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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone!!! It has been launched yesterday Abandoned Power Plant 🏭, my new kickstarter project based on Scifi/Industrial Themed STL files and PDF painting tutorials https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/admapocalypse/abandoned-power-plant Stretch-goals & add-ons included ✅ Hit the link for further info & to download the FREEBIE model! Thank you in advance for the interest and support Cheers YouCut_20220830_143803649.mp4
  2. Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the Department of Inspirations thread of Reaper Forums. This new department will be dedicated to posting things that inspire our imagination with regard to our hobby. It can be anything really but you need to post why it inspires you and how it relates to the hobby. Here's an example: Katarzyna Górska posted this gorgeous WIP base on Facebook earlier today. My thoughts: It's a lot of freehand painting and some cool actual raised sculpting. Looks nearly complete to me, so I can't wait to see the finished product. It reminds me of the stuff I did with the cork rounds; Geode Base. I might try doing something similar. Rules for this thread: Well, naturally Reaper's forum rules apply. So no commerce links. If you are inspired by a photo on an commerce site find the company's Facebook page or other social media site that has the same pic and then provide that for a link. Use common sense and let's keep it to; "How the art or whatever it is inspires you with regards to the hobby." Above all let's inspire each other.
  3. (Scroll to the bottom for most recent version) I was reading through Cash's workbench thread in the WIP forum and came across an insightful post by galladril It made me think a little bit about how disorganized hobbyists can be about our skill sets. We tend to jump in, and just try things. That is something to be applauded, but it is like trying to run before you can crawl. Sure, we get where we want to go eventually, through trial and error, but we take a lot of painful falls along the way. I am someone that takes painting classes at every convention I go to, to learn new techniques, and what I find is that I'm constantly trying to do things that are not suitable for my skill level. I could get more models painted to an acceptable tabletop quality, and go through a lot less simple green if I just took a step back, and looked at my progress in painting from a more academic angle. When I start to look at a new degree, I get a course listing. This outlines the prerequisites I need for each step in the field. The closest thing I can find for this as it relates to miniatures is Wappel's Painting Pyramid, which I find is really deigned for someone with a background as an artist. To that end I decided to modify galladril's list to suit my needs. I also decided to add in other aspects of the hobby that I think go hand in hand, but are in reality separate topics that we learn alongside our painting. I have used a different numbering system for each field, and plugged them into the list in the order of mastery that I think makes the most sense. Of course, we can dabble in items up the chain, but I believe true prowess will only come by mastering the underlying techniques first. Without further ado: 1) Color Theory i) Model cleanup/flash removal, gap filling 2) Basecoating (sharp transitions, smooth paint) 3) Drybrushed Textures 4) Shading (with Washes) 5) Highlighting (with Drybrushing) ii) Basic conversions and sculpting (purity seals, scrolls) a) Basic scenic basing by this point 6) Airbrushing (optional) 7) Lining 8) Layering 9) Glazing 10) TMM b) Advanced Basing techniques by here. 11) Wet Blending (Optional?) 12) NMM 13) OSL c) Full narrative bases d) Dioramas iii) Complex sculpting Please, help me add to the list, or rearrange it as needed. Once we have something that is more or less final, I will start looking for tutorials for each topic. Between this, and the established tutorials thread, I think we can really help each other to excel. Version 1.2 (Leaving original version for reference) Breaking them out into categories and skill level. Painting Topics: Beginner: Brushes (Using them, and the differences between them) Paints (Brands, types, uses, consistency) Preparing models (Flash removal, Assembly, Gap filling, and removing release agent) Priming (Moved this up, because unless you are using enamels or Bones, you really need this before basecoats) Basecoats Novice: Basic Color Theory Drybrushing textures Shading with washes Drybrushed highlighting Army Speed Painting (wet palettes, Colored Primers, Dipping) Larger detail painting Stripping Journeyman: Lining Layering Glazing Zenithal highlights and shadows Blending (2-brush/feathering, wet optional) Paint Mixing Smaller detail painting Eyes Skin Shading Hair True Metallic Metals Airbrushing (Optional) Weathering (Pigments and battle damage) Basic Gems (3, 5, and 7 layer gems) Master: Non-Metallic Metals Sky Earth Non Metallic Metals OSL Freehand Makeup Crystals, glass, gems and other reflective/transparent surfaces Conversions and Basing: Novice: Basing with flock Basing with textured paints Conversion using existing bits Journeyman: Scenic Base composition Basic conversions using putty (Purity seals, scrolls, etc.) Weapon swaps and similar small figure modifications Master: Sculpting Dioramas/vignettes
  4. Kinetic 7 just launched today, it's a new PDF magazine for the hobby and it's got some great painting and hobby related tutorials as well as some interviews with great painters and some game reviews. Check out as it's free http://www.kinetic7.com/
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