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  1. I have a couple of Kenku from the WOTC line, but would love something a little different from these. Any suggestions (preferably with pix) would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Alberonn
  2. Hi all, I started out painting up Darksword Miniature's "Hawkman" miniature for Pathfinder play, and thought it would be a good choice for my inaugural WIP for the Reaper forums. (Hopefully the first of many, but no promises) For reasons of character story, I am shooting for a grey and white color scheme for his clothing, with black feathers. I am not really decided on beak color, but I am leaning towards also black to match real-world crows and ravens. One tweak I made to the original miniature was to swap its sword for a curved blade from Reaper's weapon pack II. Aside from slicing off the integral base, the rest of the figure is stock. My camera tends to wash out colors, and the middle picture is the worst offender. I'll see if I can improve things by moving to my photo rig for a better shot some time along the way. The third picture shows things as they stand now. With luck, I can find some time to work on him Monday night too. I am planning NMM steel/silver for the sword blade, and, probably, for the trim on his cloak. I haven't decided what to do with his mantle yet. I kind of like it as a light-grey, different from both the robe and the cloak, but I think it needs some additional tint. I'd welcome any comments or suggestions.
  3. So my Wednesday night pathfinder group has a father daughter combo and recently the daughter who was playing our inquistior tank stopped showing up and that left my mage tanking (granted he's got 25 ac, one hands a bastard sword and casts with the other and is medium armor) so I talked to my friend who was running the game and pitched the idea of a cleric tank and frankly he loved it (this adventure path is very undead heavy) and I decided on a variant tifling (+2con +2wis prehensile tail, spelllike ability pyromancy and dr2/coldiron) cleric with healing/fire domains. so this is my First pathfinder cleric and Holy crap the healing domain 0.o at lev 6 all cure spells are empowered so +50% to your total healing per spell, the fire domain is fun, granted power is throwing firebolts for something like 1d8+half casterlevel max 5 and access to things like produce flame fireballl.... a cleric throwing fireballs... yea i'm ok with that. With the Main idea being a Tank I originally went with the idea of full plate and a tower shield but as I was getting the character on paper It just didn't work so well, that -2 to attack rolls Hurts, going to talk to the gm about house rulling this with maybe a feet or something. So onto the part you guys are going to be interested in. the obligatory tilfling in fullplate: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin, I ended up grabbing a warhammer on the character but ehh small detail, I almost always use swords so I figured I would be different. so his shield is going to come off, and the tower shield will be attached to his arm, without opening the packages and playing with them I'm suspecting the only way to do is to have the shield attached lengthwise on his arm which isn't idea but. the tower shield, Pavise As you can see from this shot the shield is going to need a lot of trimming before I will be able to mount it on the miniature. Now for the fun part, my mage killed and cast animate dead on an advanced troll and created an advanced bloody troll skeleton, think the red skeletons from castlevainia they put themselfs back together after a bit. While reaper does have a Undead troll I really didn't care for it, I planning on doing a purple base coat and then light coat of green to give it a rather nasty look, I will have to fiddle with a bit i'm sure. While I'm at it I'm considering Repainting my tengu.
  4. So I can't wait untill march so broke down and bought the first three reaper L2paint kits to scratch that itch, my kits are currently lost in shipping limbo and I ran across this Lox Jarg figure while goofing around the otherday, I have been looking for a decent tengu miniture for a While and this is the best i can find. This one i plan to take my time on and finish the paint kits and work on changing the mini a bit untill i feel comfterable painting it. the idea was to fit this for a bastard sword wielding tengu necromancer that im currently playing in a pathfinder game, I'm thinking a dark colorscheme with some bright accents maybe gold. only downside is that it's a heroic 32mm and is about 36mm at the head so it's Slightly large than our other mini's but not enough to throw things out of wack. IMG_20121006_195315 by Color out of space, on Flickr So the plan so far is to #1 ditch the wings and replace them with the backpack from 02638: Adventuring Accessories. #2 Not planning to use the extra limb to the log as it will interfear with combat placement. #3 add the necronomicon from 03284: Adventuring Accessories: Magic items as his spell book, at this point I keep going back and forth from having it on his left hip or left hand, final desion will have to wait untill it's been purchased and i can play around with it a bit. I was wanting to replace his sword with a bastard sword but after getting the mini and seeing how small the sword and arm is I will save that kind of headach for when im al little more practice. So for now I wait on my kits to arrive.
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