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Found 5 results

  1. What is everyone's favorite textures resource? I'm relatively new to painting textures, and I need to figure out how to differentiate materials. I'm having trouble with color choices for the texturing & with what textures to use for what materials - I'm having trouble converting the textures I see to something that looks "right" in miniature form. Youtube videos are *ok* but I vastly prefer picture step-by-steps if possible.
  2. For your consideration, I offer Nolevniss Azrinae: Reaper Miniature 60162. Or in this Multiverse: Elariel Moonshadow This elf Magi was an active sculpt to paint. The robes and cloak are dynamic in portrayal of wind movement and direction. The robes were long and laying folded in back, which suggests weight and volume. Limited palette with work on suggesting different textures of cloth. Teeny eyes. Delicate sculpt too with the hair and features. And the familiar was an enjoyable if not surreal sculpt. I was told by the person who wanted this painted, "And paint the baby dragon gold." When I popped my Opti-visor on I was like, "That's not a dragon..." This creature reminded me of the haemonculus familiar from earlier Dungeons and Dragons editions, while the head reminded me of an eye-less vampire bat. What you see is the result. Cute. (But you don't want to be left alone in the same room with it.) The staff is a weapon of Power - like Purple Name power. Spell book and scrolls along with bandolier pouches told me a story of a travelling Mage - even his staff clutched a simple stone at the foot to act as counterweight. But not a nice guy. I hope you enjoy him. :) Peace and blessings.
  3. So hear is a loaded cannon for every one; How do you paint fabric to make it look realistic. I personally tend to build up many layers of highlights and shadows and that how I do fabric, I may free hand a designee on but that really about it. I've notice wile going threw some of last years winners for reaper con that some of the fabric was painted in a almost stippled effect and it look more like a hand stitched/hand made dress or tabard. I have been trying to replicate this with no avail what so ever and going back threw old work I seem to have gotten something close back when I was learning to paint and I have no idea what I did to get that textured look. Any advice out there on how to get this look?
  4. I happen to be an engineer, which is a more fancy word for "super-lazy". As such, I started thinking of shortcuts as soon as I started sculpting, and I've been gathering different stuff that could make for some interesting texture for bases, conversions and such things. I have now used these stuff as "stamps" on some fimo, and then painted it black and dry-brushed white on top, so I have these little references that show the texture more clearly. So, here they are! An interesting button. Might work as a screen behind a druid, or a floor tile of sorts. I didn't remove the button hole marks, but that could be fixed quite easily. Rough, but thin, rope. Two marks, side by side, might look like tire tracks. A bunch of these marks together look more natural, sort of like wheat. A big bead. Makes for an interesting effect, sort of reminds me of a bee hive. Another button. This texture was very subtle, but when dry-brushing it I was amazed at the effect. It could be something made out of glass, like a window. "Natural" cork. Looks like rough wood to me, but might be the side of a cliff or stone as well. Fine-grained cork. Could be sand, dirt, or some other natural base. Rough cork. As above, I think this would suit as some sort of stone-base, just a bit rougher. The wrong end of my hobby knife. Very industrialized and pretty cool I think. This would probably fit well in a sci-fi environment, maybe as a steel floor. The side of a matchbox. Almost the same effect as the bead, but more subtle and a bit more structured. Maybe these pictures can inspire you, or you could give me some advice on what you think the texture might look like. Feel free to add your own pictures in this thread as well, I think it is pretty interesting since some things will look quite different when there inverted.
  5. So I've been working on 06183, the harpie. It's coming along well, but it's not done and I'm not sure how to proceed. Because the model is partially nude, the following images are linked rather than embedded. If your heart quails at the thought of female chest anatomy, read no further! Front View Profile Back View The skin and the cloth armband came out fine, and are basically done. Likewise, I'm satisfied with the surface of the wings. The rest of the model needs attention. There is a wealth of texture on the mini which is just not coming out well: the scaled legs and hands, the feathers at the top of the wings and the tip of the tail, the hair, and I'm just not sure what to do to bring it out. For the scaled areas, I thought perhaps a very thin wash of Walnut Brown. But I worry that it will darken the model too much, especially in the cream-green colored areas on the undersides. Hair -- the base coat is Intense Brown, and I have no idea what to do next with it. Feathers -- the base coat is pure black. I wanted shiny black raven-like feathers, and it works okay as far as it goes. But unless you're holding the mini and eyeballing it really closely, the feathers just look like a black blob. They really need something to bring out the feather textures. Drybrushing with Linen White, maybe? So really, looking for any suggestions. I currently have the following paints to work with: - Black Ink - Walnut Brown - Intense Brown - Tanned Skin - Fair Skin - Aged Bone - Sapphire Blue - Carnage Red - Clear Red - Forest Green - Grass Green - Linen White - Pure White - Stone Grey - True Silver - Greedy Gold (Armypainter paints) - Genestealer Purple (Games Workshop) - Abaddon Black (GW) - One strip of six pots of gloppy craft paint in white, yellow, red, blue, green and black. Oh, and I have one bottle of an unlabeled paint sample that Reaper threw into an order. I think of it as "Mystery Mint": The wings and underbelly areas in this model are painted in a 3:1:1 mixture of Mystery Mint, Fair Skin, and Cruddy Yellow Craft Paint. The top of the scaled areas and the ribs are 3:1:1 Grass Green/Tanned Skin/Linen White.
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