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Found 8 results

  1. Having recently started a pathfinder campaign I needed some miniatures suitable to use as Bandits or town guardsmen. After looking for a bit, I settled on the Bones Black Maggotcrown Men At Arms. Unfortunately, when they arrived, having ordered them from eBay, the spearman's weapon was mis-moulded, so I had to replace it with the spear from an old GW high elf. C&C's are more than welcome, hope people like my take!
  2. Good morning my Reapertonians! So recently I've been not only just doing individual figures, but also "sets", figured belonging or previously belonging to blister packs and today is no exception. I just finished painting a set of Ral Partha Town Guards, sculpted back in the 90's I think by Jim Johnson. As I go through a lot of my minis, it's impressive of what a large library of work Mr. Johnson has created. All this and I know virtually nothing about the guy. Anyhoos, being that these are town guards from the same town, I wanted them to all have a similar color schemes so all their shirts got purple amethyst to start out with and their pants are red. I did want to make sure they all got unique skin tones however, as not to make them too uniform and boring. After seeing these all close up with the merciless camera lens, I see tons of errors that were impossible to pick up with my naked and bespectacled eye, and even with my nerd goggles, I didn't really see certain issues. But alas, once I get to the point of ending, very small chance that I'll be going back to update. As of yet, I haven't put them on bases, but will probably do so in the near future so they don't fall over. The redhead with the spear is especially a little top-heavy. Derek had mentioned in a post about a previous lady giant that I needed to make sure I hit my metals with white. I always do so, but I'm hoping that these pictures can reflect it visually a little bit more. Tried not to be overly heavy-handed with white but at least make sure it got in there to be properly represented. And for the spearman's shield on his back, I really had no idea or inspiration of what to do, so I just painted on some white stripes. Not at all very exciting, but I couldn't invent anything that exciting. So there you have them, my last five little mini-babies, enjoy!
  3. So since the (Hob)Goblin Chieftain is having a simple green spa day, I decided to start on my projected diorama for ReaperCon this October. I want to try to recreate the cover of Forgotten Realms Accesory FR1- Waterdeep and the North: In the picture, from left to right, are Slan Thurbel, Slink Monteskor, Ott Steeltoes, Xanathar the Beholder, and Shindia Darkeyes. 2 charmed Intellect Devourers are 'down in front'... So I decided to get everyone out of the boxes and Blisters, and give them a scrub before committing a 'frogcident on them so that they look like the pic. For Slan, I plan on using one of the Town Guard (03165) For Slink, HFV005 Old Man For Ott, Gruff Grimecleaver (03626) For Xanathar, GF9's Eye Tyrant (Mine isn't assembled yet...) For Shindia, an old Ral Partha Figure from Silver and Steel For the Intelect Devourers, the body of the female lion (65050) (Sorry, that's the P-65 number, which is what I have 2 of... Sure none of the minis is an exact match, but It should not be that hard to get a close semblance... I mean the fact the the Dwarf's peg is on the other foot is immaterial to me.... And that is what I am planning, to give you the feel of that pic.... So everything is great, all the figures are here lets start with the hack and slash and pinning and putty... Then I started taking pics: and the Eye Tyrant parts: With Gruff With the Lioness With a Reaper Eye Beast That is just the upper and lower parts of his head!!!! Now the beholder is fine, He is the centerpiece and the crime lord the others work for, but the Ral Partha and Hasslefree minis are to small compared to the Reaper ones, and the lioness are just to large... So now I need to find replacements for those 2 and a smaller body to work the Devourers onto... Anyone have thoughts? Thanks for looking, even at this very early stage... ***You need to find my companions and pets soon, as your time is starting to run out....*** ***EEEEP not AGAIN!!!!!!***
  4. Some town guards to keep those pesky adventurers in line. Sorry for the pics, I almost forgot to post these in time so they were rushed. Edit: In all their sloppy glory!
  5. Probably won't get around to actually putting paint to pvc until later this week as I have some midterms early this week. But I took an hour to clean these guys up and sketch out some ideas. These spearmen will be representing the members of the city guard (which is really just part of the army) of an Elven city in my homebrew 5e campaign. The elves have extreme reverence for the Sun and Moon and consider them driving forces of nature and thus very powerful. Hence the design on the shield. I think I might be biting off more than I can chew, thinking I'll be able to freehand this, but I'm up for a challenge. Areas in blue (which is basically just the pants and the scarf/padded arming cap) will actually be a pretty basic creamy linen offwhite. Debating for the shield whether I want to do the design in silver and gold, or simply yellow and gray, would love to hear other people's thoughts on that. My goal with this project is going to be to paint everything but the face and shield as quickly as possible and spend a decent amount of time on the face/eyes and a good deal on the shields. edit: grammar
  6. This week I finished up the last of the Town Guard from the Bones II, Expansion 2, "Town Guard" set, by painting the Spearman figure. There's been a number of these posted here of late, so I thought I'd add mine to the forum as well. :) His spear was all bent out of shape, and I tried the usual Bones boiling water straightening method to get it right again, but just wasn't able to get it perfectly straight. While I don't mind a little "wonkiness" in a wizards staff, I felt the spear really needed to be straight. So, I replaced the Bones spear shaft with one made from a round toothpick. It was no problem slicing off the original shaft, drilling through the hand, and drilling a small indent in the bottom of the spear head, and then gluing it all back together again with Gorilla Superglue. I then did a simple tabletop paint-job on him, added an old Space Marine transfer to the shield, and based him for use with Frostgrave. As always, C & C welcome.
  7. This week I completed the Town Guard (Anhurian) Crossbowman from the Bones II, Expansion 2 "Town Guard" set. I did a nice simple tabletop paint job on him, and it's probably no surprise that I based him up to use in Frostgrave. As always C & C welcome.
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