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Found 4 results

  1. So I was assigned Morihalda (yay!) for the 2016 Spring Exchange and I received the survey that she filled out to get an idea of what I should paint for her. In the section asking what she would not like to receive, she put "ugly undead things. " Well, as one who happens to love undead things and thinks they're absolutely adorable, I took offense to this (not real offense, obviously,) and decided that I was going to give her a pretty undead thing. So the idea here is that the elf ranger saved what he thought was a beautiful princess, only when she turned around, he didn't have time to ru
  2. I technically started painting this guy in July 2015 (really, you can find the abandoned WIP) but all I did then was wash, clean and brown liner him and then I sadly abandoned him. But since the hangouts have me painting every day, (23 days in a row now!) I picked him back up and I think I finished him over the course of 3 hangouts. Please enjoy my terrible lighting and pictures. You don't see my finger in this picture, that's a hallucination because you've been around too much super glue. Get some fresh air, pal. I think I'll name him Trevor. C&C always welcome
  3. Alright, so I bought this Greater Helping Hand from Valiant Miniatures on sale because I thought it'd be fun to paint and it definitely was. I've been working on it for a few days off and on while in the Google hangouts. Anyway, the model's metal and came with a peg that inserted into the metal base that it came with. It's a beautiful sculpt, although it did require a good bit of filing due to a mold line that ran over some of the fingernails. It also took quite a bit of shaving off chunks of the peg and an epoxy putty to get the hand to stand up the way it's meant to. While looking into it,
  4. So I needed a skull for something I was working on and with much regret and apologies, I lopped off the head of one of my Bones Skeleton Axemen. I was actually very upset that I had to behead one of my friends. I was in the Google hangout at the time and TGP suggested that I replace his head with a pumpkin. I thought it was a great idea and I just so happened to have a couple of 02992 jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins already primed and mostly basecoated from back in October when I did my Halloween diorama. I pinned his pumpkin head and also pinned him to the base because he's made of Bones and the
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