the cast base would had been a better option? Point is I like the rocky base, so I tried a way to keep it trying to make it not looking too much as 'pasted in' ...
  9. I recently painted this stone giant grey but it started to seem too blah. I repainted it and added some blue into it. I hoped it would not come out looking like a giant demented Smurf (not that the idea doesn't have merit) or some Las Vegas show gone wrong. I tried to make the club seem as if it was made of copper and turquois (or lapis) in tribute to an old DM I use to play with. he would give us treasure we couldn't use or sale for enough gold to cover the cost of moving it. funny guy. I lost a lot of the detailed shading do to camera and lighting, sorry. enjoy. criticism is always welcomed
  10. I just started painting the Stone Giant from the Bones II Kickstarter, and I can't determine what are the series of cylindrical objects he has strapped to the front of his belt. I've thought perhaps a rack of ribs, or a pan flute, but neither seems quite right. I looked at the painted example on the Reaper Store, and they're just painted grey. Are they Dragon's teeth? Tent pegs? Anyone know for sure?
  11. I got a light box setup finally and wanted to upload some finished minis I've had for a while. The camera is still my phone and I didn't have any white paper to put in for a background at the moment. Since my campaigns are set in a Norse-based custom world we use a lot of giants. C&C are always welcome. Here's the Stone Giant Warrior...
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