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Found 115 results

  1. Maglok

    Gnome priestess

    The latest stonehaven gnome in my quest for gnome paintage. I don't spend too much time on each gnome, so they can be considered speed paints. I actually started with a purple robe, then a light blue one, then I added in more colors, and the purple from the 1st robe turned to be her hair. Basically the colorscheme came together as I went.
  2. During the recent travels of the Canadian Box-of-goodies I managed to pull out of it a couple of Stonehaven Gnomes. These things are really tiny and after watching Jasper paint them up I wanted to give them a try. This gave me that chance so many thanks to the person in our loop that passed them on. This is the "Mad Scientist"
  3. This is the construct from the Stonehaven gnomes. I painted it as a emerald automaton from the Emerald Spire from Paizo for Pathfinder. :) Quick paintjob with mainly drybrushing. First I did most of him green, then I figured I need to add a few colors to his palette.
  4. Here's the first mini out of my Stonehaven WIP: SD09: Stonehaven Dwarf Fallen King As always, C & C welcome!
  5. I have snuck in a quick paintjob on my girlfriend's newest player character and owlbear animal companion. The character is Lorien Dawnligher from Reaper and the owlbear is from Stonehaven. I also had some fun with the shield, practicing my freehand technique.
  6. I finally finished up my second Stonehaven gnome wizard. A fellow gamer had seen photos of mine and asked me to paint one up for his Forest Gnome Illusionist. I had alot of fun with this project and I quite like how he turned out. I really enjoyed bringing someone else's character to life and this little guy is such fun to paint. Thank you to all my forum members who helped me along the way in my WIP I appreciate all the suggestions and comments, they really help. Here is Dixie complete with a squirrel companion. I used Reaper's squirrel from Familiar Pack IV. Oh and I tried both a black and blue background so bear with me on the photos. Before I send him off I will take a few more photos with a tripod as even though I can steady my hand to paint I can't while taking pictures. Edit** My husband took a few closeups for me so I wanted to share it here as well.
  7. Here is the start of the second Stonehaven Gnome Wizard I am painting. After I finished my gnome I was asked by another gamer to paint one up for his character. Since I enjoyed painting up this tiny gnome the first time I look forward to painting him again. I doubt it will be the last time as I still would like to do a very dark color scheme with a very strong osl flame with gray hair in the future for myself sometime. This time he will look much warmer with lots of browns and worn clothing. I started doing a few mock ups of colors to see what he liked. Here is the ones I came up with. The first one which also was the first one decided against, as overall he had a cool color scheme that did not fit the personality of the character. Although the patchwork and freehand became a staple and will be included on the finished miniature. Then we narrowed it down to these. At this point I preferred the brown and green with red hair combo, but the recipient liked the blonde hair better. So after some more refining this is what I am looking at as a solid starting point for when I receive the miniature. Here is better look at the main colors. The umbrel umber is a chocolate brown which will be highlighted with a orangish brown then a final highlight with a touch of blonde hair added in for the highest spots. It will be used on the hat and cloak. The red stone will be used on his under robe and be shaded with a little purple. I was thinking the molten bronze metallic for his ring and hair tie on his beard as it is a nice warm metallic that will show up nicely in the blonde hair. The violet will be his gems brought up to white in the highest points and shaded down to a deep violet the high contrast will make them look like gems. The aged bone is the one I am uncertain of it would be used for his pouch and possibly tie around his hat. It would be shaded with brown and brought up to a warm white. For the base I was thinking lots of mossy greens and browns with purple glazed in spots. He will be based on a larger base than my gnome going on a 30mm round so I will have more room for creative basing. I also intend to use pigments to give his cloak a worn dirty feel. So what do you all think? Any suggestions or ideas welcome I will be getting the mini in the mail this week if all goes well. And hope to put paint on him soon thereafter once prepped of course and will try to put lots of progress shots up for everyone's input along the way.
  8. aku-chan

    A Troll Mage

    Finally finished the adorable Troll Mage from Stonehaven:- I felt she had a real '80s childrens fantasy film' vibe, so I made her rather colourful! Super pleased with how she turned out, particularly the eyes, I think they're my best ones yet (though that probably has more to do with their size than any real levelling up of my skills). C&C, as always, is appreciated.
  9. Most of you probably saw my version of Stonehaven's Gnome Wizard in the WIP section. Since today is the last day for their half-orc's kickstarter and also since I took a quick photo for scale, rather than revive my old WIP thread I thought I would post him in show off since he is finished. He was painted for an upcoming D&D campaign to represent a forest gnome illusionist. I hope to paint some more character miniatures soon and will try to post them as well when they are finished. I must give credit to all my fellow forum members for helping keep me motivated to finish painting him and for all the color suggestions as he turned out better in the end with your help. Thank you all. He was a blast to paint and I enjoyed the entire process I may have to pick up a second one of these to incorporate some more of your ideas and to try to paint an OSL flame against a darker scheme. For scale here he is posing with two beautiful ladies a Dark Sword and Reaper miniature to help show size.
  10. I painted a little Stonehaven Gnome aristocrat that I got at gencon.
  11. I just started my Stonehaven Gnome Wizard and was hoping for color advice. I didn't plan out my colors in advance for this one as he was intended to be a quick paint up for an upcoming character for D&D. And now I am a bit stuck for the colors of his shoes, and they are quite the shoes for this little guy. I sat and stared at his shoes for about 30 mins mind you while I should've been actually putting paint on him. I was thinking a dark brown, but I am not sure. What do you guys think? Oh and since we are on color advice what opinions does everyone have on his flame and crystals? Without further ado here is the state I left him in for now He is going to be a forest gnome illusionist hence the green and I plan on making a forest base with tiny mushrooms. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  12. I painted up this fellow last weekend in order to kick myself into gear. He was a nice and quick paintjob (probably almost qualifying for that 5 color/2 hour challenge). I decided to leave off any blood and make it ambiguous as to whether he's unconscious or dead. You also get a nice shot of the dust and lint from my apartment.
  13. And people might have been wondering what I have been doing. and then again they might not. Wound up with some issues that kept me from doing too much painting (read slump here) but with 2 new parties starting up, i have at least produced the miniatures for the first party and then a few more... First up: The Dragonwraught Magelord by Stonehaven miniatures. Very nicely done and pretty dynamic for stonehaven right out of the box, this is the party sorcerer and the financier for the party. Hope you like him. comments, questions, and critique are welcome, although these are just tabletop standard
  14. Next up are a pair of Kitsune from Stonehaven. (if anyone can't tell I like their minis) :D These are rather flat without some serious manipulation of the tails and, in the females case, the arms too. But overall they came out pretty good. Tried for a classic starfox coloration on the male and a classic anime on the female. Not sure if I got it but I like how both came out. Once again Happy Seppuku base stamps to the for on the bases. Riverbed on the female and Urban Jungle on the male. Enjoy! QCC still welcome!
  15. Second one down! Took a bit longer to create an interesting forest base (detailed in my basing thread in the conversions, terrain etc sub). Not at all happy with the eyes, but they were quite wonky depth-wise in the sculpt, and I didn't compensate very well. Pretty happy with him otherwise! Comments appreciated!
  16. Here are my stonehaven gnomes so far. I payed extra shipping and got the first set of gnomes delivered with the rest months later. Was a good move as one of my players choose to play as one of them. This is the first gnome I painted then I got my bones ks and was painting alot so I felt I had improved when I got the rest of the gnomes! Hooded figure on bat mount Hooded figure My favorite so far gnome ranger! And the dwarf ranger. I ordered the dwarf set off there website while waiting for the gnomes, really liked them. Check there Elven Kickstarter here : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2087444096/elven-adventurers-box-set (12 days left) I think I need to buy a macro lens for my SLR any advice/criticism would be much appreciated
  17. Maglok

    Gnome Scribe

    I took up the brushes again to finish off more gnomes. This is the gnome scribe. I parked him on a 'big' book from Hirst Arts casting. It is a nice quick paint job. This sort of level of quality vs time gets me through all them eventually I am sure. This guy is really small, that is a 20mm base.
  18. aku-chan

    Gnome Magician

    Also finished my Gnome Magician:- The blends on the back of his coat could be a little neater, but otherwise I'm really happy with him. Comments and criticisms graciously received.
  19. Rediscovered my Stonehaven Gnomes last week and thought they would make good, simple projects to work on between bigger stuff. First one finished is the Female Knight:- Super pleased with her face and hair, but I feel the rest is pretty average. All comments graciously received!
  20. The Old Dwarf rubbed his back as he trudged deeper into the dark wood. He had not ventured this deep since he was but a lad, but game had been scarce, and winter was coming. His loyal companion Topaz yelped and started off deeper into the wood. What would they find? Hope you all like this little vignette I've been working on since uh, February I think? I had finished the dwarf and most of the diorama base then, but I was waiting on a suitable hunting dog and I was searching for a good solution for a big tree to put on the mound of earth. I settled on the dog from the companions of the Stonehaven elves kickstarter, and then just bit the bullet, bought some sculpey and tried my hand at sculpting a tree. I think that it came out pretty well for a first try! I obviously still have to clean up the wood base, but I finished everything besides that this evening and wanted to share it with yinz guys and gals. Sadly, my camera is only an iphone from my job, so they're not the best photos. But maybe the Old Dwarf will find a camera for me around the Winter Solstice.
  21. We know the wallet pain will be starting soon..
  22. This will probably end up being slow and sporadic, but we'll see how it goes.
  23. Maglok

    Magician gnome

    Here we have the magician gnome. I like him, not my best, but still quite nice. He is quite small.
  24. Maglok

    Garden Gnome

    And another one in my gnomes 'series'. This is the garden gnome. I tried a OSL experiment. It didn't work out the way I wanted, the blue is way overdone. Lessons learned though. Hope to finally finish the red dragon (Reaper) next.
  25. Maglok

    Gnome child

    And here's another gnome. The gnome child is the smallest of the Stonehaven gnomes, so it really was quite a quick paint. I added this... creature thing, don't know what it is. Some sort of big elf rat? Regardless it fills out the base very well.
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