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Found 1 result

  1. Don't expect /too/ many of these; but.. I have eleven acres to wander, and every so often, I see something worth taking pictures of. I've got a few of those, by now; thought I ought to share some of 'em. .. Andi didn't know what this was. I do. There were many.. wonder if I can get to them before the birds do? I know this is a fern, but I'm not sure which one. Might be Horsetail.. I'm not sure exactly what kind of pine this is, but we told them to branch out a little from the Douglas Firs when they replanted; I think this is one of those young trees. The view.. Say cheese. I also saw a number of birds and bunnies, but they're all too fast for me to get decent photos of. And I haven't seen our wild yard bunny in a while. And that's just what I saw today... I took these yesterday. My yard is full of surprises.. and sweet pea, and random gorramn rosebushes. And.. these. These flowers are so TINY. I have beads bigger than these flowers, and I can't get over how pretty they are. .. not sure, but I think this might be rhubarb. It has the right sort of leaf, anyway. I don't care for rhubarb, so it's safe. Mushies! I don't actually know what kind; they look sorta like morels, but I don't know from mushies, so, other than getting some photos, I left 'em alone. I saw at least two; there could easily have been more.
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