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Found 6 results

  1. I'm calling this "done." This is my first N-Scale model railroading T-Trak module. It represents an alternate near future where the US Army uses CAVs. This is the first of three planned modules showing parts of Fort Talon. There are four Khan CAVs, and a Mamba Strike Vehicle, all painted with Reaper Paints, along with the cars, which were 3d printed. The figures are a combo of Bandai and Woodland Scenics, again, all painted with Reaper paints. Oh, except the dog - I left it with the factory paint job. I'm still waiting on a couple of pieces for this - most notably a couple of running teenage figures to show how they've abandoned their friend Ramona. Ramona and her friends thought it would be fun to climb the wall and check out the CAVs. The MPs didn't feel the same way. The Colonel watching from across the street with his coffee in hand: The CAV yard and platoon parking lot. I'm thinking about adding either an Army van dropping off a couple of pilots, or a semi trailer carrying a busted CAV in the empty space at the rear of the module in front of the two parked CAVs. Tech Sergeant Murphy directing one of her men to pull into the open shop while two of her other men are finishing the install of some new leg armor: And finally, the back side of Building 7, where it is obvious that the civilian contractor hired to hang all the base signs has no idea what a level is, not how to use it* *I have to figure out a better way to put these signs on. I ruined several signs, barely got any of them straight, glued signs to my fingers, glued my fingers to the tweezers, stabbed myself with a pin, broke a fence, and cursed like the sailor I used to be.
  2. One of my other (long dormant) hobbies has been model railroads. Knowing I'll never actually even partially finish a home layout, I've long been fascinated by modular layouts. The modules are called T-Trak, and it's a standard for N-Scale (1:160) trains that ensures that the modules can be connected together without any major issues. After years of saying "I should build a couple modules", I finally stumbled upon a local T-Trak club that gets together once or twice a month to set up layouts and run trains. I joined the club to give me the motivation to finally build a module. Why am I posting about it here? Well, because for almost as long as I've wanted to build a module, I've wanted to incorporate CAV models into a module. So here's my initial mock up of CAV Repair Building 7, Fort Talon, Rhylan City, General Edward Pugh commanding: There are going to be 4 CAVs total: Two parked as shown in the mock up, one being worked on inside the building on the right, and one in motion having just left the building.
  3. Came across this article. Oh to have money, time, and space. "The scenery and structures are his forte, rather than the locomotives and tracks. "I find beauty in what everyone else sees as ugly - rugged skyscrapers, beaten-up warehouses, things that are very run down."
  4. September 25, 2016 will be a sad day for folks in the Denver area. That is the day that Caboose Hobbies will close its doors for the last time. This isn't just any brick and mortar hobby shop, his is the largest train store in the world. Its almost a ritual for members of the CMPA to bring out of state sculptors and painters to the store and watch them go wild at the number of things they find for basing and dioramas. I remember Jeremie Bonamont loading up on all kinds of things while he was here doing one of his US traveling tours. I think Michael Proctor ended up shipping a good chunk of it over to France for him. This is not a closing like we have seen in the past either where the business is being shut down for being poor. They do a very thriving online and in store business. In this case they are falling victim to progress as the area becomes more and more gentrified and the value of the land has now exceeded the value of the leases held by the landlord. The owners are simply retiring at this point. The current owner, the son of the original owner, has worked the store since 1969 and moved it to its current location in 1981. I'm hoping that maybe some of the employees will band together or someone will step in and buy it to keep it going, but that may just be a dream.
  5. Greetings all, here to beg some advice from fellow scratch-builders. I recently implemented a vehicle system into my game relying on apx 1 inch game pieces (Z-scale in model trains) without really doing research. Now I'm trying to find tutorials for alchemy-punk looking trains, or any trains in that scale really, and I'm having the darndest time with it. I've found several sites for larger trains, mostly working with cardstock or balsa. But our grid won't accommodate anything larger than 1 or 2 inches. I'm totally willing to kit-bash it, but not at 20-30 bucks per locomotive like what's listed on amazon. Any links, shops, or advice would be welcome. Just need some help getting started. Thanks in advance!
  6. I find myself considering the logistics of travel to Texas. What were people's experiences and how did they pan out? I am a rather poor traveler, prone to vertigo and epic motion sickness if I am not extra diligent. But I do love visiting places. I have not flown on a plane since September 3rd, 2001 (and I would rather not go into that at the moment, thanks), but I have discovered some wonderful and far-flung places via automobile and train and boat. So how did people get There and Back Again, and how did it work out?
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