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Found 115 results

  1. Maglok

    Shrouded Gnome

    While working on the Pathfinder red dragon I took a little time off to paint this small guy. I figured he was kind of 'boring' without anything, so I added a candle and some OSL. Notice the GROOVY green goggles. He is a gnome afterall.
  2. Here, for your amusement is my very first WIP thread. The plan here is to show 77162: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant having just put down a dwarf intruder. I figure she needs something to justify that smug look on her face. I plan to pose her with her victim (Stonehaven's Unconscious Dwarf SHD20) underneath that massive club of hers. In order to do this, I will need to cut her club away from the rest of the model. The leaves me with two surfaces (one on the club and one on the loincloth) with no detail. The loincloth surface isn't a big deal; I'll simply remove a small protrusion where the club attached, smooth it out and it will look like part of the garment. The club surface on the other hand will be a bit trickier since it's very detailed. After a bit of brainstorming with Minicannuck, I've come up with a solution. Using some Instamold, I created a mold of the good side of the club's head and made a replica using green stuff. This was my first attempt at using instamold and it didn't work out quite the way I'd hoped. It seems that the mold warped a bit while it cooled resulting in a fairly odd-looking club head. My second attempt worked out much better. This time, I left the club in the mold until it had completely cooled. As you can see, the replica on the left looks much better than the original (pictured again on the right) The next step will be to cut away part of the club head and replace it with part of the green stuff replica. More to come as progress is made. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.
  3. So after my efforts of 17 minis in March I'm off to a slow start in April just because of a week's holiday in Middle Earth (aka New Zealand). Finished minis: 89012: Lem, Iconic Bard (Reaper) 1x CSM-026 Lemures (Center Stage Miniatures) 77092: Elquin, High Elf Adventurer (Reaper) The Girl (Bombshell Miniatures) Gnome Priest (Stonehaven) 77173: Terezinya, Bonepander Wizard (Reaper) 77160: Judas Bloodspire, Vampire (Reaper) 77196: Familiars 2 - Fire Spirit (Reaper) 3 Bones Lizardmen (Reaper)
  4. Well time to start collecting minis for the month into a thread again! Finished minis: Water Wyrd by Centre Stage Miniatures 77079: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin by Reaper Minis Townsfolk: Strumpet by Reaper (Bones) Zombie by Red Box Games Automaton by Stonehaven (weapon swap conversion). Familiar: Entling by Reaper (Bones) Lamia by Centre Stage Miniatures Hellhound by Centre Stage Miniatures 6x Lizardfolk by Reaper (Bones) Ebonwrath by Reaper (Bones) Helsvakt Hordesman by Red Box Games Helsvakt berserker by Red Box Games
  5. I finished painting my first Stonehaven Dwarf, the huntsman. He will be going through life as Norum Stormdelver, my dwarf hunter for pathfinder society. He also has his trust boar, truffles. Originally you are supposed to put the boar on the huntsman's back as a fresh kill, but I took it and positioned it so that it looks alive and well as a animal companion. :)
  6. Maglok

    Marie Antoignome

    I finished my first Stonehaven gnome! This is officially the aristocrat, but we like to call her Marie Antoignome. She was a joy to paint and if you think the colors are a bit 'loud', that is on purpose. This is a gnome afterall! :)
  7. Back when Stonehaven was having their Gnomes Kickstarter, I saw the first of their mounted figs and had the revelation that they would probably fit on Wyrmgear; that I could actually have a crew of Gnomes on a clockwork dragon in a similar fashion to the dragon crews in the Temeraire series (by Naomi Novik, think the Napoleonic War only with Dragons if you haven't read it). This idea wouldn't go away so I ordered extra of the Gnomes I thought I might use (and because they're Gnomes!) and waited. My Gnomes arrived on Monday, game night. I did manage a quick test fitting to make sure the idea would fly (pun fully intended). Excellent.... So last night, while waiting for putty to dry, I started doing some figuring. First off, the broccoli on Wyrmgear's feet is tough. I'm going to need a new exacto blade to get through that. I searched around to find something to hold the chassis body while I had the legs off. A little tricky with the deep chest, but this seems to work. Think I'll need to add on a little bit to give the Gnomes room to stand/kneel on his back. Then I started looking at the wing attachment points. This is why I decided to post about this today (since I know I'm not going to get much of a change to work on it until at least next week), to see what other people think. I'd like to move the wings down to near horizontal (yes, going to make for a BIG diorama). So the connection points look something like this. So I'm trying to decide what that joint should look like with the wings down. Options I see working: 1) gear teeth curving down into the opening, as if there are gears below that drive the wings up and down 2) curved metal with chains 3) just curved metal as if there is a lever going down into the body that is manipulated by machinery out of sight As all of those are going to be a big stretch to my meager sculpting skills, I'm currently undecided. So please, what do you think?
  8. I'm maintaining two personal WIP's on purpose. I want to keep my Reaper Projects together in one place. Mainly because this is a Reaper Forum and I want to be certain that the balance of my work favours Reaper. This is the quickest way for me and for them to know that. Secondly, I hate clutter. A single catch all WIP will drive me bonkers because it will become crowded up with too many projects. PROJECT #1 Stonehaven Gnomes Priestess Page 1 I'm finally getting round to painting up my Heroe's of Sprocketshire Gnomes from Stonehaven. These are so terribly cute, I just love them and now wish I had gotten the entire collection. I have Sprocketshire and McKrakken's Glory Squad. First up is the Priestess from Heroes of Sprocketshire. I can't find her name in the Character Bio sheet, so I'll name her when she's done. The basing and my whole approach to these figures is based on the work I've seen done by fellow forum member Catdancer. I've been inspired by his work since I came here and I hope to achieve something approaching his work. At the very least, I would hope they "sing" in a voice he would recognize. She is almost there, but she needs a bit more work. More highlighting is needed on her boots, the gem needs more work and there needs to be more contrast on the stone she is standing on (which is made from a piece of garden mulch). Also I think I need to add a very, very tiny bit of flower to cover the stems of the mushrooms. This will be difficult as I make them from the heads of a pin and they are quite tiny. Further, I feel the base is still lacking some indefinable something. It's just "off" and I know it's not "there" yet. I will have to let it percolate a bit and see what I can come up with. I like these so well, I could paint an army of them and just might do so when they become available in the online store.
  9. This kickstarter looks amazing! the stonehaven dwarfs they did in a earlier kickstarter did super well as i suspect this one will to. Buy ins are : $120 Everything in the campaign except the dwarf ks troll ($20 shipping outside U.S) $90 Armored troll and 5sets (+19 shipping outside U.S) $52 for all 3 sets (+$9 shipping outside U.S) $39/40 for 2 sets (+$7 shipping outside U.S) $30 for 1 (+$5 shipping outside U.S) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2087444096/gnomish-adventurers-box-set?ref=live
  10. While digging around, looking for my next project, I noticed I still had a lot of my Stonehaven Dwarfs to paint, so I'm getting them finished off. That should keep me busy until my Bones arrive! Here's the guys and girls I've already finished:- Warrior (plus bonus Troll) Rogue and Druidess Mage and Bard Here's the rest of the gang primed and ready (minus 1 guy who I'd previously primed in black and is having a scrub down):- And finally the one I'd been working on:- The King
  11. I currently have a project going in the W.I.P forum, to get all my Stonehaven Dwarfs painted, this thread will contain the results. Any C&C is most welcome. These are the one's I finished a while ago, when I first got them:- (Apologies in advance for the weird backdrop in the piccys, I've lost my old background and I've yet to find a replacement.) The Warrior (with bonus Troll) The Thief and The Druidess The Bard and The Sorceress And this is the first result in my second attempt to get them done:- The King To Be Continued...
  12. Kryn the Red, from the STonehaven Dwarves line. Here she is basecoated. I put down the red and green first, and was worried that she'd turn into Mrs. Claus, but the yellow really helps break it up. I'm planning on putting gold metallic on much of what is now yellow. I also plan to highlight the crap out of her clothes - taking the red and green all the way to white to really emphasize the bright colors.
  13. Bones KS kickstarted the hobby for me after nearly 20 years (I was nine when I splashed some paint on some minis) and also made me semi addicted to kickstarter. Here are some of the stonehaven dwarfs that recently got kickstarted. This was my first go at using flock and doing bases which was a blast! I havnt sealed these minis at all (Im getting brush on sealer in the bones ks). They are for table top rpgs so im pretty pumped on how these turned out. Im also trying to learn the art of photographing miniatures. I made my own "light box" out of a box with 3 sides cut out and tissue paper (walls and roof) I lack lighting though (need to get another lamp) but I have a SLR. Be as harsh as you like, Im hungry to get better!
  14. So I've finally got a decent picture rig! Here is the first mini I've painted since getting it setup. It's rather large. The phaerimm model is actually a convention exclusive that was offered to KS backers of the Tentacles and Eyeballs project. This thing is... incredible. The only rub is that every little back spike it has I had to glue in place individually. That took hours. There are a few little mistakes and blotches that I didn't see in hand, but overall, I think the colors and blending are the strongest part and I'm very happy with how he came out! Now, this one I'm dead proud of. This is, without a doubt, the best paint job I've ever done. She was my epiphany on skintones/blending. I had such and amazing time with her and she will be put to use as my girlfriend's Pathfinder character in an upcoming game. C&C welcome!
  15. So, aside from the hope that they'll add the troll to the gnome kickstarter, does anyone know where I can get this awesome troll? He's really quite impressive, and if I had known about kickstarter in July, I would have gotten in on this, but alas, I did not.
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