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  1. This is a small diorama/vignette for the Ghoul, Bad, & Ugly contest for Halloween. The figures used are 77143: Townsfolk: Undertaker, and 77161: Ghost King. This was my first attempt at OSL, and I'm pretty proud of it. The undertaker is a great figure; he has really sharp features that make it easy to paint an expressive face. WIP here.
  2. Hopefully one part of a small diorama for the Halloween contest, here's a WIP for the Undertaker. Thus far, he's painted as if lit by moonlight; a much stronger OSL will come from the lantern in a bit. So the back and face are pretty much done, but the front needs much more work.
  3. Another day, another bones. The innkeeper started out as a study in painting a darker red. After that, it was just a matter of picking some colors for the rest. One of his eyes was imperfectly cast but I didn't feel like fighting it. Once I got something reasonable for it I just made the other eye match, so he's looking a bit off to the side. There's probably a table of pesky adventurers over there that will end up starting a fight. A tiny WIP for anyone interested.
  4. Started working on my pile-o-bones. Didn't get much work done on it except base coated the skin and painted up the eyes. So I took a quick phone photo. My lighting setup is designed more figures setting on the surface. So the lighting is shining up rather than straight on. Creating some fake shadowing of the skin.
  5. The prospect of painting a mother and two kids wasn't all that appealing to me. So I got creative and actually had a lot of fun with this one.
  6. This guy is an experiment in speed-painting using Vallejo Game Inks over a sprayed, graduated undercoat. Everything except the metallics, the torch flame and the base is painted in the inks, without any additional shading or highlighting. They're very useful for getting instant shading, and because they're both transparent and fairly intensely coloured, they don't fill in detail as thinned paints do. The range of colours is fairly limited, but all the basics are covered. The figure is Bones 77140: Townsfolk: Village Rioter, who will, no doubt, do sterling service as a lowly-paid torch-bearer
  7. Oh Alice, how far you have fallen. I didn't mean to paint her like Alice, it just happened.
  8. Here's another version of 77084:Townsfolk: Innkeeper. This time there's less dirt, but a lot more blood. He could be the town butcher, or doctor, or torturer — the possibilities aren't endless!
  9. Next up in the series of Useful Potential Innocent Bystanders is this one — 77084:Townsfolk: Innkeeper. I wanted to make his apron and wash-cloth look disgustingly unhygienic, and I don't know that I've really achieved that, but I'm pretty happy with it nonetheless. The pockets and folds do make it look a bit like he's wearing a happysmileyface.
  10. In spite of my initial inclinations to leave all the townsfolk in stunning black & white, I started painting them in colours after all. The first of them out the gate is this housemaid or charlady or serving girl or whatever you want to call her. She's figure number 77088: Townsfolk: Grandmother, though she doesn't look very grandmotherly to me. This could be quite a flexible gaming piece in terms of time period; she could serve for pretty much any time from the 1300s to the 1920s.
  11. I was having a horrible time painting a female ranger. She did not want to be painted, seemed like every color i used was runny, to watery right out of the bottle. Maybe it was the humidity that day I don't know, but after trying to fix her difficult to paint face (its in a hood) and going from an unintentional monster face to a drag queen face, I decided to take a step back and paint some townsfolk instead. They seem easy enough, and make for great practice.
  12. There's some town-based action on the near horizon in my D&D campaign, so I thought it behoved me to get some innocent bystanders painted in preparation for the inevitable carnage. These are from the Townsfolk sets, from Reaper's first Bones Kickstarter. I have another identical set as well, so there are plenty of potential victims to stock any likely scene. I've under-coated these in black, and then sprayed a downward-raking coat of white to bring out the contours of the figures, and to provide some artificial shadowing. I was going to over-paint with glazes and washes, but to tell the
  13. Hi guys, I just wanted to share the latest completed commission piece at Big Dog Miniatures. I absolutely loved the sculpt on this mini and I'll definately pick up another one to paint. The client's only brief was that the mini had to have purple somewhere on it, other than that I had free reign. I choose a pale, desaturated palette to emphasise the purple and then added the eldritch green glow from the lantern to boost the creep factor. What do you think? Any constructive comments, critique and advice would be appreciated. If you like what you see, feel free to check out mo
  14. Here is another bones I finished up. Thanks for viewing.
  15. First up, Victoriana from Bombshell miniatures. I want to thank those who gave me advice in this thread http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/50314-bombshell-victoriana-need-color-advice/?hl=victoriana. Obviously I went with purple dress in a muddy outdoorsy scene. Then I finally managed to finish 2 mouslings that had been sitting there almost completed since 2011.... Finally some speedpainted bones, less than 2 each on paintjob for vampire chick and innkeeper, about an hour for miss strumpet. Edited to add SKU to title and added more ta
  16. Well I moving forward slowly with my KS1 Bones. Here is the bones Granny. I was experimenting with shading yellow with purple. I thought it came out ok.
  17. Here is my quick paintjob of the Bones grandmother (77088) with broom. For comparison, here is the same figure in metal (Reaper 2825) I painted in 2010, I think I have leveled up as a painter since then Edited to add SKU to title.
  18. Mother and children celebrate 17th of May (Norwegian Constitution Day). The mother is dressed in Sunnmors-bunad (my mom is from there), while the older boy is dressed in a Samekofte (representing my grandmother on my father side of the family). Only thing missing is 1 or more Norwegian flags, but mom seems to have her hands full. I went with brown hair on mom since brown hair is the most common haircolor in Norway, despite the blond stereotype... The faces and especially eyes are pretty terrible, but the details were really soft and my attempt at greenstuff surgery were pretty bad. At
  19. I've been messing about with this guy in between other projects, and decided to finish him up today in an effort to cut down on all the WIP models cluttering my desk. So, now he's done! Nothing particularly fancy here, and a pretty neutral palette of colours. The base is good old herb leaf litter with static grass, and this brings my Bones Kickstarter finished model count to three! I'm flying through them!
  20. I originally ordered the worm and werewolf way before the Kickstarter. I was extremely impressed by the quality and the price. Strangely, the worm suffered from the tacky paint issue where the werewolf never did. I use the same paints and primers on everything. I have re-coated a few minis after reading a few suggestions here and found Testors Dulcote does work at coating the minis and removing the tackiness from finished models. I'll be busy painting for the next year..... EDIT: as suggested, these are the minis posted below (in order). 77006: Great Worm 77005: Ogre Chi
  21. Here's the beggar with his cursed bottomless pot from the Townsfolk II. I added some textures on the patches and I'm happy with the way it turned out considering I didn't use my magnifying glass lamp. Comments are very welcome.
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