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Found 3 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/woodedrealms/2nd-breakfast-an-affordable-quality-board-game-tab?ref=profile_starred About EVERYTHING YOU WANT FROM A BOARD GAME TABLE, IN ONE PRACTICAL PACKAGE Introducing Wooded Realms Board Game Tables ! We are dedicated to making a board game table that will replace your current dining room table. You will be able to use our table as your primary dining, working, crafting, and gaming space, without compromising the space in your home or apartment. No dented rails. No gaudy insignia. No visible slots or plugs. 2nd Breakfast looks like a normal table, until you decide it's time to play. Dimensions 60"x40" full table | 52"x32" playfield 68"x44" full table | 60"x36" playfield Dimensions The 2nd Breakfast Standard table will be 60" x 40", with a Playfield space of 52" x 32" The 2nd Breakfast XL table will be 68"x44", with a playfield space of 60"x36". Our 3x5 table has arrived early! Both tables will be approximately 32" in height (we will test for the best height after the design is finalized). The Frame features a 4" bezel for comfort and to provide additional space to place things. Materials 100% European Beech Hardwood The 2nd Breakfast will be made out of a sturdy, hard Beech wood that looks beautiful and is tough enough to handle daily use. European Beech is a very durable wood, stronger than bamboo, teak, and more. The Janka hardness rating system is a common method for gauging wood hardness. You can see that European Beech is a very hard wood, making it ideal for daily use as a kitchen or dining table. European Beech is a sustainable wood, not listed in CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. 2nd Breakfast is 100% European Beech wood. No plywood. No MDF. Source: The Wood Database Accessory Materials Most accessories, like the cup holders and dice trays, will also be made out of Beech wood, as they are visible components of your table, and benefit from the hard properties of beech. The playfield may be may made out of layered bamboo or another material; we will choose the material that works best for the playfield. EVERY Table includes the following: 1 2nd Breakfast table 4 dinner height legs 1 set of 4 leaves to cover the playfield and convert 2nd Breakfast into a kitchen or dining table 1 reversible playfield with cloth and smooth sides 1 fitted clear acrylic sheet Recessed Bluetooth RGB+W LED strip 4 dice tray accessories 2 double cup holder accessories (for the long sides) 2 single cup holder accessories (for the short sides) 2 AC outlets for plugging in laptops or other devices 8 2.0 Amp USB ports for charging devices Yes, all of it! All for one price! If you really want to go in on this table, you can, with our premium accessories, which you'll see below! Our tables include two primary options (for now...). Table Stain/Color Colors not exactly right but you get the idea Choose from an ashy white color, a light natural stain, a deeper, dark stain, or black. OR, if you're the DIY type, you can purchase your table completely unstained! Cloth color You will have an opportunity to see the final cloth colors and materials before choosing
  2. About Want to upgrade your game storage from merely functional to multi-functional? From bearable to beautiful? From disposable to indispensable? That's why we designed the Cabinet Game Table! It’s a Game Cabinet The storage is specifically for games. Shelves designed to hold game boxes on their edge for easier access. Six smaller drawers for dice, cards, and other accessories. A bookshelf for game books (such as RPGs) up to 11” tall—with extra depth so the spines are protected in the interior. Two larger drawers for anything too big for the smaller ones. And double doors on the bottom open to large storage spaces for bigger games. It’s a Table The leaves of the table stow away on the sides of the cabinet. The trim on the front converts to the legs and a support stretcher between them for maximum support and stability. Simply connect the leaves, attach the legs, and fasten to the Cabinet to transform it to a three person table. It’s a Game Table And when you want to play a game, the top is reversible. The flip side has a one inch lip to keep dice and game pieces on the table. The 29.75” x 40.5” fabric–lined play area has enough room to handle a 24” x 36” game board with space to spare. A few seconds of your time could make the difference in growing support for our community. Help unlock Social Media stretch goals by sharing and using #cabinet #gametable! See Stretch Goals, below, for more information. $3099 YOUR CHOICE Cabinet Game Table One Cabinet Game Table stained with the finish you want and upholstered with the fabric you want (from our selection of Options, see below). See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199. $2999 CHERRY + BLUE Cabinet Game Table Our most popular combination for game tables is Cherry finish and Dark Blue fabric, and we predict it'll be the same for Cabinet Game Table orders! That's why we're offering this package at an additional discount. This reward level is for one Cabinet Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199. $2999 EARLY BIRD YOUR CHOICE Cabinet Game Table Shop early and save! The first ten backers can choose their finish and fabric (from our selection of Options, see below) at a discounted rate. See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199. $25 Carolina Game Tables Coasters! We appreciate your willingness to help our campaign! Pledges at this reward level receive a set of 6 leather coasters imprinted with our logo. Kickstarter will prompt you to add shipping before confirming your pledge. $2 Stay Connected! Pledge at this level to stay updated, then please share the Kickstarter using the links above! We have a Social Media stretch goal (see Stretch Goals below) which should get you a little something as thanks!
  3. Here is some dungeon filler I have collected. I can't remember who I got the non reaper stuff from or I would tag them. The traps/stairs are paper terrain on foam. Of course the main attraction are the lovely Reaper pieces.
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