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Found 15 results

  1. Hello friends! My son and I play Talisman 4th edition all the time. I'ts his favorite game. The figures that come with the game aren't the greatest sculpts. With the Talisman board game having some great themed art i've wanted to get some cool Reaper Bones figures as replacements, paint them up and base them for the game. I've searched Reapers database to find figures that matched the likenesses of the miniatures that come with the game and the art on each character card. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to go with the strictly Bones route. There are some figures in the Dark Heaven Legends line that fit better. The attached is what i've come up with so far. I've included a photo of the original character cards and another photo of the corresponding Reaper figures that i've been thinking about.
  2. I was able to finish the remaining figures from the Talisman 4th Edition Core set. Here's the Troll
  3. Here's another batch of Talisman 4th Edition mini's. These have been great models to practice on, but good grief the production quality is bad. Also still having trouble figuring out how to take decent pictures. Was having problems with them being too dark, now I'm going the other direction. Thief Monk Warrior Elf
  4. I'm in the process of moving and my photo box has been packed, so I have a few completed models that I haven't posted on yet. Here's the Talisman 4th Edition Priest.
  5. I've had this game sitting on my shelf for a few years. I haven't played for a while, but this game always brings back a lot of nostalgia. Got a wild hair this weekend and decided to start painting the game pieces in the core set. It ain't easy being green.
  6. Every Friday night the family ... Grandmother (my mother), my family (me: 44, the fiancee, and my two kids: 22/20 yo), and my Sister's family (her: 42 and possibly her two kids: 19/10) ... get together and play board games (or dice games/card games). Last week after a two-night Talisman event where everyone was duking it out for the Crown at the end ... I decided to take the figures from the game home with me and set to work on them. So first, I dipped into my bucket o' tiles and ensured all of the figures were stabilized. Each of the included bases were warped in some fashion. So super glue and a few minutes resulted in: I left the original bases attached because these miniatures while nicely detailed are no where as sturdy as Bones and are smaller of scale. Hmm. I best get out Garrick of Scale for a comparison shot. Once they were all settled on their new plastic plinths it was time to merge original and new bases. BRING FORTH THE SAND AND BALLAST AND GREEN PUTTY! All of the bases received some sand to cut the distance betwixt base levels. The Ghoul who had a nice textured base received ballast to match the original base. Some will stick with sand, the Sage, and most will get at least some green putty to bring the bases more even. For most of the figures I plan to give their bases the look of their starting places. The Troll and Dwarf will have some larger rocks sticking up for the Crags. Most will get painted with grass mainly. Some few will have "cobbles" or similar treatments for the village or city. Perhaps a keg and a stool for the Tavern. However, whatever their scenery, I must keep in mind that the figures will be in a board game box and not treated any differently then before. Thus begins the journey to the Crown of Command. We'll see where it leads and which of these figures will fall to Death. Speaking of which ... where's the Reaper? *looks about* Damn, he's sitting over at mom's on the game cabinet. Yeah, we have the Reaper expansion. Figures involved: And of course:
  7. Hey all, I've been busy working on a large scale commission of 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition minis from the Talisman game here and there and I have some time to post the ones I've completed so far. Now these are some minis from a great game that I've tried to breathe 'modern paintjob' life in to, so some of you fans of classic minis, and of Talisman in general may get a kick out of seeing these as I finish them up over time. As far as the color choices go, I've painted them all to match the original character card from the game box as close as possible. Here is the 3rd ed. Warrior Here is the 3rd ed. Templar Here is the 3rd ed. Swashbuckler Here is the 3rd ed. Ranger Here is the 1st ed. Monk Here is the 3rd ed. Goblin Fanatic Here is the 1st ed. Elf And lastly we have the 3rd ed. Chaos Dwarf I have...tons...more of these to come over time as I'm painting them all (even the rare ones, it's a complete set) as part of this commission. All to match the original card art. A one of a kind project that will be pretty satisfying to game with when the jobs' done, so keep your eyes peeled once a month or so and I'll add a couple more to this post here. (Speaking of which I guess I should add the first one I painted for this collection in this thread here at the bottom, which I've already posted here, for the sake of completion.) Here he is, the previously posted 3rd edition High Priest. Allright, see you in this thread over time, it will be a long ride!
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