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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone, So I have had reaper minis since the first bones kickstarter, but it wasn't until recently that I actually decided to start painting. I wanted to show off what I've done so far, and hopefully post other pictures as I make progress. I realize that these are rough, and I appreciate any advice on the matter. I posted these pretty well in the order that I painted them, and had anywhere from a few days to a few weeks between each mini. I think I am finally getting the hang of dry brushing, as seen with the golem, and the more I learn, the more I think I need to go back and touch up my older paint jobs. But overall, I'm pretty happy with the way they look. I can't wait to use them at the game table! P.S. I probably need to find a better place and method for taking pictures. These are ok, but I like the more professional looking pictures I tend to see. Apologies if the quality on these pictures is not excellent.
  2. So, I had this Golem that I was painting up in the 'messing about' thread of mine... And I messed about... and dropped it! Straight into my palette... And then it bounced off and landed on the floor... carpeted floor... So, today I gave it the heave ho, and soaked it in nail-polish remover and started over. First I used liner. Brown on the skirt/kilt/whatever, then grey on the rest. About a 6drop liner/1 drop water mix on both. Frankly, it doesn't look half bad... Give it red eyes and a dip in varnish, and call it 'Tabletop quality'... As if I could ever do something that sensible... The skirt got a treatment of MSP 9001 Red Brick, the body got AP Wolf Grey, and the belt and bracelets got a rather uneven coat of AP Lava Orange. Some MSP Pearl White got added for eyes and Belt buckle. Belt and bracelets got some MSP Tarnished Brass. More Tarnished Brass got added, I cleaned up edges and slip ups with more Red Brick and Wolf Grey. And eyes and belt buckle got a bit of Tamiya Clear Orange. (That stuff STINKS!) The second layer of Tarnished Brass was thinned with Vallejo Thinner Medium. And yeah, I think I will stay away from thinning metallics with water from now on. The Thinner made for a much more even coating. The plan now is to dry-brush on some MSP Concrete Grey, possibly add some verdigris to the brass, varnish(mostly with matte varnish) and figuring out how the base should look. The main reason it's photographed from the front is that less mold lines are visible, then. This is mostly a painting exercise and to test out stuff. Also, this is a Golem that will look as if he was made of concrete. The mold lines may be intentional... Or that's what I would claim...
  3. On the well I've experimented with GW oxide and Secret Weapon water effect. Photo don't makes it justice, but the water turned out quite convincingly. To the other hand, I'm not 100% satisfied by the oxidized effect, need to experiment more. Any suggestions? More pics here: gabbigames.wordpress.com
  4. I was painting a Bones stone golem for a game, and I attempted to give it a kind of tree bark looking texture or some kind of wood texture because... frankly they didn't have the miniature I was looking for in stock. My first thought was to attempt to make it look like muscle, but painting it in wood colors to make it look organic kind of like Groot. Though I scrapped that and tried a generic bark texture. Now it looks more like rust on iron in my opinion, so i finished it for now. What would you have done to attempt to make this guy look more 'wooden'.
  5. Not sure this is the most logical grouping of photos, but I'm trying to not flood the board with a topic for each mini since I take pics in big batches. Oxidation Beast Stone Golem Clay Golem Hell Hound
  6. One of a dozen bones I'm working on at the moment. For this stone golem I decided to try a semi precious stone look, rose quartz. The helmet, bracers, and skirt I tried for a dark granite/slate color. All of the bones I paint right now I just go for table top quality and try to hit the right look from a few feet away rather then a few inches. Edited: Cropped to get the pics rotated right.
  7. Quite a delightful miniature. Drybrushed on black, with no washes. Also, this golem is well hard, having no regard for peoples’ flower-beds at all! C&C welcome
  8. Like I mentioned I had a productive few days last week, and I had a few more after the earth elemental was all done- probably mostly due to the cheerleaders on here Since I was just done with the stone golems I figured I might as well finish all the golems while I was at it. So here they are, 2x Vampire golems all done. Removed the pants from the clay golems as I just find that stuff silly, other than that they're all stock. I know I've said I don't like having two identical models, but golems are an exception to that rule. Golems are pretty much made to, say, stand guard at each side of a doorway, and having two that are the exact same adds to that imo. I did all their eyes white with the same green fluo paint so they have a nice magic golem glow. I might add some dry/dead static grass on the bases, but I'm not sure yet. I kinda like them muddy and cohesive like they are now. On another note, I keep posting these show off threads with SKUs etc for every model I finish (and feel is good enough to be seen by others :P). I thought I read somewhere that that was the prefered way to go about it (due to ease of finding the model you want an example off etc), however now I see a lot of folks posting collected show off threads instead. Sooo if that's prefered I'll start one of those with my next submission instead.
  9. Here's the sixth member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: Thanos! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery. There's a nice bonus graphic for the Golems back in the WIP.
  10. I'm going to start off this "show off" post with an introduction. Hi! I'm Grim (that's not my real name, it's my name in the Society for Creative Anachronism, but seriously, everybody calls me that now. My wife calls me that. My wife's co-workers call me that.) I started mini painting probably in the mid nineties - I mostly used them for D&D, but I got into a few of the smaller-scale wargames - Mordheim, Battlefleet Gothic. I was into "Clan War" for a bit (a wargame based on the RPG and CCG "Legend of the Five Rings,") but liked painting the minis more than actually playing the game. About the mid-2000s I kind of tapered off gaming - I was getting too busy with other hobbies (SCA mostly.) So all in all I had probably been painting from 10-13 years, but haven't touched a brush in about eight. I started gaming on a regular basis recently and was vaguely considering painting again when I was looking over the panel list for Arisia, a decent-sized sci-fi con in Boston. One of the panels was on Miniatures Painting, and I thought "I have a lot of great tips from when I used to do that, I could sign up for that. Hell! I should start doing that again!" I signed up for the panel (we'll see if they choose me for it,) went and bought some paints, I still have a lot of old brushes, and started painting again. I have always loved Reaper minis, when I went into the store and saw the big "Bones" display, I was bit dubious, but I started getting warmer to it before I even left the store. So when I left, I had three packs of Bones minis (the dire rats, the Ghost King, and the Stone Golem) and one metal (a half-giant appropriate for one of my characters.) That was about four weeks ago. I've now produced six minis, most of them Bones. I agree the stuff isn't as crisp as metal, but it's definitely a great way to get back into the hobby. Anyway, I started with the rats (I have pet rats and love the creatures,) but found the lack of definition distressing - I shelved them until recently. The first mini I painted to completion was the Stone Golem, since it was fairly easy, then went on to the Ghost King. Pictures below, multiple views: I am welcome to any comments or questions, feel free! Real criticism is welcome. Incidentally, I took these without a flash with a camera on the tripod - I initially used the flash but found the lighting too harsh for the most part. I'll gladly take any advice on taking the pictures as well - that part of the forums is a bit light.
  11. Here's the fifth member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: Colossus! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery. There's a nice bonus graphic for the Golems back in the WIP.
  12. Here's the fourth member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: Doctor Doom! "Before this day is ended, mankind shall grovel helplessly at my feet -- and, as fate has obviously ordained -- Doctor Doom shall be Master of Earth!" You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.
  13. Here's the third member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: The Hulk! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.
  14. Here's the second of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: The Juggernaut! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.
  15. Here's the first of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: The Thing! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.
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