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Found 3 results

  1. This past month was so-so for painting. My multipurpose desk was generally cluttered with stuff other than painting, but I did have the opportunity to take a 10 day business trip which included a (mostly) non-work weekend. I packed up my travel paint kit and some 1/72 plastics destined for the “portable fantasy campaign”. I took a couple of things that had been bugging me, and got two of three of those grouping painted: a Dark Alliance orc warband of 8 and a baggage train group of cows. The trio of mounted knights remains “to do”. While in Tooele, Utah (pronounced 2-Ella, in case you’re curious), I stopped in at Game Haven, the FLGS there. I ended up with a Nolzur’s “Black Dragon Wyrmling” which looked to my eye to be about right for the 1/72 figures. It came with a giant’s skull objective marker, so I painted that too. In addition to the figures on group bases, I have a collection of individuals. These are as small as I am willing to play with so mounted. I finished up a few of them as well, a mixed bag of Caesar, Strelets, and Dark Alliance figures. For this forum, here’s the obligatory size comparison shot:
  2. I needed to travel for work, with an odd schedule where I was required to be in place for a preliminary event on Friday, with the real action (such as it is) starting today. So, I knew I was going to be halfway across the country with not much to do over the weekend. I packed up my travel paint kit and a bunch of 1/72 plastic. Some were already in progress, but mostly things had just been primed. I am aiming to run Rangers of Shadowdeep soon, and I intend to play it with my travel miniatures kit of 1/72 scale plastics. I’ll be using Caesar Miniatures orcs as the game’s “gnolls” and needed about of dozen, of which I had four done. I also needed a “burrow worm” (now a repurposed Bones 5 Core thing…), and a flesh golem (a paint scheme suggestion on a Bones 1 ghast). Since I’m on travel, i didn’t bring basing materials with me, so these guys are not completely finished, but I have gone as far as brushing on a varnish coat. That’s usually my last step prior to basing with these plastics. On Saturday, I got this done: The knight is a random addition; I am hesitant to paint horses (or, as my son notes, more likely I am hesitant to paint all the horse tack neatly), so I wanted to get over the cavalry block. He’s one of three for a mutli-figure stand, so it could be a while until he gets based. I should have actually worked on another knight on Sunday, but what I actually did was to finish the orcs and the flesh golem, and then add a few random humans on foot: If I had some bases and some scenery, I could now run a tiny little skirmish game. I’ll post the actual completion pictures here later this week.
  3. I'm out and about with my travel paint kit again. This time, for some variety, I switched up projects and am working on some figures for my "modern" figure skirmish games. The two figures here are now awaiting base completion. First up is Erick, Paladin Initiate (03715). I got him as a prize last year at Gencon, for winning a speed painting round. I'm thinking that I'm going to end up with a little war band all out of speed paints, free figures, and prizes. I'm not entirely happy about the eyes, but they won't really show in a tabletop game environment. The second figure was a freebie from Shapeways from Gencon this year. I was favorably impressed with the surface finish they were able to achieve. I've called him "Mr. Spiky" while working on him. With the general look of the gear, I decided to interpret him as a half orc, and decided that the shield was formed out of some sort of dragon scale.
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