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Found 9 results

  1. A new warband for A Song of Blades and Heroes games! The wizard is Morgan from Zombicide Black Plague, and the soldiers are Tehnolog Romans. Thanks for looking! 🙂
  2. A quick and easy paintjob! Thanks for looking! 🙂
  3. I like the tehnolog romans, they are quite simple but very effective after being painted! The shield is a plastic piece used to cover screws on furniture 😁 Thanks for looking!
  4. I tried this techinque for a second time, I know I'm still not very good at it but I am happy with the result. 🙂 Any constructive criticism or tips are very welcome! 😃 Thanks for looking! 😄
  5. Modified his helmet and gave him a shield Before the conversion:
  6. Today I wanted to show off some cheap 54mm Vikings that I painted up as Frost Giants. I made these guys close to a year ago, and they were among some of the first larger sized minis I had worked on, so they're a little rough, and that's before looking at the quality of model, but if someone else is in need of a lot of giants like I was, then this might be useful to them! So these guys are from Tehnolog, a Russian miniatures company that I know very little about. The minis are made out of a soft plastic like novelty toys you can buy with tickets at an arcade. They also have abysmal detail. They're meant for 54mm wargaming, and I believe there's an intended game system that accompanies the line, but my goal was to get some cheap giants for D&D. They fit nicely on a 2in base, and could probably fit in with the smaller Reaper Bones giants, but they're definitely a little undersized. I remedied this by giving them each a boosted base, with the leader getting two layers. At a glance, they tower over a standard medium sized mini. The details were rough and there were some ugly mold lines here and there. But they're serviceable. They might work better as a half-giant if you want to use 5e's Huge Frost Giants. More pictures of each giant below the Spoiler: Tehnolog also has a few other lines of fantasy-esque minis if you're a fan of cheap minis. I am still considering getting one of their other lines to convert into cheap-o Fire Giants. What's your favorite obscure miniature substitute?
  7. So this is me trying to paint non-metallic metal for the first time. The mini is one of the dwarves from thehnolog's castlecraft line. Since it is my first, I'm pretty happy with the result. I hope I'll get better at this over time. All comments and suggestions regarding NMM are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  8. Howdy, I really like this sculpt... Spasibo, Kev! P.S. Click, if you dare...
  9. Well, if not the whole of Russia, I at least intend to paint all the Tehnolog minis and models I have... First out is a Wolf, from what I understand is called 'Beastbots'... (It should have been a Bear, but it had been brush-primed, and well... that doesn't work on these, it seems. Comrade Wolf, though, had been airbrushed, and that seems to have stuck a bit better. Comrade Bear is now taking a bath... ) His fur was done with MSP Bones 09426 Charred Brown. Then I dry-brushed on a bit of 09028 Muddy Brown. Not too unhappy with the result. ;-) His armor... That red is MSP Bones 09401 Dragon Red. It seems this colour can be a bit tricky to get to coat evenly. It seems it's pretty close to Brown, really. Huh? What's this one doing here? Oh, yeah, he got a bit of Palomino Gold on the areas that will be Gold when I paint him up later. Did that while waiting for the Red to dry properly. Codpiece of Power! Dark parts is 09126 Gunmetal Blue. And the 'light up' in the cracks is MSP Bones 09416 Spectral Glow. I may have added a bit of that to his back, too... Next is to find his arms and prime them... The slightly uneven coating of Dragon Red actually looks pretty good, so I think I won't try to improve it.
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